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A superb conductor that I've the fortune to hear in concert is Lawrence Foster.  Foster is a strong advocate for the music of George Enescu, and has recorded much of Enescu's orchestral works (including the opera Oedipe) under EMI (now Warner Classical).  As you might expect, these aren't exactly stuff that tops classical charts, so his recordings tend not to stay in catalogs.  However, it was not his Enescu that I heard in concert, but his absolutely majestic rendition of...
Schubert's late Piano Sonatas will do very well in setting a desolate, sombre mood.  I'm partial to Claudio Arrau: people says he overdone the romanticism, but for such music I don't think this is a fault.
Many absolutely astounding musicians choose to teach (and occasionally record), instead of going the glamorous, globe-trotting, concert soloist route, as a result they are not well-known.  Many year ago I had the fortune of listening to the cellist Collin Carr.  He was standing in for the (much more famous) Truls Mørk, and as I haven't heard of him before I had trepidations.  The evening turned out to be a most memorable one, with Carr playing three of Bach's suites in a...
Yes what used to be EMI Classics is now Warner Classics (for a very short while it belonged under the Universal Classics banner -- confusing, I know).  Since the change I'm seeing large number of big budget-line box sets, and it seems the new management wastes no time raiding the EMI Classics back catalog.  However, I'd imagine Warner is not particularly interested in taking risks, and they might sell the rights of truly esoteric stuff to specialist rerelease labels like...
Brilliant Classics's Minimal Piano Collection, performed by Jeroen van Veen, has 3 fairly well-filled discs dedicated to Philip Glass -- most of his early piano works are here (though not the more recent Piano Etudes).  Also included are many interesting works by other composers.  Sound is a bit too close-miked for my taste, but the set is pretty good value if you shop around.
1.  The Book of Secrets -- Loreena McKennitt 2.  Between Tides -- Roger Eno 3.  The Standing Stones of Callanish -- Jon Mark
Try:   Space Hotel and Kamasutra Experience by Al Gromer Khan. Call of the Valley by Shivkumar Sharma, Hariprasad Chaurasia and friends. Devotion by Rasa.
JPC often have amazing deals, especially for small indie labels.  They ship at a flat rate so it is better to buy in big batches.
Yes -- usually against my will.
What kinds of CDs are you looking for?  For Independent-label classical/jazz, go to Shung Cheong (Rm 801, Bank Centre, Mong Kowk).  But in general I don't recommend brick and mortar stores in HK. (high prices, impolite and unprofessional staff).
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