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Ok Phil,I've emailed
Thanks Gilly, I'd be delighted to participate. You've got P.M.
Hey Phil, are you coming along to the London Canjam?
Well, my fingers are all well and truly crossed for you! I'm trying to hold off a purchase until the Echobox gets reviewed by a few people (or, better yet I get a chance to hear it myself )
Hey Gilly, Are you or anyone else from Echobox going to represent at the London Canjam?   I'd love to get a listen to the Explorer (and the finders)
C'mon, anything is comparable. I can compare a compact car to a school bus. Some folk need to park in tight spaces while getting this weeks groceries. Some folk need to transport 30 kids to school. And some people need both vehicles. If all I've driven is my bus, and I'm considering buying a compact car to compliment it, then maybe a comparison to it is exactly what I need as it's my only frame of reference. These devices may differ greatly in one metric or another, but...
Agree X 2 Even I want them with the money that you don't have
DAMMIT! [sulks off to unsub]
I'm excited by this :)   Any word on whether it supports TIDAL/Spotify?
'Far and away' the best looking AK yet IMO (by far).   My fingers are still crossed for TIDAL/Spotify support though.   If the SQ matches similarly priced opposition I WILL BUY ONE     But only if it supports TIDAL/Spotify.....   THOSE ARE MY TERMS ASTELL AND KERN, WHAT SAY YE?
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