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Mint, no discoloration on ear pieces. Slight cable wear, but no tears or abrasions. Includes original box and all accessories. Original tips were never used.    SOLD shipped in CONUS USPS.   Thanks 
 7.3 milliwatts I think. http://www.rapidtables.com/calc/electric/ohms-law-calculator.htm 
This thing is seriously good. The excuse of the gain is too high so your IEM's will hiss is dismissed. You can turn high gain on and it won't hiss. No treble glare, maybe a little bass boost, and a lot of detail. Sounds good with low quality source material and even better with high. No weird glitches.    In my opinion, this should be a reference piece. Jitter seems minimal, plenty of power, picks up minimal EMI, is plenty neutral.    Using with UERM, JH13, JH5, 1964...
This might have already been answered, but does the v2 have the same static/bump at power on with headphones connected like the v1? Thanks
This works with the iphone 5 and charges it too. The order you plug things in seems important for dacs that are over the power draw limit. Power connector to adapter => adapter to iphone => dac to adapter. If the phone is disconnected, you have to disconnect the dac, reconnect the phone, then reconnect the dac. Geekout 450 and Schiit Fulla works without a usb hub with this thing too. Dacs that don't require a hub like a hifimediy sabre 9018 or a idsp, the order of...
The Resonessence labs herus, HRT idsp and HIFIme Sabre 9018(non asynchronous) all work. The upcoming audioquest dragonfly black will probably work too, the current version doesn't work. The issue is with the power draw limitation from the iphone, the amp/dac is usually power starved and not as dynamic as can be. The dragonfly black is intriguing as the usb section will supposedly draw minimal power allowing for more in the dac/amp section. The arcam musicboost is an option...
 Think he was wearing these, http://www.jhaudio.com/product/ambient-fr.
Mint Roxanne's, 1 year old. Seldom Used. Comes with all accessories(unused) and original packaging.   SOLD shipped USPS Priority, CONUS. Prefer paypal.   Thanks
Fidue A73 (mint) - SOLD Vsonic vsd3s (good) - SOLD Hisound BA100 (mint) - 30 shipped Audio Technica CKB70 (mint) - SOLD Geek Verb IEM (non balanced, mint) - 25 shipped Zero Audio Tenore (good) - sold   All prices include shipping USPS - CONUS.   Thanks
Bought through the massdrop sale. Barely used, mint. Selling since I prefer something a little brighter.   Included tips are unused. Will include the spinfit tips pictured. The null audio brevity cable is pictured attached, this cable is not included.      SOLD shipped USPS to CONUS. 
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