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That's what I have been doing for almost 20 years.  So far, I haven't purchased any headphones over $100.00, although I'm very tempted to push the limited with the discounted AQ Nighthawk.
I wonder how the microSDs compare to their respective SACD versions?
The only K2HD CD release from Yanni was "Live At The Acropolis".  It was released by Hong Kong Sony Music.   The black packaging of the CD in your link resembles the K2HD CD releases from those of Hong Kong Universal Music.  
Wow!  You guys are so amateur....  
My music only comes in CDs and SACDs.
Wow!  Chase Technologies remote pre-amp!!  Nice!!!
 The e-tailers I've used are,, Hong Kong's HMV website, and ebay.
You can buy a Cantonese or Mandarin SACD.
 Then you need some K2 CD to play on 'em machines.... 
OK, I will definitely make this meet.  Of course, unless there is some kind of emergency.   Still couldn't bring any gear since they're still in storage.
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