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I'm very interested in these too, kicking myself i didnt spot them at the London CanJam. Is there anywhere in London i can get to listen to these?
 Ooh :D nice one. I always love unveilings. Great finds guys! Seems SFI is the ortho that loved UK.And nick im intruiged  Thanks for the heads up :)
Beautiful collection.I see you have some Sawafuji/Elega headphones here :). Id love to know what drivers are inside these if you have had a look? Im guessing SFI and AKAI ASE-40 drivers there.Please do give some impressions. A great collection there. Im impressed, did you find them in Japan?
 (my personal photo)similar in style. Only in the sense Audeze and HiFiman are similar in style too. Traces, material, tension, driver construction are all different.
They (ID1) sound good :). Slightly bright top end, good strong bass. Midrange not as 'luscious' as a yamaha, but clear. Regarding driver rattle, I think defectiveaudiocomponent and sachu experienced this and came up with some solutions in the past. I can't remember what they were, but could be worth PM'ing them. I used the stock damping, it's pretty good tbh. I think at times I only used 1 damping pad rather than 2. The main thing is they really need a lot of power to...
Is anyone here going to CanJam 2015 in London this weekend? (curious to see if any vintage orthos are going to be present).
I took a lot of effort (its suprisngly hard to cut things xD) in creating this special open back Yamaha YH-1. Id always wanted to try the Yamaha drivers in open back form. It slightly smoothens out the sound. I didnt finish my damping fine tuning on this as I haven't had time for any projects. Hence I am clearing away stuff (have more to sell soon too), have too much going on in life.   Iv detailed the project...
Accurate yes, but pressure can be varied easily by bending headband to be loose. Also whilst it is and all, dont expect supperr high fidelity. Its a and fun can with good bass to treble and balance, but like just lower fidelity than the best orthos. Has a bit of grainyness. A bargain though, I think you would enjoy it if you just enjoy it for what it is and dont expect a Stax O2.
AAsk defectiveaudiocomponent and dbel84. They done some good mods in the ase40 apparently. Problem is the limited space inside.
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