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I'm hoping to get the amp back in the next 5-10 days. I'll report full specifications and findings.   Best   James
Hello. Roma101's comments are pretty much on the nail. FWIW My additional thoughts on the 840s (vs. HD25-1) are   - I find on ** some material ** they are not as timbre 'accurate' (I hear what I believe is a mid bass hump ** on some tracks **)  - They can be a little shrill for me ** on some material ** . - There is a design flaw in that the cable is exposed immediately above the earcup which carries high risk of damage, especially in transit - mine came with a...
  I have found significant differences in 250-250 soundstage width and coherence depending on the amp.   Shanling PH100 - really very narrow - too narrow to be comfortably listenable Graham Slee Solo Ultra Linear - narrow but coherent, pretty listenable, very forward vocal Graham slee Voyager - OK, bot overall sound a bit limp in comparison to a desktop amp Consonance Cyber 20b - very nice, still not very wide but a much better shape... vocal a little less forward, in a...
Nice case... where from?   Best   James
Circumaural preference notwithstanding, I would suggest giving HD25-1 with velour a try out. I'd say it meets all the key points to a decent standard given the inevitable trade offs in the OP's requirement list.   Best   James
The National = SRH940, no bloat! Best James
Needs a little care but quite usable...BestJames
LOL... you have the Kung fu I find tinkering typically makes matters worse. Maybe my personal magnetic field is not conducive..BestJames
We all believe in different phenomena... both my pairs improved for over 250 hours. Copper Cable and velour will also change the presentation. De foaming is also worth a try. God forbid... Amp synergy even ??? ;-)Not my best or even favourite can but if I could only keep one this would be it.Enjoy getting to know them.BestJames
Hello    Doesn't that change the phasing?   Best   James
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