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However international post services still work great.
I want to build long 3.5 mm 4 pole connector cables. Cables go from PC, laptop, iphone to 10K input CMoy amp. Amp's input, output are 4 pole, for phone/mic headset, mic signal go direct from amps output to input, than through cable to device.   Anyone done this before? What kind of cable to use for L, R and mic? 3x twisted pairs, 3x shilded? Any ideas where to find?
Many thanks, tomb, this is exactly what I am looking for.
Anyone know links to good linear, preferably regulated PS in US ? Voltage will be between 12V - 30V   I built desktop CMoy for someone in US, need to help him with choice PS for amp. I have only European PS available.
Of course, amp building is great fun, and you can make amp in configuration best suited for your needs. I just misunderstand from your posts, you search someone who can built amp for you. Enjoy your amp building and happy New Year!
I have working O2 board without enclosure. I can make amp with mods for you, if you want. I have too many headphone amps anyway:)
Typo, I mean BF245 N channel fet, of course.   Actually I ordered NTE312 from Farnell and it work great in amp, so if anyone have parts problem, this is good and easy to get replacement part, only pins are different.   I buy some BF245A locally, not tested yet. Yes, and package with 2SK117 arrived yesterday :)
Can BF254A work?   Or NTE312 maybe, datasheet:
Anyone know replacement part for 2sk117, preferably available in Farnell? I am waiting for package from Thailand, but it is too long time.   What parameters I need to look for similar working in CCS? Similar gate current (14mA) ? anything else?
I can recommend LM4562, sound much better than OPA2134. I don't like OPA2227 too
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