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i have been eyeing it everyday on newegg. hoping that it will be sold out so it will make it easier for me, however, to my surprise, it is still available. ARGH!
you beat me to posting this. i have emailed the seller before, he is a dealer, so i think the offer is real. *click* *click* *click*. ops. don't have $5k in my bank account. damn. too bad.
i have a pair of ATH-9X. IMHO, they suck comparing to my HD580. the sound is cold, dry, and uninvolving. they look very nice with the chrome finish though. oh, forgot to mention, i bought them in Tokyo in 1998. i don't think they are for sale in the US.
now. do i want a "spare" EarMax Pro?
thank you, Mr. Moderator!
sorry all. both sold. (how do i modify the subject to say "SOLD"? thanks. )
i believe the person was me. the EMP doesn't have a RCA out. unfortunately, i have a make up a 1/4" to RCA cable to get that to work. but sound does come out, i guess the voltage level is compatible between the EMP and my power amp. however, with more listening after that evening's adventure, i decided not to use it as a pre-amp. i got much better detail (i literally heard things that i didn't hear from my CDs before), nice soundstage and placement. but the sound...
hey guys. i am planning to use my Earmax Pro temporarily as my pre-amp for my home system. i hooked it up and tested it, and it sounds really good. very musical, and great sound stage. however, to connect the 4mm output socket to my power amp, i was using a 4mm->2mm adaptor and then a low quality 2mm->RCA cable. i am wonder if there are any ok or decent 4mm->RCA socket adaptor around. so i can use my good quality RCA cable to connect to my power amp...
thanks for the rec markl, i recently started exploring jazz as well, and Monk and Miles has been great tour guides.
both bought 1 yr ago. the first one has been my main headphone amp till my earmax pro came along. the tubes has been upgraded to Sovtek 6922. they make a huge improvement. the other one is my spare, hardly used, less than 20hrs of use. it has the original (Philips) tubes. i am selling each one of them for US$185. prefer local (SF Bay Area), but will be willing to ship. buyers pay shipping. i can only take personal check or money order. thanks.
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