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Is this still wired with JPS? Also are the changes similar to going from the SS exstata to hybrid Exstata? This popped up while I was looking for 6s4a tubes
Maybe you should ask the guy you bought it from why the switch died 20 hours after use.Though I assume he will say everything was fine before shipping .
Didn't you buy one of these for around 120 euros here? And now you're selling for 170 pounds on ebay?
Pretty please? I'll also need a he60 to stax adapter... he90 to stax adapter... etc etc. Please contact me.
Like new- used for 5 hours at most. Comes with documents and original cables/packaging.   Price does not include shipping or fees.
LCD-3 serial number 26XXXXX. Comes with travel case and original cables. Drivers are dated 2/2014. Optional is a 6.5ft 8 conductor OCC Litz Norn headphone cable (4-pin XLR termination) from Norse Audio. Caribbean rosewood splitter. Included is a Norse 4-pin XLR -> Oyaide 1/4" plug adapter. Cable is 100$ extra.   Both the headphone and cable are cosmetically and functionally perfect.   Price does not include fees or shipping.
Mine ran away with a underwear model. I am looking for a replacement. To give an idea of what I'm looking for: If your gameboy had color when you bought this headphone, I don't want it. If you thought there were more than 151 pokemon (wrong), I don't want it. If you knew who Lewinsky was, I might want it. If your gallon of gas cost less than a whopper, I don't want it. Thanks.  
 The Mullards are very nice tubes, but their sound does not complement the BHSE and 009. Perfect for the 007 and SR-Omega though.
Why is it not clear? Purk posted that he will be comparing the NOS XF2's vs a quad of EL34ph. I then quoted a post where David said it will be interested to see the results, and then wrote my experience on the matter.I mentioned the metal base XF1 because that is what Psvane wanted to clone when making the EL34ph. 
Please PM me with pricing. I want the travel case as well.
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