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 This is a DIY amp made by a friend. Not something made for mass production.
 Doesn't really matter. You aren't going to ship your TH900 to China for this.Also a hardwire (where the cable goes directly to the drivers) is much better than having these put in- who knows what kind of wiring they use internally.
 If you read over you'll see quite a few who didn't. Something about being sorry for chumps who spend 5k on a dap
 You should pm/email Justin ~ but from what I hear he's quite busy atm with the current batch of GS-X/BHSE (which are about to be finished). Also I have never heard of him giving upgrades, you could pm KG/Spritzer and see if they know someone who would be willing to do the work.Personally I would take it home, and give the rig a listen. Then when Justin has the time (and if he's willing) send it to him for upgrades. When you get it back you will be able to discern for...
 Actually I think the original BH had a lot of parts that are unobtainable now- which were of higher quality. Someone more qualified than me might want to chime in here but quite a few friends told me the same thing. I think a KGBH (with the original parts) tweaked to SE standards might sound better than a current production BHSE.
 The OP has never heard a BHSE+007 combo. Quoting select text taken out of context doesn't make for great English when you can't understand what complement means. It's quite obvious you've never owned the combo either while you continue to recommend it.. but I'm glad you avoided the question to make things look good.
 Just had a discussion above about how the MK1 from anything except the BHSE is a different can altogether... the OP's original setup was a MK1+ES1.. dots again..Also had =/= have eh? He would have to repurchase them.. you know. Complement.Btw, I'm sure you've owned the BHSE setup for awhile and listened to it extensively before making that recommendation right?
 You know you usually need to have one of those setups in place already for the other to complement it. Since the op has never had, or heard either.. them dots.
 You using an external clock with your K01? Try it out with the g-0rb before thinking about a new model, it's worth every cent.
  I've tried to make the 009+BHSE combo work, and I've tested out most of the recommended EL34s (Shuguang, Psvane EL34PH, winged C's, NOS XF2), but in the end I gave up. All about personal preference though - most of my friends gave it up as well but one enjoys the combo immensely (he said tweaking some cables helped).Have you tried the 009 with any of the other top offerings? Specifically the WES, Electra and LLv2. @OP it would be worth a shot to hear the 009 from at...
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