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Taking into account his preferences the 445 and Rag would probably not make the shortlist.   @Xecuter   You can pass on the GS-X if rolled off treble/warm highs are a priority. Bass is nice and clean though.   Personally I'd go for a Stratus. It has the warm highs you are looking for and a very liquid midrange - I'd look into monoplate RCA 2a3's. The Liquid Glass can also give you what you're looking for and its probably my first choice for the Abyss/LCD-3 but not...
If you guys have any questions feel free to PM me ^ ^ As for trades, I'm interested in rare headphones and amps only. Oh and rare tubes.  
L3000 Comes with documents but no original box- custom flight case. A small amount of the black lettering has faded (check photos), but everything else is mint. Cable is in perfect condition - none of the hardening or tangling that many units develop over time. DHA3000 is near mint - it was BNIB when bought, and used for around 30 hours. Comes with original box and documents. Item is currently on loan at a friends place in China (thank him for the nice photos, otherwise...
.. I just assumed.  Well, to me the Hugo sounds flat and lacking in dynamics. Before I would say the DAC section is worth 800$ max (but I understand you are paying a premium for the portability), but now I'm not sure how much the analogue circuitry is coming into play here... since the headphone out is quite bad.
 Your head-fi feedback looks interesting.  So the RCA outs on the Hugo do not bypass the amp section?
 Really? I think it's a great way to clear the air.  Vega is really only as good as the USB output of your computer, same with the meitner MA-1/ Emm DAC2X, which is why so many people have had bad experiences with them (though even under optimal conditions I still do not like the latter). A good USB card like SOTM/PPA/JCAT + a good linear psu or battery psu makes a world of difference. It would probably be comparable the first time you listened the OR5 -> i2s -> PWD MK2...
Is this still wired with JPS? Also are the changes similar to going from the SS exstata to hybrid Exstata? This popped up while I was looking for 6s4a tubes
Maybe you should ask the guy you bought it from why the switch died 20 hours after use.Though I assume he will say everything was fine before shipping .
Didn't you buy one of these for around 120 euros here? And now you're selling for 170 pounds on ebay?
Pretty please? I'll also need a he60 to stax adapter... he90 to stax adapter... etc etc. Please contact me.
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