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Ha ha ha @longbowbbs, that's the primary desk with a fold out second large desk area (to the right, not pictured)! Also, everything is considered and placed, with left side my headphones and writing area, right side gaming peripherals and mouse, and soon under the desk is my keyboard tray that'll have a Corsair K95 RGB gaming keyboard at end of the month!
It has been a long while, thought to update my Twitter and FB background pics to showcase all the new changes to my desk, so posting a new pic of my desk here. Absent are new upcoming Corsair K95 Cherry MK Red or Brown gaming keyboard (there is an unused keyboard tray on my desk where my new gaming keyboard will be situated. Will test which Cherry MK key type I prefer), and Corsair gaming mouse pad (deciding between MM600 or MM800 RGB). Both will be acquired at next...
Cool, TWICE gave the Onkyo DP-X1 a VIP 2016 award ^^
 Not an Apple Mac user, but take a look at this article and this App called SHAREit (I think Lenovo is a part of the company who makes the App and computer based application counterparts).It works on Android, iOS, and Win Phones, and on computers Win and Mac OS. Hope this helps, and if it does let us know! ^^
Dude contact your place of purchase and try to get a warranty replacement done.If you bought it in your own territory, no issues provided you have a receipt. It may take a while to get a new unit unless Onkyo in your territory say otherwise.If imported, the exporter might sort you out (but may ask for shipping to and from).Unfortunately, I think your DP-X1 is borked...
No problem dudes, and yes, if you do check with Audeze customer services I hope they confirm you have the newer drivers.^^
 BEAT ME TO IT!!! Cheers dude! <3
 If the certificate of authenticity is dated after Nov 2015, or 2016, it is very likely a 2016 model. However, you can also contact Audeze and give your serial number, and they will check and tell you if it is the 2016 updated drivers ^^
[[SPOILER]] Sos for the delay, work...HA HA HA, that's hilarious:And yes, back in the day when cops gave you brown trousers lol!
New Posts  All Forums: