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I took a lot of effort (its suprisngly hard to cut things xD) in creating this special open back Yamaha YH-1. Id always wanted to try the Yamaha drivers in open back form. It slightly smoothens out the sound. I didnt finish my damping fine tuning on this as I haven't had time for any projects. Hence I am clearing away stuff (have more to sell soon too), have too much going on in life.   Iv detailed the project...
Accurate yes, but pressure can be varied easily by bending headband to be loose. Also whilst it is v.fast and all, dont expect supperr high fidelity. Its a v.fast and fun can with good bass to treble and balance, but like just lower fidelity than the best orthos. Has a bit of grainyness. A bargain though, I think you would enjoy it if you just enjoy it for what it is and dont expect a Stax O2.
AAsk defectiveaudiocomponent and dbel84. They done some good mods in the ase40 apparently. Problem is the limited space inside.
 Yup JVC/Victor made two generations of orthos (the second generation seems to only have one model we know of). From what I can see the Akai ASE-40 = Victor HP-D50, and Akai ASE-50 = Victor HP-D70. Whether there are sound and tuning differences (like NADs and Fostex) I do not know, but the drivers seem pretty much the same aesthetically. The reason I think Victor made these is that they are a huge company, and they have a more comprehensive line-up with different style...
Correct they are ASE-40. You should hit up the seller. If he had an ASE-50 badge to stick on there, then maybe he has the rest of the ASE-50 hiding somewhere too ;).The Akai drivers are not made by Fostex, in fact I *think* from my investigations they were made by Victor.
http://wiki.faust3d.com/wiki/images/7/74/YH-1000_service_manual_P1.jpgThe pads are angled. But yah i doubt it makes a huge difference to be angled or not, because they get compressed so much anyway.
He sat down with the designer for 2hours, who laid out all his design process etc. and all he posted in his article was "it has an oval diaphragm and folds flat".... nice lol.Id really like to have seen/heard what the designer actually said that whole time, im curious how these people approach the ortho design, and how differently it compares to how i would approach it.
Hi Elfary,  out of curiosty, can you compare the 3gs and 4s headphone output for the same volume? Also are you able to characterise and sound difference between the 3gs and 4s. Thank you :)
Are you able to compare the 5S and your 4S using the same audio file, at the same volume % slider settings please?And see if they both sound like they are outputting the same volume. or if the 5S needs a higher volume setting to sound the same volume as the 4s. thanks
Is there even an EU limit on the iphone? And how would jailbreaking it help anyway. There is no 'delimiter' around. I recently got a 5C (uk model) to replace my 4S (usa model). And the 5C is dissapointingly quieter volume wise. From this thread I can only assume the 5S is a similar story. I can only guess how weak the quieter iphone 5 must be. From what I can glean, I do not think there are any differences in the UK and USA models. EDIT:- I should note, my issue with the...
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