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Beautiful monitors dude.   Looking forward to your audio impressions too.
My favourite so far Phil93I like the minimal Head-Fi logo ( after all, anyone buying these will know it's Head-Fi anyway ) But how about an even more distinct pattern/texture like:I don't have access to any photo/image software at the moment, so I can't add the logo, but you get the idea.
My experiences of reshelling my TF10's closely mirror yours, except that Phil at Cosmic Ears added a dynamic driver for me to bolster bass performance.I still find the TF10 very slightly 'mid shy', but certainly don't regret getting them reshelled.Cosmic do a straight reshell for £100
Perhaps Chinsettawong should consider employing his unique cloning skills to brew some better beer? :-)A brewer friend of mine once told me that the live yeasts used in some of the worlds best beer can be 'harvested' from a nearly finished bottle and used to produce very high quality home-brew 'copies'.Best beer brand EVER ( imvho.....) topic too! ( diy/cloning, intoxication as a hi-fi tweak! )
Nice review AMan! Everything I've read about the BA4 makes me want to give up the wait for the new hybrid in favour of it! Seriously though, your review paints a very clear image that's easy to understand, well done. The Headphonia shootout is also very exciting, 1964 ears seem to be VERY highly regarded, so matching them blow for blow like that shows some serious chops.
Thanks jh7000. I've been tempted by the descriptions of the Xonar in the past. It's good to hear that it works well with the PM1
And mixed materials in the SAME PRINT!?Wow, Didn't know that could be done, cool.
Yeah, that's what I kinda suspect too, I'm kinda hoping someone can suggest another affordable 'punches above it's weight' amp which can offer good bass performance.I'm not discounting neutral amps like the O2 though, as I only want a slight bass lift, and might be happy to EQ what I'm after.I really hope the PM2 doesn't turn out to be bass light, we'll see.
Fair enough. My original question was to PM-1 owners anyway. Anyone have any recommendations re' 'budget' amps which support the PM-1 well (especially in the bass region)? If anyone's tried them with: Vincent HKV-111Grant Fidelity Tubedac-11O2 I'd love to hear from you
It's really that different to the PM-1? I was under the impression that Oppo has said that the PM-2 is essentially the same 'phone with a different covering on the pads+other minor differences?
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