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I have one used unit (like new) and one BNIB unit for sale.   Used unit is sold- I have one boxed unit left. DAVE is universal voltage. I am selling because I have upgraded to a DCS flagship stack. Shipping and PP fees are not included.  
Looking worldwide, must be 220v
PM me. Any voltage.
I laughed so hard at this
This guy is a scammer. Friend purchased his L3000, and PP'd over the funds.   He said he didn't receive the funds, but in reality he had already spent it. My friend got his money back through PP dispute.
 MBL 1511/1531 are both very colored. Mids are warm and dark, with very noticeable roll-off in the top end. My biggest problem with the lower end MBL sources is that they lack layering throughout the spectrum (mushy bass, lack of instrument separation, etc), and congested soundstage. If the 1511 is your reference then perhaps you have different sonic priorities than most.I'd like to point out that for the price of the MBL DAC you could have purchased all the prior DACs...
Have the 220v units started shipping yet? A friend was asked to paid the remainder awhile back and he hasn't heard from Justin since =/.
Selling some stuff. Most of my collection has been sold in the past two days but there's a hefty chunk left. I will keep a couple of these, but I have not decided on which.   [Sennheiser] Amperior (Year of the Snake, LTD ED of 88) HD540 II HD598 (BNIB) Colorware HD800G (BNIB, LTD ED of 10) HE60+HEV70 (HE60 w/ Stax head) HE60+HEV70 (HE60 w/ Orpheus head) HE60+HEV70 (Mint set) HE90+HEV90 HE90+HEV90   [Grado] HP1000 [100% lettering, with box, and docs] HP1000 [modded by a...
Near NOS. Includes the outer paper box. Price does not include shipping or paypal fees.
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