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There is no standard. There is the connection used by Fitear. There is the 2 prong used by JH Audio/Ultimate Ears/Westone etc etc. There is the MMCX which Shure and Fostex use as well as no Westone has switched to. There are a bunch of Senn connectors like the IE80. The list is almost endless for different connectors. So never assume one works with another. Always do some research. The connection on all Fitear's are the same as far as I know. We have been providing this...
The connection is not proprietary it is used by various companies including Sennheiser, who was one of the first. Here are a couple of examples of aftermarket cables with the Fitear Connection:
Already have:) Click Here Here is a picture  
And an FYI about the Vorvuge amps. The DUO is primarily designed for IEMs only and the Pure II can be used with IEMs and most full size cans.
Sorry I could not make it this year guys, so I sent some gear to Mike Dias, from UE, for you guys to play with. He will have all of this at the UE table. And he will have a show discount code that can be used on any orders you guys place after the show with us. But just limited to the stuff we sent. But you have to listen to our gear and the UE gear to get the code from Mike:) Mike is a Fantastic chap if you have yet to meet him. A trully passionate industy guy. Here is...
Cant Wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Brand spank'n new. No reviews yet. Although I have been using one on my desktop now for about a month to burn in. Sounds fantastic.
Yes Transformers are the cleanest way to do a balanced to single ended conversion. By all means use the Jensen.
The rumors that the US will not be receiving any Edition 5's is absolutely false. I know this as we have them on order and will be receiving them next month.
They are the same however the Fitear are smaller footprint as the HD6xx are too large to work with and the polarity of the pins is opposite.
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