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I would heartily recommend HD25-1, especially with velour and re-cabling options to suit your needs/taste. Indestructible and very decent sounding - especially with rock/pop. If I could only keep one can, that would be it.   Best   James
Hello there!   From your inventory, it looks like you've managed to sell your WA6?   Best   James
Hi. given what you've tried and you preferred srh940, I think it very unlikely you will prefer hd25 (love 'em for being portable but not for detail or balance).   Be interested to hear your comparison with the fischers...   Best   James
Hello,   I didn't count/measure the hours specifically but my recollection was maybe 20 hours minimum, significantly less change after 50 hours.   Having started my head-fi journey with consumer Sennheiser cans (HD650/595), you may find that the Shure flavour is somewhat different, esp. the 940s. In relative terms the 940s are neutral and detailed without any augmented mid/lower bass.   I arrived at the 940s having effectively rejected (for my taste) open back consumer...
IMHO, HD25 is a low risk gamble if you're not able to try 1st, but there are a lot of other portable options - check out this excellent overview of ALL the contenders   Good luck   James
Hello there.   I see that the Shures are now in the "Had" section of your sig... the new HE500s have blown them away?   Best   James
Hi, i'd be very interested in a HE 500 to SRH 940. I think I'm satisfied (after 7 years) with SRH 940... fingers crossed.  :-)  
Hi. I have the 80ohm 770 and I have never found it satisfying with the voyager... now the DT150, that's another story...     James 
Quote: Originally Posted by mmayer167 anybody able to comment on the k701/2 with the ph100? It drives my 300 hour+ 701s better than - Slee Solo/PSU1 (2006) - Consonance Cyber 30 (tho' this is a superb amp - esp. for RS-1) - Consonance Cyber 20 (only good w/high imp). Still can't love 701s except when in the mood or light/female vox... & sting ;-) Also excellent w/dt770/80, HD250, HD25-I. IE8 &, after warming up, HD650 Still not...
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