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I have a pair of nice condition yuin pk2s that have a loose connection at the jack. It cuts in and out if you move it around there. This would be a great pair for someone who knows who to cut and reterminate the 3.5mm jack. I would but I don't have the time!   payment via paypal, US only. Shipping and fees are on me.
I know these have come up from time to time. I am looking for a good condition Sony MDR V6 modded to take a detachable cable. Let me know what you have!
I think this is a version Ill, I have a version IV and it does not have a knob for the volume control. Great Amp regardless.
I haven't heard the qc20s, but I loved the 425s.. They were very accurate to me, without bloated bass or anything like that.   Comfort wise for extended periods, I would go with Bose.
Oldies but goodies... Livewires and ipod classic. Need to get a new case for the ipod!
  Payment sent!
 Payment sent for UE stock cable.
Hi. What are the lengths on these cables?
Payment sent!
This is the budget rig. Sony A728 and Yuin Pk2. They sound great together.  
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