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Denon AHD1000... pretty comfy and closed.
You should probably go with triple.fis based on your musical preferences.
^^ wow that is very beautiful. What a nice gift for one of the most important people in your life. Educators are important.
Some like Pico, some like Lisa, some like predator because... we are all made differently and think differently, and appreciate things differently. It all depends on your tastes. It's up to you to decide what is important to you. We can't tell you which one you should buy. Other than that, haha I can't offer any useful advice.
Quote: Originally Posted by RedSky0 Get some bass oriented IEMs/phones, the D2 tends to make my analytically oriented iM716s sound very piercing in certain songs and can't pump out the bass like my other DAP can. Wow. I have to really disagree here. Compared to the wealth of other players I have owned, the D2 holds very well in the bass department. This is comparing the bassy UE5c, to the middle ground se530, to the bass shy LW. The D2 is great...
indeed shure olives for the win!
^^^Holy moly...stealthy rig punnisher! That rig looks like it packs a punch! @Jelle - My favor leans towards the zune mainly because I found it to have a more robust and warm sound signature compared to the ipod. I have always had to amp every ipod I have owned besides the 1st gen shuffle. The 5.5g was somewhat thinner to me, and while one of the best of the hd based ipod line, it was edged out by the zune because of the sharp highs and treble. However, I can see how you...
marshmallows? that is if you IEM on the cheap though.
Quote: Originally Posted by Nocturnal310 All mentioned above dude.. Including Samsung YP-P2 No offense, but that is pretty hard to believe. Unless you coincidentally chose the "top 10" players along your portable journey..or you are rich...I don't know if there is anyone who has tried every single player out there. Could be wrong though, but still so hard to believe. BTW: I am not a dude.
^ often do these rankings change? Honestly, I trust head-fiers' tastes here more...
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