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Near NOS. Includes the outer paper box. Price does not include shipping or paypal fees.
 We need a thumbs down button on head-fi. It should be red (for rage). What I like about most of Purrin's reviews is that even though he sometimes delves into the more technical side of things most of what he says is easily understood, even by laymen.I'm glad you tried to sound knowledgeable even though you got the smackdown two posts later, but in the passage you quoted Purrin clearly describes what microdynamics encompasses and how the DA8 is flawed in this department....
 The ED5 sounds like an upgraded ED8. How all purpose that makes it is still questionable.Saying the ED5 is more balanced than the TH900 (which is not a balanced headphone) is still pushing it. The TH900 sounds more U curved while the ED5 is treble heavy. 
Justin I sent you a PM and email regarding two BHSE shipments, both paid in full. Please give me a response.
 4 different drivers actually, the later ones (#4) are more like modified CD3000 drivers since they ran out of r10 stock. Bass has more to do with the damping foam/ foam rings inside the R10 and different states of decay- earlier ones have less bass since most of the foam is deteriorated. Once replaced all revisions have almost the same amount of bass in terms of quantity.Nothing like the TH900 bass though, which is overwhelming in both quantity and impact. 
Pretty much matches my experience with the GS-X. I still think the bass has nice impact and control, but not enough heft. Treble issues are annoying.Any reason why I can't thumbs up this post?
Taking into account his preferences the 445 and Rag would probably not make the shortlist.   @Xecuter   You can pass on the GS-X if rolled off treble/warm highs are a priority. Bass is nice and clean though.   Personally I'd go for a Stratus. It has the warm highs you are looking for and a very liquid midrange - I'd look into monoplate RCA 2a3's. The Liquid Glass can also give you what you're looking for and its probably my first choice for the Abyss/LCD-3 but not...
If you guys have any questions feel free to PM me ^ ^ As for trades, I'm interested in rare headphones and amps only. Oh and rare tubes.  
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