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I think the "SRM-T1 pp" was a typo, he meant SRM-1/ PP
 please keep us posted. Very interested in this comparision.
supposedly the p/p version has higher output voltage swing, so "more power".....
from what I have read here, the A/B/C doesn't really matter much, though the more desirable P/P version is only available in C serial #'s.
anybody bringing HD800's?
For simplicity reasons I will only post a maxxed mod plan, it will be at a higher level than the SuperFatCat ++ mod I have done in the 001. It requires using an external power pack, which is not a problem now-a-days, since USB power banks are abundant, comes in all kind of sizes, and very inexpensive. Plus, the switch-mode regulator in 002's power input section can take wide range of input voltage and work just fine (at least in theory).     Input capacitor upgrades:...
on the up side, decision making might become easier due to there are less possible options left.  say, either get your 009 before the hearing goes south (and get some real use out of it while you still can), or wait and eventually get it, after the hearing goes down.....  Get your 009's, now. Before it is too late.    (shamelessly enabling)  
I want to be able to try out: *HD800 *HE400i *HE560 *Alpha dog *BottleHead Crack amp         I will bring: ----Phones---- *Beyerdynamic 990/600ohm, generation-1 *Stax 303 (with 507 pads) *Koss ESP950 *Slightly modded Fostex T50rp   ---Amps---- *HCC86 Lancer with input selector (for the "sound of resistors" challenge) *Stax SRM-1 (modded) *5687 SRPP Cigar-box amp   ---Source--- *Sony X555ES CDP *Muse TDA1543 NOS Dac *Fiio X3 DAP
207 drivers are reported to be different;307/407 drivers are reported to be the same; cables are different507.... who knows, maybe the driver is the same as 407, but maybe not.
you need a step-down transformer to drop the voltage from 220 to 110.
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