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 I'll allow myself to say on behalf of all us following this project that it's an honour to the community to see your continued presence on Head-Fi, after the examplary introduction episode. We're all naturally waiting to learn some more about the long awaited, And recently hyped, successor to the legendary K1000. And of course, your collegues are very welcome to chime in as well. :) Let's start with the name, is it official for 'MYSPHERE 3.1' ?  What's the company name?
 Who's among the fine gentlemen is Mr Heinz? Not the very one to the right I guess :)
Thanks for the reply. It doesn't bother me soundwise, more of a build quality issue, albeit this being the only thing which i have noticed thus far.
To follow-up on my query, thanks to some nice help from folks at forum-hifi.de which referred me to this very useful post I was able to open the end blocks and replace the cushion, but not entirely in satisfactory manner. Here's how it goes:There are actually 2 tabs on the outer side of each cup, You unlock them pressing each in an outward direction and then pulling the headband simultaneously and the inner adjustment mechanism slides off (careful not to pull too hard or...
I suppose this question has been covered here alreasy so i apologize in advance: Is it normal for the outer grill to move when pressed sideways (e.g left to right)?
Did anyone had managed to replace the head cushion on his own by any chance? Mine is flaking bad so i got me a new one from the nice UK distributor. But i've no idea hot to open the i-don't-know-how-to-call-it-so-i'll-just-show-in-a-pic parts: There are these grooves which most likely are the opening mechanism: But i had no success thus far poking inside with a screwdriver, and the plastic material is just effin delicate to mess around with, i reckon. If anyone has a...
DT990 sounds nothing like the T90. If anything, T90 and Dt1990 sound more akin, reasonably enough. The most marked difference to me when I did a hasty comparison at canjam london, was the added body to the notes on the dt1990, not from added bass but just more present mids. The T90 was airer sounding and also more comfortable because the earpads are deeper, the Dt1990 is more or less like the older DT models on this regard, which is a shame.
I have never noticed any exaggerated sibliance with my T90 and I run mine from an SPL phonitor mini, which is of dead neutral kind. Female vocals are just lovely, somewhat more shimmery than what could be considered absolutey natural, but not blatantly colored, not by a long shot.
I have no exprience with the RHA T20. But they are surely a substantial upgrade over the SE530 and SE530 is at least 90% of the SE535 iirc. that should tell you some prespective.    
Beyerdynamic T90 are very good allround headphones. Fun, energetic and easy to drive (Yes, depite the 250 ohms).
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