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color fringing can definitely be taken care of in software. capturenx or even photoshop probably.
unnecesary but just for fun: Airfoil: wifi audio streaming for airport express iAlertU: motion sensitive security system Delicious Library: barcode scanner for isight Grab: configurable screenshot capturer EarthDesk: realtime satellite imaging desktop background SmartSleep: enables instant true sleepmode a la PC for mac
You should be able to get a free repair (or suitable replacement) under the CCD issue, or you can upgrade to A560 ($89), SD1000 ($100), or SX100 IS ($125) as refurb replacements. Canon Loyalty Program - return old camera, get better camera
I disagree. problems in the long run- three to five years- won't be dealt with by your local stores. you will be dealing with the manufacturer's warranty directly. go for cheap sales, but hold out for reputable lines. many decent online shops will also exchange defective hardware for you within the purchase period, and at most they will make you pay for shipping. savings should still hold up.
better yet: Seagate Barracuda® 7200.11 1TB SATA NCQ Internal Hard Drive $109.99 Dell MPP
Own an old WD HD? Get a 750GB for $95 +sh from WD's customer loyalty program - YMMV
undergrad degree is the new high school degree. really consider a masters or phd if you are looking for a high tier position. good news is you get to enjoy and work hard towards your personal subject of interest in undergrad. distinguishing marks and awards will get you into a good grad program. bad news is your education is going to be much more costly, and your career will be postponed. but should be worth it, and is often necessary.
looks dead. what exactly is this? is it a rebate/refund by microsoft for ebay purchases? or is it some sort of ebay credit accruing system? seems convoluted.
you wear underwear when you swim? inside your bathing suit or what?
for the price, think of it as a very useful designer label purse. seems like it would resemble carrying a boulder by the hip- ie. not ergonomic or posture friendly.
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