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Sent. :)
 Cool, out of the 3 aftermarket ones i have on the regenerator, the Maestro is easily, the most natural, tightest bass, full bodied, and detailed sounding of the bunch, and not bad at $85, been meaning to Maestro all the outlets on the regen sometime. Would love to hear the ps300 :)
Should be there.   Will be bringing   Phil LaRocco Headcode L3   LH Labs Geek Pulse Infinite with LPS PSU   Headphones Audeze EL8C Hifman HE-500 and HE1000   Power Exact power ep15a Regenerator with Maestro Outlet, TeslaPlex Outlet, Acme Silver Cryo Outlet.
So the Geek X Infinity arrived (9018K2M), Ordered Oct 28th 2013, took them a while :P   So how's HE1k pairing with Infinity ? Through the balanced 4pin cable that Hifiman so generously provided, and the pulse directly its  marvelous! its much smoother and more refined than the Audio-GD NFB 1.32 and that's not too shabby, i still consider that a great performer considering the price. The noise floor considerably lower on the Pulse. It's a very organic pairing, I probably...
Mine should be in sometime to today for me to test out, Ill let you know !
The comfort level is par with the 560's, you barely notice you have them on, we had a comparison tonight against the hd800's and 1K's at a friends house, the 800's i think are lighter still but i would say roughly on par comfort wise. Sound comparison, I have to say i still far and away like the 1k's for their silk smooth natural tone, refinement over the 800 on the setup we heard, the soundstage was bigger on the 1k's, that vertical stage was something the 800's didn't...
Im not hearing any dynamic constraints with my setup, sound fairly perfect to my ears, this is with all genre's of music.   Currently listening to Dirt Floor at 24/96, it sounds revelatory ! Simply the best I've heard.   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sG74u3OqS5w&list=PLIbbd-XCVdV1SHXJ9YZ04pJJI9D5aLVoh
Agreed, listening now, its not warmth, its smooth neutrality, with gobs of detail, in one word natural. Im swapping back and forth between the HE500 and the 1000, and its no contest,  another level detail has been achieved, it almost makes the 500 seem muffled in comparison.  I'd be interested in more aftermarket pad options, like the a proper fitting vegan ear pad like the lcd or some other options. The vertical sound stage is comparable to the Sennheiser Orpheus, and...
Got mine yesterday, so far they remind of the Sennheiser Orpheus sound stage and even detail wise, very close to e-stat sound, this is probably fastest ortho i've heard, natural sounding, some say warm but its not nearly as warm as my 500 even with its silver recable, the 500 is more midcentric, the 1000 is more neutral, its almost like listening to speakers, the placement of instruments is much improved over my HE500, you can hear every layer of the recording clearly,...
No worries Jeff, i think the expectation is that we'll get them sometime this month if not sooner. :) People are so impatient.
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