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Dammit! I keep coming on to post, but it's proving impossible while I'm still staying here in London, too much going on:mad: As soon as I'm back home 'north of the wall' in a day or two I'll be able to devote more than these few seconds, and make some proper comments ASAP. I have enough time now however to say that I really liked the Explorer! Walnut for the win!
Ah, missed that, thanks for pointing it out. Oh well, my wallet can come out of hiding then.
Dammit, it all sounds almost perfect, except that I love my current CIEMS with the small exception that the very slightly recessed midrange is the very thing that I'd like to 'correct', so another 'V' shaped sound sig' is not what I'm looking for. I like the sound of the modest bass boost, and the idea of having sufficient low end to really move air when called for by those big dub-step bass drops/Danny Elfman film scores etc , but mids are important to me too. It would...
As well as hoping for affordable silicone, my fingers are also crossed for Linum cables (and T2 connectors). I've been using the 2 pin version of the Linum BA-X cable since it came out, and there's no way I'm going back to conventional cables. I don't really subscribe to the belief that cables can make a profound difference (sonically) but the comfort advantages are far greater than I'd imagined them to be. Not many CIEM manufacturers seem to offer them yet though. I'd...
How so? (and thanks for all the experience/tips you and other contributers offer here BTW)
B@lls, my train ticket's booked for the day after Reshaping I hope all those who do make the event have a great time, I bet it'll be great
Whoever it turns out to be, my fingers are crossed that silicone shells are an option.
Ooooh!I can't wait for Canjam UK and the opportunity to hear these.I take it that the 2.7" version is 64G-no slot?64 is still fairly roomy.[wallet peeks above parapet]-DUCK YOU SUCKA!
Will there be anyone providing ear impressions or scans that can we can take home without a CIEM purchase? Or will they all be conditional upon a purchase? It's not that I don't wish to support the manufacturers exhibiting, I've just already paid for some CIEM's and need impressions. I'll totally understand if a purchase is required, I've made my own in the past, and could do so again if necessary, but it would be interesting to get 'pro' moulds. BTW @Ethan, I may be...
Thanks man :-) One more question if I may?: I have some of the 0.9u super ultrafilm that inuponkin mentions he's using as a dust cover a few post back . I had bought it to use as diaphragm film, but maybe it isn't suitable? Is there any reason that it wouldn't work? Thanks for any and all guidance!
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