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Quote: Originally Posted by souperman What how does this make sense lol? I don't understand the rationale for this statement, but earbuds may be more comfortable because they aren't clips...which is why the KSC75's are uncomfortable to the OP. Lots of people find earclips uncomfortable (I'm not one of them.) And then you recommended going for IEM's which may be even more uncomfortable for people than earbuds because most people don't like the thought...
Quote: Originally Posted by DaGreatAzn I've been listening to my KSC-75s for about 2 months and I've been pretty satisfied with it. One super duper major problem I have with the headphones is that they are so uncomfortable. I tried adjusting the clips but I just couldn't find a comfortable fit for me. I would listen to the KSC-75 for about an hour then I would get uncomfortable and go back to my earphones, I guess in the end I prefer earphones...
You've also got the MS1.
Playing devil's advocate the clips do fall off quite constantly. However what is this "distorted" sound? Sounds like a defective pair or a hair in the driver.
Some sites said HD750. Quote: Originally Posted by jilgiljongiljing Ok so that clarifies the name, but whens it coming out??? First quarter of 2008 is what I was told.
+2 spend a little more for a nice set of portable closed headphones. PX100's nor the PortaPros are too bad but you will have the leakage issue.
Quote: Originally Posted by e_resolu Thanks you "Add" for the link and for your contribution to my newbie thinking I finally found the file I was looking for, plus other useful ones: There is an mp3 file (192 kpps) that start from 20Hz to 20kHz by 1/3 of octave every 2 seconds. I checked rapidly my N73 + X3 + my ear response. I heard two peaks at 2Kz and 12 Kz, and a hole at 14kHz (don't have an... Apparently they are not all written by the same person which is really bad for a review site considering everyone has different tastes and expectations.
Quote: Originally Posted by HeadphoneAddict The Fake Sennheiser PX100 Can you tell which are real and which are fake? The one to the left. Am I right?
Quote: Originally Posted by hqql Clearly the 990 has more harmonic distortion. I read however that this does not necessarily mean that it has a negative influence on the sound. So... what is up with that? :P Not by much. The two graphs just line up with eachother.
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