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We will bring this set up for you to hear:)
We're still waiting on 300's to arrive.
We are still waiting on our demo unit So cant attest to the sound vs the AK100ii yet. Some things to consider. It has better EQ flexibility. It will work with all the new accessories which are better than the old. In fact the only option for the AK100ii is a dock. You can use the AK300 with AK Connect to make a media streamer in your main system. It has same storage size so that is mute. The AK100ii is smaller so if you plan to team up with a Chord Mojo or smaller portable...
It has plenty of power to drive the HE560. They are on sale right now: http://www.moon-audio.com/cary-audio-hh-1-headphone-amplifier.html
No news on a price drop on the AK100 II right now and unsure of the pricing decision.    Comparison chart should be coming soon. There are some benefits to the Ak100ii over Ak300 and vice versa. It's an ergonomic choice more than anything.
Sadly no:(
  SAVE 15% on FULL Priced headphones, amps, dacs, or audio gear** CODE = Friday15 **Exclusions Apply - see specials page for all exclusions.  
  SAVE 15% on FULL Priced headphones, amps, dacs, or audio gear** CODE = Friday15 **Exclusions Apply - see specials page for all exclusions.  
Apple will not let us do an all in one cable with the CCK chip in it. This would reduce royalties for Apple. As you see to connect with out the CCK requires the Dac to be MFI certified and have an Apple Coprocessor in it. Hugo and Mojo dont have an apple chip. So a CCK is required. You can read more here: http://blog.moon-audio.com/chord-mojo-connections-apple-iphone-ipad-macbook/ Our Lightning cables are MFI certified by Apple but will only work with MFI Dacs. Sorry.
Feel free to contact us with your issue here: http://www.moon-audio.com/contacts
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