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I have limited experience of the competition but I'd agree with these comments. With a basic USB cable upgrade and something like Audirvana pro it brings the best out of all my cans.James
  What experiences can anyone report on using a copper cable with the Amperior e.g. HD600/650/250/25sp cable. I use HD250 cable on my HD25-1s (prefer sound to HD650 cable or stock steel).   Best   James
  Please be kind enough post your impressions once you've had some time with them.   Your sig shows some high class cans/amps.   I don't find the HD25s to be V-shaped but then I'm looking for a more mid-centric upgrade for detail (e.g. DT1350)... lol!   Best   James
I have only heard one amp that does my Grados justice ( the same goes for my 70ohm DT770s). Until then I did not know what they were capable of. As that amp was not mine and is no longer available, my 4 year search continues...I would be very pleasantly surprised if the *right* amp didn't make a meaningful improvement to the Momentum as a solid mid-fi can. I confess I have yet to hear them for more than 5 mins in the apple store where they sounded lame. Don't the apple...
Efficiency is not the only attribute to determine potential amp benefit... Impedance variations across the frequency response would be another.For example I find the dynamic IEM Senn IE80 delivers improved performance in most key areas with my Graham Slee solo UL.BestJames
---I'd be interested in your comparison (I own both HD25 and SRH840).BestJames
From memory, HD25 provides quoted isolation of around 15db with pleather pads. With velour (less isolation) I find this enough for most places except in a noisy underground train, noisy plane (Easyjet is fine) and in proximity of loud machinery ie external noise above around 80-85db. For noisy places, I resort to IE80 which has less satisfying sound. Short of resorting to NC, I am only looking for a better sounding portable (DT1350, amperior etc). If I could only keep...
Hello. Suggest you read through the thread for detail on players. iTunes can readily rip and tag your CDs into lossless ALAC format. Purists prefer open source but ALAC works for me. You can set iTunes to auto rip, tag get artwork and eject your CD when done. I just put in a new disk each time I walk past. I would suggest a quick disk clean to avoid skipping type errors on your rips. Good luck. Best James
I think the 250-250s struggle to compete with HD800 on quite a few aspects (detail, placement, separation) but frequency balance may well be one that it does. Timbal accuracy would be an interesting comparison. Best James
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