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Aloha kou hoa aloha! Check this new headphone amp from Grace Designs. I don't know much about this headphone amp but I do know about Grace Designs. They're known for high end microphone preamps so you know they know their stuff. Check it out.
chadbang, The AT822 is not a mid-fi microphone, it is definitely a high fidelity microphone! Maybe not a high end studio microphone but still a very good microphone. As far as the power supply, the AT822 uses a AA battery to power the microphone so I don't think it needs a separate power supply. It will sound good without one I know for a fact. As far as shotgun microphones go, unless you want to pin point a source without much ambient sound, a shotgun microphone...
I'm in! All I have is: Sony D-EJ915 Sony MZ-R90 Sony MDR-7506 Grado SR60 Cmoy/Apheard "47" Amp
chadbang, The AT822 is a excellent stereo microphone. I have some experience using this microphone for my electronic music class. It has a great frequency response and a good stereo spread. It is also great for MD recording. For the price, you cannot go wrong with this microphone.
I agree with Vertigo-1, we should wait til after finals week.
Herakleitus, I got some ideas for amp shapes. How about a disc shape that can be velcroed under a portable CD player. Or a square shape for a portable MD player. Of course, these shapes would have to mimic the actual CD player itself so it looks like they were meant to be together.
Very nice erix. I like your neatness. I especially like the translucent box. That amp would appeal to Apple owners. Btw, what's that white box with the two egg shaped things on it?
Aloha Hawaiians! Just tell me when and where and I will be there.
Krunchy K, I had the same problem. What I did was put shrinkwrap around the power jack, drill a little bigger hole to accomodate for the shrinkwrap and that's it. When you put the shrinkwrap over the jack, make sure that the shrinkwrap extends over the threading so when you screw on the nut it squashes down and forms a barier between the case and the nut.
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