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Both USB inputs are Micro B USB connectors. The iPod Classic you cant use as the Hugo does not have an Apple Authenticity chip to tell the iPod to output digital. With the Ipod Touch/iPhone/iPad you can use a Camera Connection Kit and a USB cable. But the iPod Classic you can not unfortunetely, sorry. For the RWAK120 if you still have the Toslink output option then you can use our Silver Dragon Toslink cable. We have an 8.5" cable length that works perfect with the Hugo...
We will have at the Headfi SoCal Canjam next wknd:)
This latest software driver works for all Windows versions except XP.  
Order here
With the Fostex TH900 or Audeze LCD-3 it is to die for!!
Until we get them in I cant give them a fair assessment. While they sounded great at CES, it was very noisy and hard to concentrate. But they where not hard to drive. So the Asgard can drive them just fine.
I thought I might chime in about the MMCX connector since there has been so much talk and complaints about it.    Let me first say it is the worst choice for a headphone cable unless you do a recessed socket like Shure does on the SRH1540. And still I would not choose it if I produced a headphone. In the Shure's case the body remains tight in the socket preventing the cable from jostling around. On the Ultrasone Edition 5 and Edition 8 Romeo and Juliet the cable has no...
Can some one post shipping information on the threads 1st page. Will there be a logistics company at the hotel to receive and ship back products?
Yes first time using the Google Hangout video system. Need some practice:) Thank You. Drew Baird, P.E.  Moon Audio  140 Iowa Lane Suite 204 Cary, NC 27511  919-649-5018   Follow us Today!
What is needed is a Coax Digital Cable with an RCA that has a longer than normal Center pin. We use the Kimber 75ohm RCA. It is the only connector that provides the best connection. See here: Look at 2nd picture. Notice the longer length of the center pin. I dont think it is the jack that is your issue but the cable you are using. However if our cable does not...
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