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I don't see  the need for using such a big circuit board (which probably cost a lot more than the 5532). Why not just use high quality 8 pin socket on a perf board, and stack the IC's, like how they do the TDA1543 DAC's. You can even "roll" different IC stacks. Imagine 25 OPA627 per stack...... very expensive...
A bit too far a drive for me....
Almost forgot about this thread, and thanks so much for the info! I was also mainly looking at the NanoDigi and intended to tap out the I2s on the output side to drive NOS Dacs. I wanted to do BSC using the Nanodigi, for full range drivers, so your post really answered my questions.
I wonder why they didn't use the more common 5 pin socket in the super-sized mini amps. Kind of a "portable" option for the existing 003's.
very interesting, those amps look like some super-sized SRM-001..... probably have all kinds of space inside for modding?
I am looking into building a set of open baffle speakers and the crossovers seem to be the hardest part to do well. High quality components are large and can get super expensive. So.... digital crossover looks like a viable solution, but I don't know if there will be any side effect from doing digital manipulation. Has anybody compare a system with DSP-type crossover to an analog system?
MoonAudio confirmed the KS is safe to use with Stax amp, though the official bias voltage in the spec sheet is still 450V. On the other hand, "I doubt there will be a loaner Pair. I will send to HeadFi meets if requested.".... so, no loaner program at least for now.
 Agreed, but if the product has been on the market for a while and survived ok, its price usually reflects the performance at least to some degree, no?
you mean the "poor man's Omega" thing? well the "poor man" part is the key.   Thanks for the Alpha-pro/KS comparison by the way.   I will ask MoonAudio about the official bias voltage for the KS and see if they are willing to start a loaner program to promote the KS.
I would guess most around here are using an adaptor to hook it up to Stax amps or a transformer box. I have 620v bias in my transformer boxes and the 950's bass is still not quite powerful enough. There is only so much the electrostatic driver can do.
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