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Sadly no:(
  SAVE 15% on FULL Priced headphones, amps, dacs, or audio gear** CODE = Friday15 **Exclusions Apply - see specials page for all exclusions.  
  SAVE 15% on FULL Priced headphones, amps, dacs, or audio gear** CODE = Friday15 **Exclusions Apply - see specials page for all exclusions.  
Apple will not let us do an all in one cable with the CCK chip in it. This would reduce royalties for Apple. As you see to connect with out the CCK requires the Dac to be MFI certified and have an Apple Coprocessor in it. Hugo and Mojo dont have an apple chip. So a CCK is required. You can read more here: http://blog.moon-audio.com/chord-mojo-connections-apple-iphone-ipad-macbook/ Our Lightning cables are MFI certified by Apple but will only work with MFI Dacs. Sorry.
Feel free to contact us with your issue here: http://www.moon-audio.com/contacts
No issues and will be testing El Capitan for Mac this wknd...
We dont have a date on this adapter which is for use with the APPLE CCK cable. The Toslink cable is for AK player connection with the HugoThese adapters will be sold separately.Yes the Toslink is still needed as this accessory is for connecting to Apple iDevicesYes this cable is a specific length and geometry for the AK players to the Mojo. If you want a flexible cable version get this: http://www.moon-audio.com/silver-dragon-toslink-digital-cable.html
That's great to know so maybe LG is providing the drivers in this case. I know my Samsung Tab S does not work:( We are picking up a new Galaxy to check on it. Maybe folks should post to the thread when they're phones will or will not work. Android is an open source code which is why there are so many variances in results. I'll look into the Apple issue. I know anytime I disconnect and reconnect the Hugo or Mojo I have to tell it to use the Chord in the Midi control panel....
We have posted a bunch of info here on USB connections and class 1 and class 2 Android drivers here. http://www.moon-audio.com/audio-cables/usb.html But short and simple. There is no Apple Co-processor in the Hugo or Mojo so an Apple CCK connector is needed. We are MFI certified to build Apple Lightning cables but Apple will not let anyone build an all in one Lightning CCK cable. trust me we have tried and asked for all kinds of variances on this. This is how Apple makes...
LOL for Shure. First thing I did when I got back from RMAF was find a go-cart track near me:) I do love to T-Bone folks. Just ask Jerry Harvey and Dan Clark..HeHe. I could not stop laughing the entire time I was driving that wrecking machine. Best time I have had in a long time. Cant wait for next year. I got Jude in my radar.... But looks like I am getting off topic. We might need to add a GoCart Forum to Headfi!!
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