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Thanks for your listening impressions Matt! I just received my Fidelio X2 a couple of weeks ago and I'm loving the combination of DT150 and X2. Quite similar sounding to my ear. I love the build quality of the DT150 and am not so concerned about the aesthetics. I'm quite ok with the DT150 remaining under the radar as I'd like to pick up another pair at some point:)
+1 my drivers seem to be closely matched, creating a very focused image
Thanks for that stillevil, I'll look into it
I'd like to make a cable for my set but I'm having a hard time finding that connector on the North American Beyerdynamic site. Anyone have a link they could provide me?
I should also note I have no hair:cool: When I wear headphones with pleather pads the difference between a good seal and not is quite large. In fact, I would say the greatest (free!) tweak all of you can make is to simply shave your head:D Even small earpieces make an audible difference. I'm always amazed at how we can attempt a shared language here when everyone has such different hearing. To me this is affected by ear shape, hair/no hair and of course the actual...
Same here, I find having the ear pieces under the pads reduces seal and thus negatively affects the sound.
I picked up a pair of DT150s not long ago and have to say they are one of my favorite closed headphones so far. Mine have some kind of aftermarket pad that is a little thicker. I actually like the brutal Cold War styling:)
Great sounding MP-301 with stock tubes. I used this with HE-500's, HD-580's and modified T50RP's and it was fantastic sounding with all of them. Of course it is also a speaker amp! Asking $235 shipped in the lower 48 states, no trades please. In the third photo you can see a small scratch on the side of the transformer housing, other than that in excellent condition.
Great sounding and very powerful portable headphone amp that works extremely well with Sennheiser HD-xxx series. I've owned the RSA SR-71B before and feel this amp is on par with that one at a much lower price. Various reviews here on Head-Fi that are all positive. Asking $150 shipped in the lower 48 states, paypal fees included. Includes charger.
Great condition set of HD-580's with brand new pads (ear and headband) and new 650 cable. New parts were more the $75 by themselves. Asking $175 shipped in lower 48 states, paypal fees included in the price. Please ask any questions you have!
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