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It will be a close to to the JH however instead of the Braided Tinsel wire it will be a solid jacket style cable. So the conductors wont untwisted.
4th version Without Pod is for the Pro market, particularly bands. They don't like the pod as it get in the way with their Wireless pack/cable routing. JH puts the full crossover in the IEMs for Bands.   Black Dragon will be a 16% silver over copper 8 conductor cable. Silver Dragon will be a UPOCC silver 8 conductor cable. Cant give feedback yet on sound as we are still tooling up all the plastic injection molds for all the connectors and pods etc. 
They will be fixed resistors in the 3.5mm or 2.5mm molded connector. There will be no pod.
No only Bass. The way the Roxanne/Layla/Angie are configured is that the crossover work for the mids and highs are taken care of in the IEM. The Attenuation Pod takes care of the Low End. Thus we cant manipulate the mids and highs without removing the crossover components from the internals of the IEM. Well that cant be done. So only bass manipulation can be done.
What I mean by resistors is no Attenuation Pod but fixed resistors in the connector to tune the sound based on the frequency curves similar to the JH13 or JH16. We will use higher grade resistors that sound better than an Attenuation Pods. For those who want a purity approach. JH removes these resistor values form the crossover in the IEM in place of the Attenuation Pod. We would add them back in but in the cable. Does that make sense? We wont be doing adjustments on all...
We will have most likely 4 versions. With and without the Attenuation Pod. Without is for the Pro market particularly bands. They don't like the pod as it get in the way. 2 resistor versions for the Roxanne. 1 to tune like JH13 and the other to tune like the JH16. And maybe a separate resistor version for the Layla and Angie. The Black Dragon will be available late spring and the Silver Dragon this summer. 
Both USB inputs are Micro B USB connectors. The iPod Classic you cant use as the Hugo does not have an Apple Authenticity chip to tell the iPod to output digital. With the Ipod Touch/iPhone/iPad you can use a Camera Connection Kit and a USB cable. But the iPod Classic you can not unfortunetely, sorry. For the RWAK120 if you still have the Toslink output option then you can use our Silver Dragon Toslink cable. We have an 8.5" cable length that works perfect with the Hugo...
We will have at the Headfi SoCal Canjam next wknd:)
This latest software driver works for all Windows versions except XP.  
Order here
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