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W11R sold pending payment, W3000 still available.
Prices lowered, the W3000 is €1150 now for example, this is including shipping with tracking.
 I had the exact same thing with my pads (see my signature thread if you want to see what it looks like), and I babied them. I'm convinced this is a design flaw in those pads.Luckily it doesn't affect them functionally, it's just the outer layer that peels off a bit.
Hey guys. I don't post much anymore but I still lurk here and follow this thread and a few others on HF. I like to keep up with the advancements in the headphone world but I don't have much to say besides "the L3000 rocks!" so I'm mostly an observer nowadays.   Anyway, I'm downsizing a bit and selling some rare pieces. I figured I'd mention it here so you guys can see it early, since most of the AT fans read this thread and I'm sure some of you don't visit the sale...
In good condition, I haven't used them that much (probably less than 200 hrs total). Imported them new from PriceJapan. Comes with original box and everything that came with it. Headbands have been bent a bit to fit human heads better and the pads are slightly peeled (see pics, seems the material wasn't that great for that part) but they're perfectly functional. The headphones have been well cared for when they were not in use and covered to protect them from dust. Kept...
Where's the L3000?
Ruby Gold
Send em back if you don't like em. If you don't like their sound burn in won't change anything about that, if it does anything at all.   Take the "night and day difference" or "more open" "more bass" kinda comments with a grain of salt as people are already biased toward wanting to hear an improvement.
I'm pretty sure it was actually the motherboard itself, as I had basically tried every solution available to fix the issue.   But my point is that having a stable PC to play your music can actually be a worthwhile upgrade/investment, GIGO and all that.
New build. Totally overkill, I know.   i7 5820k with a light overclock at 4.2 GHZ 16 GB DDR4 RAM at 2400 mhz in quad channel mode GTX 970 650W fully modular PSU boasting 92%+ efficiency 2 SSDs and HDDs (cause I took the ones from my old build to my new) Fractal Design Define R5 case   And using my old Filco Ninja and a Logitech G700s for peripherals.
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