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eBay seller "Joyful Japan" is selling all three models with available shipping by February 25th and at an unbeatable price as of now. Look HERE
Since we ARE talking about the best CLOSED headphones UPTO $200 which so many fail to remember, that would be the Audio Technica ATH-A900.
Quote: Originally Posted by mbd2884 Hey, I just posted some stuff here to get some opinions from people who have far more experience than I do on headphones. Like I said I really like the Denon AH-D550. What's the opinion here? There are a lot of reviews of the Denon Headphones on this site. Just do a search. I'm a fan of the 950's, having the chance only once to listen to them, but it was a fleeting moment and the moment was gone. The...
Quote: Originally Posted by sony_man sorry if im sounding like a perfectionist or something... but is th bass also so present that you feel like your eardrums could burst because i would love that. even if i have to leave it on movie mode. If you like deep bass, then try the Technics 1200A. If you want to jump up to hit bottom on bass and don't care about anything else, then try the Denon AH-D550 since the 750's and 950's aren't available...
I posted a review of the HD485. They are very well built, light, comfortable and I am very happy with their performance. I'm tempted to buy the HD215 now available at although has them for less but they're not in stock. The photos of the HD215 at are the most detailed I've seen.
Very little leakage. I have them attached to my Logitech 5300 speaker system which is attached to an Audigy gamer sound card. I tested them again with the same songs with the volume set to around 6 out of 10 which is a comfortable level for me and maybe a little loud for some. If I was standing about 2 feet from the phones, I could hear them slightly. Any farther and the sound would be non existant. The Grado SR60 is much louder at the same volume level.
I'm not an audophile like most of the folks here at Head-fi so I'm going to explain everything without using the usual lingo that 500+ post members use. First, like dr_digits stated, they are solidly built. The pads are semi-circumaural like the 497/212, except they feel velvety. I spent 2 hours straight with them on and in my opinion, they are very comfortable. The results were very different (but not bad) using my 3rd gen ipod compared to attached to my computer...
I just bought the HD485 from HERE They should arrive soon. They have them for $60 with free shipping!!
Quote: Originally Posted by bLue_oNioN The last post was made 03-21-2002, 09:40 AM. Props for using the search function! Interesting thread, I think. That is incorrect. My post was made yesterday September 28, 2004.
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