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1- 6.3mm 2- SMC 3- 3.5mm 4- XLR   I'd like to be lucky no.1 please.
- A set of XLR connectors for a balanced IC: pair of male and female 3-pin XLR of Neutrik NC3FX, sealed in a bag. would like to trade for similar of quality 6.5mm/1/4" TRS male connector. Also, looking for data cable that fits the model S9 / J3 / X7 / C2 / I10 / X9 of COWON.   - a Pair of 6N1P/6H1pi tubes, Equivalent to...
If I may quote myself from the main thread: 
Those pads have become a pretty basic "Head-Fi Modding 101" accessory eh? I had a pair to try on my Sextetts but didn't fit, pity i've never thought about trying them on the Beyers, though i'm pretty content with the sound as-is.
I agree, the T90 is a different class from the 990, technically speaking. I did compare directly to the DT990/600. Very justifiable price/performance gap in this case IMHO.
You can always bend them inward to create a and hold it like that for some time, should do the trick. I suggest to hold on the headband directly, so as not to put excessive pressure on yoke joints.
Right, that straightens it up I guess, Thanks man. I'm not usually this pedantic-maniac but this case had me bugged, I just find it odd to have these "issues" with a new product.
Can anyone please tell if this situation would be normal for a new player? In words: the player is still in nylon but it's powered in stand-by mode...
Thanks for all those who replied in the sealing issue but, no clear-cut answer. I'll have to raise it to Sony support i'm afraid.   Another thing of concern, out of the box the player is "on-hold"... this seems even stranger than the box not sealed. What do you say people?
Thanks for chiming in guys!   irrefleumas, could you clarify how it was sealed with plastic? the standard label circle?
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