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how much for the cable?
want this! pm'd!
pics please
Would you consider selling just the cable?
Very cool and unique item. Good luck with sale!
Still looking. Where are all the recablers?!?
1.5 hours left in auction ;)   It is at $49.99 right now for these headphones.
To the top and still available!
Although I love these - they have to go. I already have some great headphones taking up most of my time. Wonderful sound and comfort and cherry woodies...what is NOT to love? These are definite the headphones that turns heads and gets people to ask me "what are those?! They are so nice!"   These are in like new condition with the extension cable and case only. $105 shipped in the CONUS please. Paypal only and I'll let them to go people who can do paypal gift! Got 5...
I can report for the se425. I LOVE this model. Very clear analytical sounds compared to my previous experience with the se530s.
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