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Right, it's been a while and I have held back on a big secret... Remember Michael Mercer with his prototype Molecule Elite Audeze EL8 DHC 4-wire Fusion cable that he used when reviewing the EL8 for EnjoytheMusic.com?Well that cable was a prototype as the Zync connector's that Audeze use on the EL8 line were not available in the aftermarket area, nor where the schematics. Even so, Peter from DHC has been working with Audeze regarding the Zync connector's, and wanted to use...
Awesome competition!   Here are my answers:   1=6.3mm 2=SMC 3 =3.5mm 4=XLR   Thanks iFi Audio! <3
OMG @iFi audio, that's an insane spec sheet! Great upgrade too, and I like the bundle too (iPurifier), though I have it already. Everyone else GO FOR IT! Sorry about your wallet :P
Ah, about that, well you see, this and that happened, and I just continued to enjoy the LS3.5 and AKG K 712/Audeze EL8 CB as is. So, what I'm trying to say is...I haven't tried.... [hides under chair]  
LIES       I will say that he's the grandmaster maestro of cables and bat-**** crazy. I like crazy. No, really. ^^
Thanks technobear!   I wasn't too sure but I new it was one of the advanced Burr-Brown Japan chips. Either way the Burr-Brown DSD1793 (Texas Instrument's link here) is incredible and very advanced! :D EDIT: Oh I found this nice little article about iFi Audio's thought's on different DAC chips, including the ESS SABRE ES9023 used in the original iDAC, and his personal opinion of the Burr Brown DSD1793!
Lol:   Pro Series =     Retro Stereo 50 =   I knew that Retro series is designed to be the best high-end all-rounder and the Pro series to be the best ultra-fi for specific audio chains. However I do wonder what would happen if both were combined for an ultimate, summit-fi product under the iFi Audio banner... ;)   Oh, and one more thing; I do think balanced design is a fantastic concept and if well executed can yield magnitudes of audio euphoria, but I think...
[[SPOILER]] Hi john57,Thanks for the info, and I agree with your points.I think the Stereo 50 incredibly powerful for headphones, and it's versatility is amazing (over the Oppo HA-1).I also love that on my Win 8.1 laptop if I use Tidal, web video's or YouTube app, Soundcloud, J River Media Centre 20, MPC HC, etc, it interfaces with the Stereo 50 DAC perfectly without any further user interaction.Stereo 50 is mighty convient too with multiple sources.Btw, I don't know what...
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