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Something always comes up at the last moment. Can't make it today.
Long time since I posted in this thread....although I continue to load up on CDs (and SACDs)  
I'd like to come as well.  Unfortunately, I will not be able to bring anything since I am in the middle of a move and everything is in storage.  But, please, add me.
Go to the middle of page....
  Sorry, I don't recognize any of the artists you listed. I've never purchased that much music at once....unless it's a boxset. Still buying CDs....already over 100 new CDs purchased this year.
Who can forget Annette.  I hope she's finally found peace.    RIP
  There are plenty of used CDs in HK with asking price of over US$300.
With the return of vinyl records, I'd think Lirpa Labs would update the Turbo Steamtable.  Instead, we get a new app for the iPad....   :D
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