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 I find my HD650s direct from the M-DAC headphone out (source: Mac Mini/Audirvana) deliver excellent detail and positioning. Timbral accuracy?...  the jury is still out on that one. Look forward to reading your impressions. Best James
 I find the MDAC headlamp a puzzling thing indeed... synergy with different cans is unpredictable. My favourite listening combination right now is MDAC to HD650 (source MacMini/Audirvana/MP3 320/decent USB cable). They also work well with RS-1s but DT48 and HD800... no no no! With the right can and a decent source, I think the MDAC can be a brilliant all in one solution. Best James  
  You've got me wanting to buy a headphone I gladly gave away 3 years ago... lol!   I don't love my 840s...   Best   James
Interesting! My bad, I meant upper bass dip. I remember being wowed when I auditioned them as the signature gives vocals a high profile. This prompted the purchase. Over time the appeal waned. I confess I have not heard them in over 2 years... Given the 250-250s as a reference (amp differences notwithstanding) I'd be interested in your view a few weeks on. Perhaps my memory is prejudiced... I would be rather surprised if Senn had changed the product given it has been on...
I found the HD280s rather unusual in balance and soundstage... a hole in the mid bass and exaggerated centre image. My pair has been out on loan and I'm not bothered to ask for them back.Isolation is excellent but I would favour DT150 or HD25 for overall balance with bass. A pair of HD250s if you can find them!BestJames
In that case, it would seem the HD800 may well not be the can for you...
I have found my 800s to be very sensitive to source as well as amp... What other Dacs gave you considered/tried?BestJames
... and require a 'suitable' amp to realise that performance benefit with a challenge to maintain the tonal balance. :-)
Hello. :-)Happy to consider sensible offers though was ideally looking to trade, no hurry to sell. Please PM me.I'm in Wembley UK. I confess I haven't checked any mailing/courier options.BestJames
  Good to know.... thank you! Luckily, I rarely suffer any perceived discomfort from any of my cans (last one was the DT48 made of metal). I'll keep them on the shortlist.   Best   James
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