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 The beauty of double-meaning words my friend... I do MISS mine, and it's quite tempting for me not to MISS the opportunity to reprucahse a possible future collector's cans at a nice deal as presented by the OP. And i would've done so already if not for owning the MDR-F1 and PFR-V1, both worthy collector's items in the own right.
I havn't done it personally but FWIR here it says: "I removed the driver housing and took off the silver coat around the inside of the housing facing the ears. It just peels off easy with rubber tension around the lips."   Hope it helps.  
Do you mean the outer grill?   MDR30- wonderful  pics, very illustrative. I can second the tip re removal of the resistor network btw.
To anyone who's wondering, It was brought to my attention that USB-OTG connection to smartphones is supported by the y1:
That's the driver assembly, Why do you want to remove it for? in any case, looking at the diagram it's held just by the single screw ref #3.
 The latest mainstream Walkman F886 still has a tuner so i'll prolly go that route in the near future. OTOH, The ZX1 doesn't support it so you're right in that flagship DAPs- or even mid-tier  (based on my impression from the OP at least) such as in this case are abandoning the old-schoolers like myself to sighs. Which to me is quite strange- Is it not better to design some bypass-mode for the tuner circuit rather than to eliminate it altogether? I mean, is it more...
I guess it doesn't have FM radio? Didn't see it mentioned in the specs.
First owner, 2 months old, as new. One of the rubber legs got loose, I've reatched it but it isn't transparent as the other now.   Original box and USB cable Included.   Buyer payes shipping+I'll cover the paypal fee.
update for new details.
Sony Mh1c in good condition, Ther's a scuff on the back of the rubber back of the right earphone. No biggie, Has no effect on the sound obviously.   Haven't been using them much since I prefer my Fidelios S1 better. I just not much of an IEM guy anyway, Tho it still has that killer smooth sig...   All ear tips are included, squeaky clean. I've experimented with removing the filters (no trimming) so they are no longer glued- again, no effect on the sound.   Buyer pays...
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