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 I don't believe that to be true actually, nor the "IMO, YMMV, etc. to everything audio related" approach in large. Of course there are diffrences with personal HRTF, subjective signature preference and equipment's sonic traits. But still some things are ought to be fundemantally objective like opening a port in an acoustic chamber is by definition done to increase bass body by augmenting the net bass response with the backwave output, then adding an absoprtive materail...
Dynamat is a damping material so by definition it deadens vibrations. I suspect it's probably part of the acoustic philosophy of Tesla drivers- No damping applied so the housing would add some harmonics of it's own   There's no way a headphone would sound with fuller body WITH dynamat applied, It contrary to it's function- To cancel surrounding vibrations. In the T90, IMO, these play a role in the final sound character, which is expressed in a slight textured warmth to...
I've taken a shot with this thing, Part of a repair operation i had to to take after i knocked my pair on the floor and the driver popped rtight off it's assembly (fortunately no wire issues... phew) and i had to reglue it back in. So this is my take:     I have prior experience modding headphones with dynamat, starting from the famous "markl world's best headphone" (Denon D5000) to CAL! to Ultrasone PRO900. You might notice a common denominator with all these cans:...
Thanks for the prompt reply, Very appreciated. Godspeed with the ongoing development.
Mr Renner, It has been claimed that AKG has patented​ the concept of the 'Earspeaker' as per the design of K1000. Could you please clarify this matter and if it casts any complication on the design of the successor model?
​Do you mean that one is gloriously natural, powerful and musical while the other is artificial, destructive and while gets work done, is unavoidably sterile? Which one is which? :tongue:
'Pentium' was desgnated for a line of products, not spesific models ,which were numbered, and still are. Besides, Pentium has etymological relation to 'penta-' which is Greek for 'five-something' (Fifth genaration of processor architecture). Amiron is related to...? Maybe the Beyer rep from the T90 thread could help us out, Before we get bored with it.
More like EFFICIENT i hope, something the K1000 infamously was not, 'twas perhaps it's biggest weakness, right after the weak deep bass response... which does leads to the obvious question of, was any improvement made in this area of the spectrum? And this might also correlate with the subject of the chosen target response curve, There is the newly developed Harman HRTF which favors a more robust bass response than the (IIRC) Free Field HRTF that was used for the K1000...
 I'll allow myself to say on behalf of all us following this project that it's an honour to the community to see your continued presence on Head-Fi, after the examplary introduction episode. We're all naturally waiting to learn some more about the long awaited, And recently hyped, successor to the legendary K1000. And of course, your collegues are very welcome to chime in as well. :) Let's start with the name, is it official for 'MYSPHERE 3.1' ?  What's the company name?
 Who's among the fine gentlemen is Mr Heinz? Not the very one to the right I guess :)
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