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Man these portable rigs have gotten really crazy over the years. I haven't frequented Head-fi as much as I used to. Looking at these rigs I feel less bad about the money I spent on mine ;)
Can't send this back for a warranty repair?
Still available?
Can you include the medium klipsch ear gels?
  Payment sent!
Tempting..   I can't tell the condition of the ipod by your pictures. Scratches and wear?   I'd like a higher capacity ipod than my current 160 gb, but for the right price only!    and your titles are hilarious
What condition is it in?
You got to update your post, is it a 2nd gen or 3rd? If 1080p it's a third. And the price is listed as $50 and your post says $60. Just wanted to point these out!
What kind of IEM cables do you have? I have a need for a spare for my UEs
If I didn't already get this a few months back with the upgrades, I would have picked this up. This is like a unicorn in the wild.
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