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Sony claims that the new Z3 Compact is 'hi-rez' compatible, I wonder if this differs in any way from what the Z1 C can handle?
Near literal ROFL there MB.Thanks for making my morning :-)
Nice, I quite like the understated look.
Nicely written review Agony, thanks for the insights, it sounds as though these'phones are pretty special. How do they physically compare to the K550? I ask as I tried the 550's in a lengthy demo, and although I liked them, they got too hot for my ears. I'm not saying the 550's are an excessively warm (temp') headphone, but I seem to suffer excessively in this regard which is why I ask. Thanks again for the review.
Just because something's an art form, doesn't mean that us ordinary folk shouldn't have a stab at it too! Count me in Waki. In the event you have trouble gathering enough interested parties, I'll take two sets.   My amateur daubing's will almost certainly take an aeon, and may inspire nothing more than nausea upon completion, but I'd appreciate the opportunity to accidentally produce a masterpiece, so I'd like to salute your efforts Fred.   I'm sorry to hear about...
If you're in the EU, I can highly recommend Cosmic Ears (Sweden+a new lab in UK). Note that: I think they're on holiday for another couple of days. There are several other re-shellers outside the EU that get written about here on Head-Fi, but I can't claim to have any experience of them myself.
Yeah, The HY3 has been discontinued, and the HY5 has been in development for a looong time now. Still, hopefully that'll translate to 'great product' sometime soon :-)
Beautiful monitors dude.   Looking forward to your audio impressions too.
My favourite so far Phil93I like the minimal Head-Fi logo ( after all, anyone buying these will know it's Head-Fi anyway ) But how about an even more distinct pattern/texture like:I don't have access to any photo/image software at the moment, so I can't add the logo, but you get the idea.
My experiences of reshelling my TF10's closely mirror yours, except that Phil at Cosmic Ears added a dynamic driver for me to bolster bass performance.I still find the TF10 very slightly 'mid shy', but certainly don't regret getting them reshelled.Cosmic do a straight reshell for £100
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