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Very interesting comments - thank you! You have me lusting after the HE500... again    I believe the 'b' has the same broad specification except the external/power supply and wholly metal finish. There may be other component variations... Your comments about high vs. low are interesting. I tend to go with the setting that 'sounds best' on a particular track but I think I might be being a bit of a philistine here   e.g. both the Shure 940 and Grado RS-1 have more...
Congratulations on your HE500s :-) I've found the cyber 20 generally more adept with higher impedance transducers. I'm sure I'd not be the only one interested in a comparison with your HD 600 and maybe even HD 25-1s once your new tubes are in place. Best James PS my valves are 1 x ECC82/12AU7WA/RT SPECIAL (Radio Technique) 2 x EL84/JJ/TESLA (JJ-Tesla)
Hello... not yet actioned. :-(   I will report back as soon as there is a result. Current preferred headphone partner srh940 doesn't hum too loudly with it... This is totally mt go to amp at the moment. It is so strange. After 4 years of being a bit 'meh', suddenly, it has produced magic with dt250 and srh940. Could be my ears of course!!!   Best   James
I haven't heard the 80 but the 250 once run in and with a decent amp sounds less congested than hd650 to my ears... it is worth persevering with. With SRH940, HD250, HD25 and DT48, it is a bone fide classic and a bargain for the price. Pretty well balanced, a good all rounder.   Best   James
subscribed (ie8s lost in hospital... ie80s on hte way?)   Best   James
UK BARGAIN?     Reputable UK seller, post free (albeit using a courier that gets mixed reviews), bargain price !!!   http://www.dv247.com/headphones/shure-srh940-professional-monitoring-headphones--82846     Best   James
Thanks for the tube tips... I'm about to get my 20b upgraded to remove mains hum and maybe some of the other internal organs... ?   Best   James
Thanks! Understood. Even as my ears get older, I still find myself shy of bright cans/setups, though perhaps a little less so than before.   My favourite amp for the dt250-250s is an old consonance cyber 20 basic which I had almost abandoned but it creates a great soundstage and delivers the dt250s brilliant mids very well without making them totally dominant as the Graham Slee Ultra Linear can do. Shame the internal psu delivers low level mains hum (more of a...
Hello from the UK... I'd be intesrested in some elaboration on this obervation. I have no axe to sharpen, just wondering ... having more or less abandoned hd650/k701/rs1, planning currently to stick with hd25/dt250-250 plus dt48/srh940/hd250 but also wondering about t1/hd800/lcd2/he500... what's the story?     Best   James  
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