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From memory, HD25 provides quoted isolation of around 15db with pleather pads. With velour (less isolation) I find this enough for most places except in a noisy underground train, noisy plane (Easyjet is fine) and in proximity of loud machinery ie external noise above around 80-85db. For noisy places, I resort to IE80 which has less satisfying sound. Short of resorting to NC, I am only looking for a better sounding portable (DT1350, amperior etc). If I could only keep...
Hello. Suggest you read through the thread for detail on players. iTunes can readily rip and tag your CDs into lossless ALAC format. Purists prefer open source but ALAC works for me. You can set iTunes to auto rip, tag get artwork and eject your CD when done. I just put in a new disk each time I walk past. I would suggest a quick disk clean to avoid skipping type errors on your rips. Good luck. Best James
I think the 250-250s struggle to compete with HD800 on quite a few aspects (detail, placement, separation) but frequency balance may well be one that it does. Timbal accuracy would be an interesting comparison. Best James
Low impedance does not mean 'sounds good without an amp' (ref. grado, akg, beyer 70ohm etc. ). Sensitivity and other attributes that I am not technical enough to understand (!) are what counts, together with one 's own preference for sound, practicality and comfort. FWIW, many of my cans were an attempt to find an improved or circumaural alternative. None have got there... those that have tried - DT150, DT250 (though these are excellent with an amp at home!), SRH840 & SRH...
I am less familiar with the HD600 but from my limited experience I can hear that it is a good reference point for the 250-250s :-).The HD650s were my 1st serious can after the PX100... Lol. I have heard them through many many different setups. Compared to the 250-250s, to me, the 650s are mainly less of most attributes including detail in the treble clarity/tightness of bass and clarity/positioning of vocals and general placement accuracy, maybe even layering/depth (for...
I'm highly supportive of the 'whatever works for you to remove barriers to the music' p.o.v. This does imply though the necessity of first hand (and ideally extended) auditioning with one's own chain to make a good buying decision. Happily, fellow head-fiers are absolutely invaluable to help generate a short-list and to help shape awareness of key audition/evaluation criteria. I have made my fair share of good and bad buying decisions in the past and I'm a hoarder not a...
If I could only keep one can, it would be HD25-1. Pricecheck notwithstanding, I think this meets your requirements.   srh840 - certainly competent, vulnerable to cable break by the earpiece, hot, large/not so good for portable DT770-80- needs a decent desktop amp not to sound shrill to my ears.   Best   James
  +1   my srh840 has a mid-bass hump to my ears. DT250-250 is the most neutral/balanced can in my collection.   Best   James
Hello all. I am no technical expert on amps but I'm pretty sure there is massive variation in output characteristics, tube & SS. K701 is somewhat picky though IME and generally can be a marmite can (love or hate). Personsl Testing is highly recommended. Best James
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