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An I still use mine in the Office, it is really a great player, to bad they do not build them like this anymore, everything is about touchscreens or to small to fiddle with :/...
Yep it is still too expensive, I wish it were not as the Ipod mini is all i use in my office And it could use some more gigs... I guess the one that waits will see. I love my mini so much i am almoust thinking of making another But I will wait until the bigger CF cards gets in my range... /Erik
I am very happy to start Shoreman's feedback thread. Bought a pair of Grado SR-60 from him, the conversation was great and he was really nice doing a lot of research about shipping etc. for me (I'm outside of USA). The headphones was as new. Well to summarise a seller cant be better imo. Thank you for the phones and a great transaction. /Erik
up up up Always nice with more offers
I feel with you. For the SR-60/80 the difference is not to bad (if bying from dustin home). But when going up the ladder the difference in prices are sick, that is why i go to the for sale forum of head-fi I have tried, but stil as expensive as in Sweden. Time to work again Ps. Try to get a trusted member to buy and ship to your places, Ds
Quote: Originally Posted by royewest I have happily used this combination: iRiver HP120 with lossless rips > optical cable > Gamma-1 DAC > Mini3. I also configured a rechargeable battery pack with a voltage regulator and an appropriate plug to power the Gamma-1, for off-the-grid bliss (though I rarely ended up needing the battery power). I think I posted details much earlier in this or in the Headwize Gamma-1 thread.... Great thx for the...
Hi all, I must say i am very interested in this DAC. I am sorry if the following is already replied to but its a long thread How would this DAC work with a iriver (i)hp140 and optical out with a mini3? Would it be a great improvement to when not using a dac with iriver and a mini3? Thanks for your time Best regards Erik
Im still looking
Still looking Thx
Hi there, I am as stated very interested in a pair of Grado SR-60. I am probably going to mod them so they do not need to look perfect. Price is more important As i am living in Sweden please post price including shipping to me. I am located in Västerhaninge with postal code 137 40 if that helps. Thank you for looking. Regards Erik
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