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Thank you for posting this, looks impressive! Did he went higher than 1kHz. Would be interesting to see how they perform with higher frequenzies, like near the MHz region.
You have to take a look over at AMB's Beta22 page, there's a gallery of Beta22 builts and some done a really nice job there. Maybe some inspiration. AMB Beta22 Greetz
Wow! Looks amazing, neat cable construction btw! Jealous!
Slot no. 74 also paid. Greetz Ava
mmm...still rising, now at 78°C for the tube and 73°C for ICH, to what temperatures are you're 6H30 rising? Smeggy?
Now that's the sound I was searching! Really nice tube, probably the best I bought so far, will have to listen more though. Even nicer and much more power over my HD595s. Really gets them jumpin'. Greetz Ava puuuh, but I just meassured, both ICH and the tube get up to almost 70°C, with an ambient of around 23°C. So I have to get a heatsink for ICH, quick.
Yeah I'll see how bigger tubes will handle. For now I exchanged L1H, L2H and ICP is heatsinked. C3H is 330µ for me atm, I'll see what happens when the 6H30 arrives. Thank you!
Did anyone who's using a 6H30P replaced more than just L1H, L2H and the trafo, maybe heatsinking ICP and ICH? Is it necessary or advised to replace D1H-D4H, since they're 1A devices? C4 are higher voltage types already. Greetz and thanks for any help!
Please count me in for at least one spot! Ti and his work (esp the b22) is one of the reasons I got into this hobby which will be my profession in some time, I hope. And the HD800 is a dream,so I guess a worthy gift to a fellow head-fi contributor. greetz and thank you all and esp to the mod for this opportunity!
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