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Where's the L3000?
Ruby Gold
Send em back if you don't like em. If you don't like their sound burn in won't change anything about that, if it does anything at all.   Take the "night and day difference" or "more open" "more bass" kinda comments with a grain of salt as people are already biased toward wanting to hear an improvement.
I'm pretty sure it was actually the motherboard itself, as I had basically tried every solution available to fix the issue.   But my point is that having a stable PC to play your music can actually be a worthwhile upgrade/investment, GIGO and all that.
New build. Totally overkill, I know.   i7 5820k with a light overclock at 4.2 GHZ 16 GB DDR4 RAM at 2400 mhz in quad channel mode GTX 970 650W fully modular PSU boasting 92%+ efficiency 2 SSDs and HDDs (cause I took the ones from my old build to my new) Fractal Design Define R5 case   And using my old Filco Ninja and a Logitech G700s for peripherals.
I recently built a new computer with a motherboard that boasts "stable 5V USB ports" as one of its features, and I can tell it's significantly better than my old PC for music listening. It reminds me of "listening at night for cleaner power". I'm usually not one to post things like this, but I feel that I can actually notice a very audible non-audiofool difference between my current and my old PC.   Another problem my old PC had was that it would stutter or skip once in...
I would just buy a proper SPL meter, they are not expensive for entry level models. But measuring things like this isn't easy, mainly because of the seal issues, and even a few dB difference is significant when it comes to hearing damage.   And I would really be careful with your listening levels. Either it's something physiological and for that your ENT appointment is a good choice, or it's your body warning you it's being stressed too much, so piling on the volume on...
For my old Japanese A847, I remember there were several reasons why album art wouldn't show up:   1) it didn't support the .png format 2) multiple covers attached to the same file, and the device tried to show the first picture (which was a .png or other file)  --> delete them until you only get the file you want in .jpg format 3) resolution/file size: try to resize your pictures until they match or get close to the device's screen resolution
You listen too loudly if you're getting ringing after a session. And you can't compare the two devices, since one is an IEM where you're getting a seal with your meter and the other one is an open phone.   If you want to do an actual comparison, you must get a proper seal with the HD600 as well. But the best and easiest solution is to turn down the volume when you're listening to them.
I do like the W3000 also, and the thicker pads mean they are more comfortable than most AT headphones. I find that they are a lot harder to get to fit right though, unless your head is the one AT modeled the standard fit for, you really have to bend the headbands and adjust the positioning to get a better fit. In that regard they are very similar to the W5000. A simple test is to manually press the cups against your head: if the bass becomes significantly stronger, it...
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