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Hi,    Just bought these, pretty happy just 3 issues. Highs not where they need to be, not closed enough .. =>       They are dj cans, just wondering if re-cabling will make a difference? will this help with the highs?   What about if I dampen the inside behind the drivers? will it aid to make them more closed?   Does anyone know of any companies which make replacement cushioning?
HI,   In the past this has never bothered me, but for my next purchase i wanna try something slim , skinny that I can wear in public   does anyone have any suggestions?
sorry meant portable player. bottom line both the dac and amp need to be used to produce sound from 99.9% of portable players.
hey guy, thats a common misconception. the LOD does bypass a lot of circuitry which causes interference to the signal...but without using the internal amp and dac there would be no sound. A portable player doesnt produce the same sort of lineout that a Hifi player can-> this is because they are not intended for that use by the manufacturer.
Hi,    Im looking for an amp to use with my atrio's and iphone   iphone has wolfston dacs low in bass -> atrio has a lotta bass but lacks a spatial/airy quality...mostly because its an iem but also because of the signal coming from the iphone     any reccomendations? the slimmer the better   Cheers everyone!
basically the goal should be for the consumer to pop on the headphones and hear magic.
Sorry if I sounded pessimistic.   Im was only trying to point out that the goals of samsung as a (mass consumer brand) and the goals of the average headfier (niche enthusiast) are not aligned   However I do believe Samsung or Apple could learn a lot by reading through these forums.   At the end of the day most headfiers can tell the products which have been engineered with sound in mind in the first 5 mins of listening to them...from a manufacturer...
@supercurio   manufacturers dont care...they will spend money on whatever the market demands and what will get them sales.   at samsung audio is developed as part of one of their key pillars -> innovation   however its not a focus on the phones at the moment unless the demand for it increases
id only use a phone as my source for portability reasons
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