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Hello fellas, I have a predicament with my right ear that pretty much requires keeping the ear canal dry at all time, or at least keeping outside water from entering. So I'm looking for earplugs that are basically water repellent. I've been quoted by an audiologist at about 115$ for customized silicone plugs. Is that a normal offer for this purpose? I'm unsure if the price includes the impressions though. I'm also wondering if anyone has an idea and/or experience...
Mellow, shelved, lacking sparkle and attack. By comparison to say Beyerdynamic DT880, Not to mention my current prime dynamic, Beyer T90, And especially Sony's previous open flagship, MDR-SA5000, which has the cleanest and most extended treble that I ever heard in all of dynamic headphones (bar K1000).   MA900 could've been much more interesting with more bite in the highs IMO. I'm not saying the aren't airy and speciuos but the weak treble made the leading notes too...
I can't believe anyone could hear the MA900's treble as lively and articulate. It's (un)clearly on of it's major weaknesses. I mean, even the HD600 had more extnetion to my ears, And I do love my treble healthy.
I did actually. setup for comparison was: PC>Squeezebox Classic>CIaudio VDA-2>Objective2>HP's.  Musical material was some orechstral and electronic music.   Don't bother with the DT990, I've heard them both at 250 and 600 ohms, the latter was the version on comparison. Really, T90 is much more refined, evolved and just moar bettah. It makes the the DT990 sounds like a borderline grainy mess. I should note the DT990 was just new in box at the time so if you believe in...
Well incidentally, When I've had the SPL Auditor with it's 9 ohm Zout i thought it paired quite well with the Raffinatos, They didn't seem to lose any finesse or depth to the bass to my surprise. It was actually not very far behind the HA-5000 overall, tho i didn't perform a direct comparison.    I do miss my pair, They couldbe incredibly charming with the right material. 
Didn't compare them directly buy i've had the SR-407 (w/the SRM-323S) for sometime just after I let go of the MA900. Only downgrade was in the comfort dept... like, duh.  
 The beauty of double-meaning words my friend... I do MISS mine, and it's quite tempting for me not to MISS the opportunity to reprucahse a possible future collector's cans at a nice deal as presented by the OP. And i would've done so already if not for owning the MDR-F1 and PFR-V1, both worthy collector's items in the own right.
I havn't done it personally but FWIR here it says: "I removed the driver housing and took off the silver coat around the inside of the housing facing the ears. It just peels off easy with rubber tension around the lips."   Hope it helps.  
Do you mean the outer grill?   MDR30- wonderful  pics, very illustrative. I can second the tip re removal of the resistor network btw.
To anyone who's wondering, It was brought to my attention that USB-OTG connection to smartphones is supported by the y1:
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