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Love to see a review here of the x5 vs x3 before jumping.
Built in amp or do you have to buy a separate amp?
I have found that the mil spec silver coated wire used to wire up all the aircraft works really well and is a real bargain. Just go to the bay and google mil spec silver wire and you can pick the gauge you want and the length. I bought some 16ga x 90 feet for < $50.
You might be able to buy some older Polk speakers like the RT25i, R5, RT35i, or RT55i. I would not discount the Monitor 5's. You should be able to get some of these for under $150-40.
OK, here is my two cents. The best internal card I've used was the Turtle Beach Aureal II card, however Creative through marketing or buyout, rubbed out that card along with very good others. Keep in mind that the computer is a very noisy place and there are limitations to what can go on an internal card because of space, so you might want to look at external. Now everyone in the pro business is going mobile as in USB which allows the older pci based stuff to get rather...
My pads on the 125's are going. Suggestions??
I would take a look at Shiit's stuff. Good reviews.
Fiio E07 + Fiio L9 - Amaz0n is giving away a free month with no strings for Prime, so you can get both in 2 days. IMO a good deal for less than $100 no tax no shipping and no waiting in line. I bought the combo for a stocking stuffer.
He got a real nice pair of Sennheiser RS for his birthday and he has about 4 or 5 pair of IEMs. Looking for a $100 stocking stuffer instead of the usual $50 Starbucks and iTunes card. So I should buy the FiiO L9 in addition.  
Thinking of buying this as a gift for a person who has a lot of electronic toys and loves music but does not have a amp/DAC for his iphone. It is the only thing I can think of to buy. Do any of the people who bought this know if it comes with the cable for an iphone and those rubber bands?
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