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on ebay.
This is an excellent transport, It adds noticeably more weight and depth to the tones.   USB connector is a bit bent but it's purly cosmetic and the unit is 100% functional, Never had any dropouts/digital noise or the like.   Any questions please Please contact me with any questions.
I just got a used pair, Sounds great but the elastic adjustment bands are quite loose for my slightly-smaller-than-average head. Is this a common thing with the K612? I don't recall such a problem with 2 pairs of K701 that I owned a while back.
Easily better.
Is the driver excursion range greater than K1000's?
Hello,   These F1's unfortunately are not functional. Left driver is busted, The PCB was detached in my attempt to restore the lead from the voice coil. Right driver was working before PCB was detached. Right earpad has a substantial tear. The frame it self is cosmetically fine. Included is the carrying bag and 1/4" adapter.   Please PM me with your best offer and any questions. No trades. Shipping will be extra but this will be a light package.   Thanks for looking.
I have been asked about authenticity of some the pics: First four are by the original japanese seller from half a year ago. The last two are by me. They're in the same condition as when i got them.
VDA-2 is a veteran DAC from CI Audio, Well-respcted here on Head-FI:​​   You can find more technical info and reviews on the company product page:   Based on the PCM1794 D/A chip, It's a very natural and "musical" sounding DAC and I have had quite a few chances to compare against some devices from variuous levels (North Star, Rega MHDT, M-DAC, Stello, Schiit... You can ask me by PM if you'd...
I'd also like to ask someone to confirm. It's about the single thing causing me hesitation with the purchase.
HD800 has higher quality bass but the T90 is not that far behind and has a more satisfying body to it, for sure. T90 also has fuller lower mids which is another weakness of the HD800.
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