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I have never noticed any exaggerated sibliance with my T90 and I run mine from an SPL phonitor mini, which is of dead neutral kind. Female vocals are just lovely, somewhat more shimmery than what could be considered absolutey natural, but not blatantly colored, not by a long shot.
I have no exprience with the RHA T20. But they are surely a substantial upgrade over the SE530 and SE530 is at least 90% of the SE535 iirc. that should tell you some prespective.    
Beyerdynamic T90 are very good allround headphones. Fun, energetic and easy to drive (Yes, depite the 250 ohms).
The bass on the new Audio Technica ATH-E70 is amazing, It's a balance-armature bass so it's well controled but also very mascular and able to land a hefty punch when it's called. Easily superior to my SE530 in that department (and in almost every other sense). Check 'em out if you can.
What does NUDE edition means? Is it some special version? I've tried to search but found nothing.
Right, Thanks, seems obvious enough.
 My DAC sometimes gives me the buzz when i connect it SE the my KGSS. How do i lift the ground of it? It's a CIAudio VDA-2 if it's relevant
Well, based on the info you provided in your previous thread, I see you're looking for a closed back (semi?) portable headphone and was offered the Soundmagic HP150 which is a fine option for the attributes you're looking for. Did you consider those?
Then why did you note "the other problem is the open back for the Sennheiser's if not i would of probably gone with those" ?
You'd prefer closed over-ear cans?
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