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    Sent payment!
Oh man this brings me back...   Great player!! I have fond memories! Made me go back into my old photobucket for this: Who doesn't want a player that can fit in an altoids box?!? Good luck with your sale!
Very cool item! I love my hackintosh hp mini
  Just got this from a forum member here. DIYmod 3rd Gen. Looking for amp solutions now.
Very cool. When I was into grados these grills made them look very handsome.  Hard to find these guys too, so grado lovers, take advantage while you can!
Interested in selling outright?
    Great review. I don't think these headphones got a fair shake here on head-fi when they first came out...and that is probably due to the fact that people were using them as plain listening cans instead of portables. I agree with everything you stated in your review.     The problem is, where can you find headphones of comparable quality that operate as well on the go? The list is very limited, so it is understandable you would have to pay a premium in cost and...
What is the condition of the classic? I might be interested in purchasing outright if it is mint with all accessories. My best friend's birthday is coming up
how much for the cable?
want this! pm'd!
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