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Agreed, highly sensitive IEMs will yield a little hiss. But with the Lundahl Input Transformers, it is lower now. But still, this amp was not designed for IEMs. During music play it wont be noticeable.
Great info!! Plan to try a few of those I have not tried yet. Please also post here:
Try Jaben. Or you can order direct on the website.
Please email through the Contact Us link on the website with your order number and details of the issue.
Where is this review. The Utopia is  fantastic match for the Dragon Inspire. The Focal Utopia headphone product developer - Nicholas, absolutely loved the combo at the London CanJam. I use it all the time with the Dragon Inspire and the Pass Labs HPA-1. 
For rectification, we recommend 5Y3, 5U4 and 5R4 along with the 274B.  Oh, and don’t forget about a 5AR4 as well. We had some issues with quality control of the Sophia Princes 274B so stop offering, but no doubt the Emissions Labs should be wonderful. I have used their 300Bs but not 274B yet. Thank you for the reminder as I plan to get one for my unit.
No cookie for you yet:) But thanks for the info on these 2 companies. Edcor looks very interesting. May have to buy some samples.
The stock transformers do not come from Cary Audio. And neither does anything from the amp. Dennis is no longer affiliated with Cary Audio. He retired and sold his piece of the pie:) The Transformers are custom wound for us by a manufacturer that would not be well known.
Great feedback and lots of very good points. I dont know if a lot of folks have read about the process Shure went through in developing both the SHA900 and KSE1500. An extremely long development which is why the Dac is only capable of 24/96 decoding. Which in most cases is not a big deal. It is a great sounding piece. I do prefer the sound of the Chord Mojo, but yes ergonomically it is not a great fit for the iPhone users. The SHA900 is Apple MFI certified which allows a...
It was a question of Size. Lundahl makes compact sized transformers. They fit perfectly in the left over internal space.
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