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Will these work for UE customs?
Will you ship to US?
I shoot an offer. pm on the way
What is the price and do you have feedback?
Nope no issues besides the cable.   Check my feedback if you have any doubts.
2 Driver
I had a thread up for these - for $75. Couldn't find the thread with this crazy new forum set up...   Anyways...putting my livewires back up for sale. Don't want to do the remold anymore. Need the money more.    Here is a pic of them right now:     As you can see I spraypainted the connector black but it has been peeling. Easy fix for anyone. Putting these at a very competitive $65 shipped.. these shouldn't last long!
Man this thread title totally is what I felt when i went back to head-fi after 1 year.
  I have clear customs and went this route. But what you can do is pick up a pure silver cable  in white/clear - those ones do not oxidize. I had one for a while before I traded for a regular UE cable. I didn't like the memory curl that happens when you stow it, and my connectors were looking bad.  
  Thanks but I have a pair of Ue5s that I am getting a UE black cable to use with - a kind member here reterminated it to a straight plug for me, so that is what I will use. Rawrster, what is the contact info for inearz?       This is the design im going to do on my darkblue transluscents..going to ask them what colors they can do for the engraving first to see if it will work.  
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