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I'm loving the stainless end-caps, and Android 6, but I'm a lot more interested in when we will be receiving our DAP's ??   How are efforts to surmount the current hurdle progressing?   Are we really just waiting for certification to be completed? I just ask, as hardbop's unit (as pictured above) appears to be incomplete. Were all the units physically finished, and are now having stainless end caps retro-fitted?   As a backer, I would like to have a better picture...
Wooo-Hooo, I'm on the tour !   I confirm and agree to T's+C's   How many units are being sent out please?   I calculate that if it's a single unit, it'll be around a year until my slot comes round (given that I'm in the middle of group 7). But I'm assuming more than one unit is touring?   Whatever, I'm delighted to get the chance to hear the i5, thanks @Andykong and @Takeanidea
Ooooh!Does this mean backers Explorers will be shipping 'soon' ??????
Say it aint so @Gilly87  ?
Hi George, Any progress that you can share with us yet? I've seen the pic's you've been sharing on Instagram and the wood finish looks fantastic. Can't wait to hear how the new hardware sounds.
I too would be VERY interested to try out the Cayin i5 and offer my thoughts on it. I have Spotify, Tidal and various hi-rez files to play on it, my main personal interest would be Tidal (and Spotify) use. I have pre-ordered another streaming capable dap of very similar value and would love to compare them. My headphones are: Cosmic ears custom AKG 553 pro KEF M500 Fostex T50RP (modded) T50RP (unmodded) Fostex T40 Phonak Audeo PFE in ears Im in the UK (Scotland) User...
Thanks @Gilly87 I really liked both the Explorer and the PM3 last year, and I'd love to hear about the combo', so you got PM.
Hi guys, Has anyone heard the Oppo PM3 and Explorer together? I'm considering getting the PM3's as an upgrade from AKG K553 pro/Fostex T50RP as I now find Bass slightly lacking in the Fostex, and slightly more lacking in the 552. Any opinions out there?
Has anyone heard the Echobox Explorer through their PM 3's? My AKG K553 pro just isn' t quite cutting it, and my T50rp is also slightly limited in the bass region, so I'm considering some PM3's. I heard both Explorer and PM3 at last years London CanJam , and loved them both, but haven't heard them together. I'm particularly interested in overall synergy between the two, and bass performance. If anyone has heard them together I'd be most grateful to hear your...
Wow, wasn't really expecting to get more TIDAL, that's great news! Thanks Gilly Good luck with the software issue. My fingers are crissed for a quick resolution, and a fully functioning unit on release. But if I had to choose between the two, I'd rather wait for a fully functional DAP. Have a blast at CanJam! I really enjoyed the Explorer that I heard at the last UK CanJam, I wish I could make it to this one too.
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