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That's not my pic, I took it from the other place. So if the two resistors that are superimposed in that pic are not there to begin with, that makes sense. Thanks for clearing that up.   Now if only somebody can illustrate the voltage conversion to 220V-240V as the in the previous page that would bring this thread to perfection. Near-perfection would be just the correct color code... :)
Hello KG, I'm kinda clueless but they're very clearly missing compared to a previous picture:     Were they moved topside, If so could you point where?
Can you show the transformer mounted inside the case? Doesn't like like it has enough space left, but hard to tell just from the pics.
Interesting, Does that mean that Stax decided to reinstate the feedback loop at the output stage? Were you able to figure it out?
Koss' Premium Ear-Clip type model, with a dedicated bass element element to enhance bass response and articulation. Crisp and engaging midrange, offering clarity and openness that rival nice open-backs that I've heard. Very easy to drive.   the design allows customization by adjusting the height of the attached earhook on the vertical axis, as well as a changing of angle toward the ear (swivel). Currently installed are size S earhooks, originally they come with three...
still looking
It's a thread but not a discussion...
Yeah i'm aware it's a logical stretch, maybe nonsensical of me but i just wanted to get some assurance on the theoretical possibilty of the matter and i appreciate you chiming in and assuring me.   I guess and i'll throw some bucks on it and send them for servicing just to put some numbers on it.
I know the logical answer is that w/o any apparent audible distortion and/or measurements confirming distortion my impression abut SQ changing is moot, but still... can any one at least validate the techical implausibality of my question?
Hi all,   I have a pair headphones that unfortunately got zapped by a very decent spike of DC voltage from a certain valve headphone amp, which caused a very loud 'PoP' sound. I ran a tone sweep and don't detect any distortion, and also no channel imbalance, But i do subjectively feel that the tonal balance has tilted to a overly bright/brittle side, i.e the bass output has relatively diminished and highs have more glare and sibliance to them.   Is this possible...
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