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After much misgivings, I am putting my electrostatic setup for sale. With out doubt the best headphone sound I have experienced but my priorites have changed and I am not putting it to good use more than a year now, I also can use the money for my studies.   The SR-007A is the SZ2 revision, meaning it has the same drivers as the MK1 but is ported and has slightly different earpad structure. Mine is currently not ported, although it was some time in the past. It's been in...
As new.
Truly wonderful IEMs.
Do a search in this thread on 'facelift' and you'll have your answer.
You should look at the head-fi audio glossary then. http://www.head-fi.org/a/describing-sound-a-glossary There is a common correlation between 'organic' and 'lush' but it's very contextual to the listeners taste because you can use it very much in tandem with the infamous 'musical'.
Then you are simply giving misinformation as this not a matter of taste, it's just basic hearing perception. It's like someone would say the Sennheiser's hd650 or Audeze lcd3 would sound lean and cold, not reasonable. What is your reference for analytical anyway?
 If  your definition of 'analytical' is the classical 'highly detailed' then yeah i'd certainly agree, these are incredibly resolving IEMs. But if you mean these are lean sounding then this is utter nonsense, The E70 sound is very full-bodied, quite lush even as the treble is smooth, but still incredible detail from bass to mids, i'd say they even outresolve the Sony EX1000 which is certainly one firmly analytical IEM.As for not-fun sounding... well, the other day they...
Folks, can anyone help with my simple request? http://www.head-fi.org/t/640785/schiit-modi-usb-dac/750#post_12589519
Top model in the new E series, Triple-driver balanced-armature IEMS.   Not a lot of info soundwise on these so i'll offer my succinct impression: As per their intended usage application, These are very highly resolving, noticebly superior to my SE530's, but they offer the details in a laid-back manner with for long-term listening ability. Treble is smooth, non-fatiguing and an even, clear yet full sounding midrange which to me, It's most striking feature is the highly...
I'd like to make a small request: I have a Modi2U with 120V wall-wart which I have used up until now, with a step-down converter from 230V. Today the converter unit went bust, kinda, so i'm thinking of trying an alternate AC adapter which I have. It's rated at 18VAC output, which is pretty close, but measuring at 21VAC from my DMM. Can someone please do me a favor and measure how much the standard wall-wart output is?
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