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I found the HD280s rather unusual in balance and soundstage... a hole in the mid bass and exaggerated centre image. My pair has been out on loan and I'm not bothered to ask for them back.Isolation is excellent but I would favour DT150 or HD25 for overall balance with bass. A pair of HD250s if you can find them!BestJames
In that case, it would seem the HD800 may well not be the can for you...
I have found my 800s to be very sensitive to source as well as amp... What other Dacs gave you considered/tried?BestJames
... and require a 'suitable' amp to realise that performance benefit with a challenge to maintain the tonal balance. :-)
Hello. :-)Happy to consider sensible offers though was ideally looking to trade, no hurry to sell. Please PM me.I'm in Wembley UK. I confess I haven't checked any mailing/courier options.BestJames
  Good to know.... thank you! Luckily, I rarely suffer any perceived discomfort from any of my cans (last one was the DT48 made of metal). I'll keep them on the shortlist.   Best   James
  I would respectively add people who regularly attend live music performance, play an instrument etc. i.e. 'real world' sounds, notwithstanding the effect of sound re-enforcement where applicable.
  Hello, it sounds like that has been pretty frustrating  . I know the feeling but it hasn't applied with my HD800s at all. I guess we all hear differently. Best. James.
I can vouch for your source and amp with a copper-cabled HD25, especially with a nice short high quality LOD/cable.In fact that will even do a decent basic job with HD800... Lol!If you go for the DT1350, I'd be interested in your thoughts. :-)
I would agree with that. I find them more sensitive than most to any part of the chain.For the money they are amazing value. If isolation was closer to HD25 levels they would make the best all-rounder with the right portable amp :-). I would recommend them for many but not all uses.
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