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Hey guys, I hope this is not against forum rules, but I got a pair of Phiaton PS210 as part of a grab bag from another member here, and they are not my cup of tea. Don't really care what I get for them but just would like the best offer so I set up an ebay auction - starting at $49.99 with no reserve. Seemed like a fair asking price.   I also have some other...
To be honest, I haven't given it a sufficient listen yet. I have been balancing them with a huge haul of cans I got from a seller here as well as a pair of shure se425s. So far loving the shures a lot so I have been listening to them a lot. If/when I get a good chance I will be sure to post my impressions.
        New setups since I am just getting back into things on here on head-fi.
Just looking for a someone who has the talent and supplies to shorten my clear Shure cable to a more manageable length for me. I would pay for shipping both ways, for a right angle neutrik plug and for the labor. Just name your price! I am in San Jose, CA.    The Shure cable is the clear one for the new SE425.   Thanks!
DARNIT!    If this falls through, let me know haha.
  [   Been a while since I posted here on head-fi, but I made a significant headphone purchase! The IEM grab bag I picked up from iano turned out to be a HUGE HAUL!! $180 for a crazy amount of stuff! Here is what I inventoried after unpacking the huge box! I guess I made up for getting no xmas gifts this year!     Yuin PK1 Yuin PK2 Yuin PK3 Shure E2c Creative Zen Aurvana Creative Ep630 Sennheiser CX300B Sennheiser CX300W Sennheiser...
I'll take this. Pmming
Is the headband brown or black? If black, I am interested in the set!
Been away a long time, and just dropped into head-fi to check out the shure line up. I like the look of 425s (yes call me shallow) haha so I wanted to do some research. Here is a nice youtube vid comparing the 535 and the 425 at CES. Some good descriptors there - but of course could be BS as it is coming from a shure rep.   Have always been a big fan of the shure 500s etc, so it is nice to see some advancements!
Got a sale price in mind? I don't have anything for trade!
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