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Hello all.   Those who have made reference to the X1 on the Philips UK site, would you be kind enough please to post a link as my searches have yielded nothing... .   Thank you!   Best   James
Hello. I have heard hd595s a few times and own SRH940. For those genres, I would look elsewhere. Have a good read around and narrow down.   How fussy are you about vocals/mids?   HD25-1 is my default starting point generally as it does so much so well without being too fussy about source/amp, is very portable and pretty much indestructible. It won't deliver the real low sub bass for dubstep but you will get punch and impact. You'll need to spend more to get...
I bought my pair from a retiring professional sound engineer. The pads were rotting. I cut off the old inner pads with a Stanley knife. All sounded better afterwards . Best James
Ha! I tried a pair in their production store not 2 weeks ago... serial in the 16XXX range. Good guys in there. Sounded great from my GS Solo Ultra Linear. Still pondering if they're worth the money vs. what I have already (I know the answer!) and working out budgeting/SWMBO negotiation etc.   Enjoy when you get home... I am jealous   Best   James   PS I've pleasurably read your various musings over time on IE8/80, ZX700/1000 etc.  
  Duncan, Hello!   Where did you procure the new beauties? In Central London somewhere?   Best   James Wembley, UK.
Hello. I'm looking for a face to face trade in or around N/W/NW/Central London of my 2-3 year old Beyerdynamic DT150s (250 ohm).   - Original headband, earpads and foams in good condition, regularly cleaned. - Straight Cable - Non smoking/no pets household   I'm looking for a pair of good condition DT250-250s with either pleather or velour pads and either straight or coiled cable.   Please PM if you are interested.   Best   James Wembley
I'm hoping to get the amp back in the next 5-10 days. I'll report full specifications and findings.   Best   James
Hello. Roma101's comments are pretty much on the nail. FWIW My additional thoughts on the 840s (vs. HD25-1) are   - I find on ** some material ** they are not as timbre 'accurate' (I hear what I believe is a mid bass hump ** on some tracks **)  - They can be a little shrill for me ** on some material ** . - There is a design flaw in that the cable is exposed immediately above the earcup which carries high risk of damage, especially in transit - mine came with a...
  I have found significant differences in 250-250 soundstage width and coherence depending on the amp.   Shanling PH100 - really very narrow - too narrow to be comfortably listenable Graham Slee Solo Ultra Linear - narrow but coherent, pretty listenable, very forward vocal Graham slee Voyager - OK, bot overall sound a bit limp in comparison to a desktop amp Consonance Cyber 20b - very nice, still not very wide but a much better shape... vocal a little less forward, in a...
Nice case... where from?   Best   James
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