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The Fostex TH900 with Silver Dragon V3 Headphone cable has been my desktop rig now for about a Year. The combo is almost flawless. We are getting back our RMAF gear today along with one of the first production UltraDac's today. Based on my impressions of the UltraDac and the TH900 at RMAF I think it might know be the Flawless combo:) It blew us away at the show We will start a new Thread on the UltraDac soon.
We offer Edition 5 replacement cables Here if you can not fabricate. 
Good morning, Ambassadors.  MShenay, this is EXCELLENT FEEDBACK, thank you!  :)  This is exactly what we plan to do, host a few mini meets before or during (with special hours for Ambassadors only) at our head-fi or other audio meets throughout the year. We also plan to do a Google Hangout soon but we need to get a few things in place before we do this.  Keep your eyes peeled for a special email later today.  We have a sweet "sneak peek" video we are launching on our NEW...
 Good morning, Mshenay.  This should not be a problem according to Drew.  Do you own these phones?  Best.Nichole Baird, CFO/VP of Marketing140 Iowa LaneSuite 204Cary, NC 27511 http://www.moon-audio.comFollow Today!
Good morning.  We are busy finalizing the Ambassador "profile" pages for the website.  If you did not "fill out" the form completely, this will need to be emailed to me asap.       The biggest part of being an Ambassador will be your Transparency in your love for music, interactions and social profiles with the world.   So, if you did not add your "Twitter, Facebook or G+ profile" then this needs to be completed.  Simply, reply to my email with this information. It...
    NEW Silver Dragon V3 Oppo Headphone Cable   Starting at $320       Silver Dragon V3 Oppo Headphone Cable         Silver Dragon V3 Oppo Headphone Cable   Starting at $315.00   The Silver Dragon V3 Oppo headphone cable is our most recent customized version of our original Silver Dragon. This version is made specifically for the Oppo PM-1 or PM-2 Planar Magnetic headphones.   The Silver Dragon is our Top of the Line Headphone Cable. It can improve...
No new Mods. These are the most beneficial. It is a great amp for the money but does not scream sexy from a looks standpoint. It is a work horse and that is it:) Looks are only skin deep!
Proto should be here next week.
You will receive both when you add the Balanced amp card to the cart. You can order here:   Thank You. Drew Baird, P.E.  Moon Audio  140 Iowa Lane Suite 204 Cary, NC 27511 919-649-5018   Follow us Today!
We will have a prototype soon and can test with the new PS500e:) I'm sure it will be spectacular combo. The PS500 is my favorite of the Grado line up.
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