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 Yup that el34 prototype was the E-Phi amp, big grey box looking thing :)
Fun Meet, also Glad my buddy Linhart made it out and won Doc's Quicksand :) Not bad for a n00b.   Making its debut here is Phil's OTL E-Phi amp (pictured top), if anyone heard it, feel free to comment :)   Too bad i couldn't make the aftermeet, these things always fall on a work day so i could only be there for a few hrs, Thankfully my parents place is 2 blocks away so i could migrate there for a nap afterwards :)    These meets are always fun...
 Yeah I got my 1k, a friend of mine got his 450, ill have to compare the two when I see him back at work. 
Geek Out 1000 DAC/AMP Audio-GD NFB 1.32 Balanced  L3 Headamp w/30hr Battery Lisa 3 Desktop Headphone Amp Sennheiser HD580  Hifiman HE-500 with Toxic Cable Silver Poison Re-cable Etymotic ER4P   Coming Soon - When it ships :  Geek Pulse X /f /p /i  w/LPS
Should be able to head out to this,  Will be bringing lisa 3 desktop, nfb-1-32 Might have my Geek 1k by then
 Is this the L3 or the Lisa 3 ?  if it's the L3 i think you can probably email brad, and askem what it would cost for a straight swap, with you sending yours back. The battery pack should fit the exact same case as the L3.
Which Crystek clock part number did you go with ? 
Yep that's for the new version, its a bigger li-on battery pack Just a note it comes with its own 16.5vdc battery charger, you'll be doing the majority of your listening with the battery pack, its my go to amp for work and on the go. The L3 has been dead silent with or without battery use, when plugged into my Etymotic ER4P's, i can't speak for other IEMs but for my purposes its been perfect.  If you have the older version that uses the 24vdc power supply of the L3 or...
 Yes, absolutely bring them, the more phones the merrier :) 
Im bringing mine, we're gonna have a couple pairs there to try so if you want to leave yours home its up to you, however its funner if you participate and plug your phones into everyone elses gear, everyones been super careful with each others gear from what i've seen in previous meets. However seeing as how this is a more public event in a museum, with some non-headfiers dropping in, there should be a little extra caution. I've not been to Frye, so im not sure what the...
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