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Using the Prime Meridian and JO and I find my HEK observations are spot on with Maxx's. In fact, almost sold the HEK until this measly priced amp came along. To think that the slovenly HEK's could be turned into effortless angels was something that I could not have fathomed. And to do so for $500 is ridiculous. (I threw in the dac that I will not use because what's a $100? It might serve a purpose one day) Schitt just got real. 
Yes, I am in the US
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I use the Fiio X3 alone with the 600ohm DT990s and have been impressed for months. You can also use the X3 as a usb dac/amp to your computer and make the 990's sing. All for $200. Yes, the Fiio is that powerful and the synergy here is the thing, not the money. Not saying it's endgame, of course, but I found it shockingly coherent.  For reference to what level of sound I am used to: The best cans I own are HE-500's and the best amp I own is the Burson Soloist. (I also own...
I found these phones to be finicky as to the final position of the pads on the ears but that went away with trial and error. The clamping factor was a bit of an annoyance at first too, but that went away as well. Sending them off to the 'Beatles White Album' (.wav files) for their maiden voyage was transportive and surprising. Though the lack of treble as a sparkly thing was gone, the treble that was there revealed more detail than the former would have. There was more...
I am wondering if anyone is interested in a pair of T1's for $600 in excellent condition--you pay paypal and shipping CONUS only--just fishing about whether I should even bother to put them up or just leave them in their lonely case. Sorry if this post shouldn't be here, I won't repeat it. (Too many pairs of headphones, like most of you probably, and someone had to go)
OK...stop the presses...stop the focking presses!! I just hooked the T1's into the D2 Anedio headphone jack.  Heft, body, the harshness is fading, separation is excellent, and ready for these words: WARM and INVITING....holy jesus. The T1 is a strange and picky thingy...but now it's a BEAST. It's the pickiest headphone I've ever come across. Almost sold it but now I see: It requires a commitment to finding the right mate and it will shine. It's what people have said and...
Okay....trying out the HDP/T1 USB (wireworld starlight) macbook clamshell duo intel--itunes---it gets loud enough---definitely not bright like the Soloist or as coldly analytical. It's not bad or slow--but for $1000 plus headphone the sound falls rather embarrassingly short. Of course, I know this is not the ideal setup for the T1s. Just playin' around. 
Yes, I own the HDP. I find it darkish and slow. However, I experimented by coming out of the HDP's headphone jack into a the $60 P2AV2 ---the sound was amazingly opened and unveiled.Haven't tried the T1/HDP combo yet as other 600ohm headphones tend to sound under powered by it.
I found the combo to be on the bright side of coldly analytical. This turned into boredom in less than an hour. If I was forced to keep the combo, I'd find the warmest dac under the sun. In contrast, the D5000's and the HE 500's both were made to sing by the Soloist.
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