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Just bought the E70 on a whim to compare to my trusty ol' Shure SE530, Acquired back in 2007... Looking forward to find just how far triple-driver sound has gotten since then. ​
Hello, I've had these on and off on my Beyer T90 for 3 months. They're cleaned and in excellent shape. Practically no sign of usage. Shipping should be about 3$ to most places, please ask for exact quote.
Beyerdynamic T90 has these qualities that you seek, I can attest as a happy owner. AKG K812 also comes to mind, though I didn't listen to them yet.
"The primary purpose is to create a high quality S/PDIF digital audio output signal that can be connected with your existing DAC. It also has a convenient headphone output for private listening."   So it's a DDC which also has an analog output. At this price, I wouldn't expect much better than the average mobo's SPDIF output.
SMSL has a nifty looking device at 90$: http://www.ebay.com/sch/i.html?_from=R40&_trksid=p2047675.m570.l1313.TR0.TRC0.H0.Xsmsl+x-usb.TRS0&_nkw=smsl+x-usb&_sacat=0 I wanted to try it but when i asked the seller to issue me a new invoice without the description "DAC", which has no place being there from the start really, he basically ignored my request and overall his english communication SUCKS. So I gave up. Maybe youcould have another go at it.   Alternatively you can...
Not my exprience at all, I've compared them from a Lehman BCL. Of course the HD800 wins in all technicalities except for bass body but to say it's much more detailed than the T90 is just being carried away by the enormous price gap between these two. HD800's biggest asset over the T90 is sheer soundstage size.
Yes, It's definitely not the same thing as removing the disk that's on the baffle, the screen on the HM5 pads is much thinner. I did try it just as i got the pads and the treble was unbearable, very coarse and unrefined, and i'm not one too sensitive to T90's stock treble. 
You don't believe as in, you've removed it and heard no appreciable difference?
I'm sorry to bring up another post on this subject, can somebody else other than those who already responded on this, confirm that the removal of the thin fabric filter on the HM5 pads improves clarity? It seems pretty acoustically transperant to me.
Yes. you bet. Especially if the headband is the original six-hole type.
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