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Received the amp. Original box and a ton of opamps. Thanks so much! It sounds amazing!
Hi Everyone,   I am looking for a low profile LOD with a cable that exits on the left side of the dock. If anyone has this or knows how to make one, I would like to commission you! Let me know what you got and what you want!
Payment sent.
Payment sent!
Hi Everyone, I am selling my portable set up - need the funds and I know headfi-ers will appreciate the looks and sounds that come from this awesome set up     ipod classic silver 160 gb 7th generation bought from the New York store a few months ago, with a skin on it since day one, so it is mint! TTVJ SLIM no dac - bought from another member here - looks and sounds great, what can I say Silver low profile LOD  Yuin PK1 - great shape and probably the best...
Yes a standard iPod 7th generation Silver bought from New York store. I applied a skin front and back since day one so it is mint. It also has a turntable decal on top of the skin (double protection haha). 
TTVJ Slim no DAC version for sale here. I am the second owner. Bought this off the forums a couple months ago but need the money for other things! Pricing this low for a quick sale! Works great sounds great and I am sad to see it go.    Price - $255 shipped paypal gift or add 3% for fees. I have impeccable feedback (check the 5+ pages in my sig).   If you are interested in my entire set up (iPod Classic 160gb 7th gen, silver low profile LOD, TTVJ and Yuin Pk1) -...
  Payment sent! Thanks!
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