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Have 2 versions of these. One from Jack directly with one vent. The other from online with 3 vents, though two look blocked(this one sounds like one of the drivers are blown).   Will only comment on the one from Jack.    Pretty neutral. The first thing that shocked me was the sound placement. Most iems are inside the head. These are definitely distant especially the vocals. Yet the sound is very clear. Moving the tip to the inner most anchor makes everything seem...
Ordered up some too. I wanted some hybrids.    Will post a review. Up to the reader to believe it or not!
on onecall discount code "moe" takes the price down by 20% through the end of the year.
N4 universal. Yeah these are good. I agree they are like the JH13 freqphase. The JH13 has a bass lift that makes it sound fuller, the Noble 4 doesn't. JH13 has a bit more headroom. Noble is a touch looser on control. Very neutral, if i knew what neutral ment. The resolution from these are pretty amazing. UE900 blocked pinhole or not, these have more resolution.   To me, N4 is a universal with no compromises, mid centric, nah, bass heavy, nah. They're pretty susceptible...
Great condition Apex Glacier. Comes with all accessories, usb cable and velcro. Minimally used.    Sold shipped USPS Priority to CONUS.  
15% or 20%. 290 Cad dollars I think it was. I was kind of pushy,  But they were more than willing to sell them, had a few Herus lying around. Not for sure if they were selling the Concerto on the spot. 
Listened to the new JDS dac-amp. Was pretty damn good.    Its neither of those pictured above. Think it had a black case and silver end plates. Talked to Jon of JDS about it, and sounds like the design of the DAC is pretty solid. Price expected to be $250.    Was tipped off by one of the exhibitors of custom iems, that the resonessence labs herus dac has real good drive for the loads that customs presents. Guy was right, and I bought one. It sounds really good. Go check...
I'm stopping in Saturday during the day. Nice to live close.    Have some gear. If anyone wants to hear, let me know, I'll bring it.   Some stuff not redundant with exhibitors.    JDS C5 with AD8620 opamp. TDK BA200 with orange filters Onkyo IE-FC300 Fiio RC-UE2 and RC-WT1 cables for UE900 and JH5 Crescendo DS11(same as an ACS T15) Vsonic VSD1s
Think the westone cables should work too. Not for sure but be surprised if they didnt. The new fiio cable is a pretty good value.
The ones that say before sept 1.2010 work. They changed the plug after that. 
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