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Great sounding MP-301 with stock tubes. I used this with HE-500's, HD-580's and modified T50RP's and it was fantastic sounding with all of them. Of course it is also a speaker amp! Asking $235 shipped in the lower 48 states, no trades please. In the third photo you can see a small scratch on the side of the transformer housing, other than that in excellent condition.
Great sounding and very powerful portable headphone amp that works extremely well with Sennheiser HD-xxx series. I've owned the RSA SR-71B before and feel this amp is on par with that one at a much lower price. Various reviews here on Head-Fi that are all positive. Asking $150 shipped in the lower 48 states, paypal fees included. Includes charger.
Great condition set of HD-580's with brand new pads (ear and headband) and new 650 cable. New parts were more the $75 by themselves. Asking $175 shipped in lower 48 states, paypal fees included in the price. Please ask any questions you have!
+1 Although it seems to be heresy to say so. Stars of the Lid, Keith Fullerton Whitman, Biosphere, Loscil etc all sound better to me on the 600.
Sony MDR-MA900, I sold my HE500s because I was just reaching for the Sony cans more often and it seemed a waste to have the expensive headphones sitting unused.
This have been my favorite IEM to date, I prefer them over the Shure 500/535, AT CK10 and UE TF10. The only time I use IEMs though I need more isolation than these provide. They are in great condition but I've misplaced the medium and large tips. I'll include the small tips as well as a set of large ME triple flange tips that were my preferred. I removed the small fabric filters on the nozzles. I'll ship for free to the lower 48 states, elsewhere at the buyers expense....
  I haven't heard the S400, just the S500. The S500 to me is the can to beat in the <$100 range.
  Yes, more is not better. Unless that is specifically what you are looking for I've owned the xb500 and 700 and while they are fun sounding at first I quickly grew tired of them.
Research the JVC HA- S500, better in all respects IMHO
already sold folks, just off to ship them now
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