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Just picked up a sealed pair of these for £82 on EBay. Couldn't resist at that price. This site should be banned, frankly.  Thank goodness I didn't pick them up for £150ish at HMV.
A quick heads up: I'm selling my J3 on the forums if anyone in the Uk is interested.   Cheers
Hi,   I'm selling my Cowon J3 Black 16GB. It is in excellent condition and has had a screen protector on since day one. The only signs of use are a few slight marks on the back corners. I tend to use my phone as a source to save carrying two devices around so it has had little use.   I comes with the original cable, manual (slight coffee stain. Sorry!), small CD (I haven't tried the CD to see if it works - I have already updated it to the latest FW) and unused...
Yes, I experienced this on the UE9000 as well as the Sony MDR 1r BT. The start of song on Spotify would always stutter, as if something was trying to catch up. The Zik Parrots were better in this regard, weirdly. I think the issues is iOS related.
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I was told this by a dealer here in the Uk when I asked about the difference between them and the Z1000. The chap said both models were discontinued. However, it wasn't obvious whether he meant Sony were stopping making them, or simply because of "new EU regulation" meaning they cannot be imported from Japan. He also informed me that because of the non-importing they would become scarce in the EU.
Nooooo! The Z1000s were available on here in the UK for £128 6 days ago. I missed them, and they've gone now as the stock was limited. Probably because the Z1000s (and now 7520) have been discontinued.
Yes, it played ok, but with a delay. Try setting them to default devices in Audio device manager.
There must be someone in London reading these ads and wanting a great pair of Limited edition fantastic IEMs?
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