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hmm, I missed the party ....   Steve, any chance of a summer meet this year?
very interesting phones.   I wonder if they will show it at the Rocky Mountain Audio Fest this year.
Thanks for the thoughts guys. The piston 3 seems to be getting quite some hype in the reviews, and it is only $15, might as well.....just ordered a pair from geekbuying.   cheers
I am in the market for some inexpensive IEM or earbuds to keep around at work. -- Budge is $20. -- Either with or without a mic is ok. -- I don't plan to wear them a lot so the build quality is not terribly important (as long as the sound is good)   I did a on-line search and it brought up some older models, like JVC FX40, FX101 and UE200, are there other good options from the newer offerings? Please recommend....   Thanks!
It was nice to have another meet and try out more great gears, thanks a lot to ASR for arranging the meet!   two major surprises for me: * I failed my own "sound of resistors" challenge. Somehow I couldn't differentiate the resistors during A/B/C/D'ing. Gotta try again tonight when all is quiet and see what is going on. Maybe meet environment is not too suitable to detect such subtle differences ( I knew exactly what to look for in the sound but they simply all sounded...
I will probably get there around 12:30, hopefully there will still be some table space left.
Steve, since it will be a smaller room....how many tables will be available?
 the HE1000 will be there....If you do attend, can you bring your bottlehead crack amp?
 I think the SRM-Xs mod was about installing bias circuit components onto the board so it can drive pro-bias phones (the XS is for electret phones, bias parts were not installed on the board).Basically converting a Xs to a Xh.
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