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THISI feel that impressions from any/all that have heard it are fascinating though.I'm less enthused re' the sound science debate drowning out actual impressions, but I still wouldn't insist that it's moved/removed or otherwise censored.
S'alright, thanks for the suggestions anyway. My interest in this device is that it might provide a compact solution to my main goal, which is to maximise my enjoyment of Spotify via my Android phone. I'm not really interested in i-devices, even though I covet the iphone4/vamp combo (the form factor at least, I've never heard one, but I love the cable-free & compact nature of the device). I've read the reviews for the A200p ( and AK variant ), and can't say that I'm...
Sorry StanD, I don't understand your reply. I want to improve the sound quality of my Android device by using a DAC/Amp, Isn't that what the A 200p is? I assumed that since Idevice users use it to bypass their DACs it must be USB, am I wrong? Beyer claim compatibility with Android
Has anyone tried the Beyerdynamic A 200 p with an Android device?
Has anyone tried the beyerdynamic A 200 p with an Android device?
I would like to propose that joruzani be awarded ten internets, and a further ninety pending completion of his work :-)
GREAT! So, I've liked on Facebook, and replied on this thread (obviously) But, I don't have a twitter account.   Am I still in?
Is this deffo an Android device? I'm a little wary if so, as their non-Android DAP's seem to have MUCH better battery life. Don't get me wrong, I like Android as an OS, but I like battery life better. I still love my D2 which I've had for a LONG time, and the (original) battery is still going strong. I had pretty much decided to get the DX50 until I read about this player, but the capacity, form factor (and some brand loyalty thanks to the D2) have prompted me to...
Thanks man.Sadly it looks like the only option that'll satisfy my needs is one of the newer Sony phones like yours ( probably the Z1 compact ) but I reckon I'll have to wait about a year until it's affordable for the likes of me.
Hi cattlethief,Just wondering whether you are able to use your Ray setup to listen to Spotify through the dac/amp?I'm tempted to get one if I could use it with the FiiO E18 or another similar dac/amp which wouldn't need the powered hub between it and the phone.( Spotify being my primary goal )
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