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$249 is my guess
Selling a Mayflower O2 amp and JDS Labs ODAC with Triad power supply/charger and USB cable. Great sounding combination that has worked well with any headphone I've owned (X2, LCD2, DT150. MA900). Asking $150 shipped for everything within the U.S., please add 4% for PayPal or send as gift.
Fantastic sounding headphones but taxes force some liquidation of nonessentials. I still have the original box/packing which will be included. Asking $235 shipped in the CONUS. Please add 4% if using Paypal or send as gift.
My favorite closed headphone but taxes force sale. I believe the previous owner put on pads that are sightly thicker than stock (very comfortable). The sound is fantastic and these definitely have a cult (but growing) following. Of course they look absolutely ridiculous on your head, in the best "tank commander" sort of way. I'm not sure if I still have the threaded 1/8" to 1/4" adapter but I probably have a standard type that I can include with sale. Asking $150 shipped...
Sound changed a lot in the first few hours. When I first put them on I thought I had made a mistake. Bass was boomy at first but tightens up
I'd consider the Sony MDR MA900 as a perfect, direct and obvious upgrade:)
Thanks for your listening impressions Matt! I just received my Fidelio X2 a couple of weeks ago and I'm loving the combination of DT150 and X2. Quite similar sounding to my ear. I love the build quality of the DT150 and am not so concerned about the aesthetics. I'm quite ok with the DT150 remaining under the radar as I'd like to pick up another pair at some point:)
+1 my drivers seem to be closely matched, creating a very focused image
Thanks for that stillevil, I'll look into it
I'd like to make a cable for my set but I'm having a hard time finding that connector on the North American Beyerdynamic site. Anyone have a link they could provide me?
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