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Man this thread title totally is what I felt when i went back to head-fi after 1 year.
  I have clear customs and went this route. But what you can do is pick up a pure silver cable  in white/clear - those ones do not oxidize. I had one for a while before I traded for a regular UE cable. I didn't like the memory curl that happens when you stow it, and my connectors were looking bad.  
  Thanks but I have a pair of Ue5s that I am getting a UE black cable to use with - a kind member here reterminated it to a straight plug for me, so that is what I will use. Rawrster, what is the contact info for inearz?       This is the design im going to do on my darkblue transluscents..going to ask them what colors they can do for the engraving first to see if it will work.  
Thanks for the run down. The fisher cable looks nice. I would do the ES or the UE cables but they oxidize BAD.
Cool thanks for the quick reply.   Just going to go ahead and get the impressions and send the livewires and order form out then. Do I need to get in contact with them first?  
Nice thread,   I am going to give this a try with my Livewires, which have always had a poor fit. I never got around to remolding them because I had a pair of ue5s that fit perfectly. Been dying for new color and a different design though. looking at Darkblue translucent with my initials as the pattern.   I should be ok with livewires right guys? i shot them an email through their website... Hope that works.
The cable is pretty much spoken for. Thanks for all who were interested! Going to a great new home!
The 780s are sold!   LW still available pending some responses from interested parties. Better hurry quick..I might just reshell these!  
This cable has seen better days, but still sounds good. Needs some work at the connectors. They connect but the sleve covering one of them is loose...and doesn't look that nice. I bought this for $70 bucks from one of this singapore stores. terminated in a right angle silver neutrik.            Yep, just want a straight trade...will be great for anyone who is handy with this kind of stuff. I just don't have the time anymore! the UE cable needs to the...
Why did you put sold on my thread, when I didn't even accept  your offer? What is going on here?    These are the short cord version with the extension. Love them because I can just sit at my computer unhindered. I can throw in a sennheiser headphone holder thing for another $5.00. I am firm at $140 shipped. These are a great deal already ;) At any rate, all PM's have been replied to!       Here are pics of the LW as requested         Awesome customs...but I just don't...
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