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Probably not but check with Jeremy to be sure.  The integrated Supercharger is built right into the circuit board.  The retrofit has to stand over some small capacitors and needs an extra 1/4" or so.  I'd assume that the v 2.0 is the same height as the original Ember w/o the taller standoffs that come with the retrofit. Since the chassis extends out the same top and bottom near the volume pot, it's really just a matter of mounting the knob not too far back on the shaft so...
That knob fits fine on my Ember with the Supercharger installed.  The Supercharger requires slightly longer standoffs which helps.  You also need to make sure not to install the knob too far back on the shaft or it will scrape the lower chassis.  Otherwise it's a 30 second retrofit.  
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Two weeks after I built my Ember I retired my Lyr and sold it soon after.  The Ember is quieter, powers all my headphones just as well, and offers more tube rolling possibilities.  My Mad Dogs, Alessandro MS1, HD600s and Fidelio X1 all sound great with the Ember.
The Ember would be easier since it uses a PC board and simply involves carefully inserting the components in their proper place and orientation, along with good soldering technique.  The Crack uses point to point wiring where you cut, strip and fit the wires and components as per the instructions.  With the Crack you need to be careful to trim all the wires and leads well and follow the instructions carefully (not that you don't have to take care with the Ember, as well) I...
Correction!!  Pre-order ends Sunday, February 15.  Sorry about that.  Jeremy's initial email sated "Sunday, February 20" and I assumed he meant the 22nd.
Just a heads up for all owners of Garage 1217 amps.  Jeremy is offering aluminum chassis plates for all models on a limited time basis.  3 mm black anodized aluminum with laser etched logos and lettering.  He'll even etch your existing serial number if you provide it when you order.  This is currently just a one time buy.  You'll need to pre-order by Feb. 22 for shipping at or around March 1.  $44.99 for both top and bottom plates, $24.99 for bottom  only.  Check out the...
Thanks for the update, Doc.  I'm looking forward to receiving mine.
It will be another couple of weeks before the new kits start shipping so there really isn't much to say at this point.  Once the kits go out and folks start assembling them you should start to hear more.
At this price I'm tempted to jump on this in spite of the no spare parts issue.  Maybe they are clearing out in preparation for the L2.
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