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Thanks for all the replies. First, there no golden flakes on the frame. About these blue colored coils- I suppose the grill needs to be removed to inspect this?   I added one more pic of the baffle area, please take a look.
An acquaintance of mine recently snagged a pair *real* cheap from a sizeable local retailer who's not know to be authorized by the distributor. Not surprisingly they sound like a wooden plank to him... But he's a strong believer in the burn-in theory. I've yet to hear them myself so i wonder i anyone can take a look at some pics and give his opinion:
The nano should drive them loud enough, tho it will probable sound quite compressed and soft in it's dynamic range. These phones are designed for monitoring work remember. That's also part of the reason they make a relatively poor portable cans, the isolation is just sub-par for this type of use.
 It does works just fine and that's precisly what i did, after seeing that the instructions the dude on the 'MA900 vs CD900st' thread left do not match the board layout (as a_rec also mentioned). Measuring the plug resitance afterwards (which of course doesnt amounts to an actual impedance check but just as an indicator) it went up somewhat. Very nice job, I wanted to do this myself but had to trade my pair rather unexpectedly.
 What are you on about? K701 and all other AKG earpad-TOTL models since K340 are open-back, Not semi-open. K701's back is all vented, jest that it's a 2 part grill, unlike with other models. And It says so in the spec-sheets if you'd care to check. And since when does marketing branding of a headphone as "PRO certified" or not has any meaning? look at Beats' mantra "How it was meant to be heard" of practically every POS that fly's out their a**. If you think that...
The rear opening is lesser by a notable margin becuase the driver's increase in diameter, as well as the angle being smaller slightly.  So yeah, less breathy than F1 but as others said it's still a notch above pretty much anything except HD800/K1000/PFR-V1 in this regard.   I did bypass the ressisors and it does bring a subtle improvemed clarity across the board, enhancing the openess even more... but it's really in the last few percent of improvement, like a nice...
Well i pair it with an Objective2 and i think it's a great pairing. To me ears, the slight bloom in the mids and the calm treble need a clean and direct sounding amping. I definetly woudn't want a OTL tube amp in this case, It'll just make 'em sound too soft and will mess with the bass response. I'd try a Schiit Asgard or a Matrix M-stage, FWIR they noth seem to be slightly warm but still quite linear and dynamic.
Me :)   The CD900st is much more transparent and timbraly honest to my ears. Granted, it may not posses the cleanest transient response given today's monitors (namely the DT1350 which i own also), however, It's able to walk the thin line between flat/neutral and natural/dynamic with great finnese whereas the SRH840 was squarely in the former side, with less the control on the (mid)bass and a narrow staging. It was hooked to Stello DA100/HP100 combo at the time so...
It's admittedly a subtle effect but it's there and is easy to notice on A/B with a monitoring device such as the Auditor. And after all it's AT's hi-fi equipment we're talking bout here, Should be no surprise that the amp would be tuned to compiment the voicing of the matching headphones.
I love the (almost) monolithic and bullet-proof design of these, It's a pity that good thump in the night doesn't get more appreciation in this case...   On the flip side the it measures strikingly close to the Sony MH1c, which i personally don't hear nearly as dark and dull as it appears in the graph:
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