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I personally found many Portable players decode WAV better than other lossless files like flac, ape.  I am not sure why but same song will sound the same with foobar when I play it with computer or laptop in any lossless format.  So weird.
I found this Sony MDR-225G earbuds from ebay for only $29.95. They are cheap and look cheap but have huge sound stage and great sound quality (Better than E888). These are earphones from 80s.  Unbelievable that they still available!
Still love the sound of my D35, D303, D321.  Best sounding ever!
Brand--SanDisk Speed Class--4 Size-- 32GB Compatible-- Yes Firmware Version/Date--V0.19
nice collection.
I was just playing some 16/44kHz wav files.
rockbox my hm801 but immediately feel like degrade on sound quality.   also i notice that the player was cooler when running Rockbox.
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