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took the four purple film caps off and soldered on some 28awg wires. The film caps did not break during the desoldering (used a pair of thermal tweezers).  
The DAC chip is PCM5122, pin20/21 are connected together for clock input, 22 for Data, 23 for WS / LRCLK.  (in the photo below, brown wire= clock, blue wire=data, white wire = WS/LRCLK)     I will link the signals to a TDA1543 later and see if it works.
** Starting a new thread to document the modding of this little amp. Maybe somebody else can find the info useful somewhere down the road.   The goal of this mod is to (hopefully) improve the sound quality to the level of Creative Sound Blaster E3. Some sound impression/ comparison of PHA50 vs E3 is in the E3-mod thread.     To disassemble the A50, lift the top cover off (it is made...
 Thanks for the info   
  can you please give a quick comparison of "Beyer DT 1770 vs B&W P7" ? Driven by a good portable device such as Chord Mojo or Fiio X5. Thanks
Sound impression of Creative E3 vs AT-phA50bt * Bass: E3 has deeper and cleaner bass, without the boominess (which the A50 displays from time to time, especially with tracks like Katie Melua's Red Ballons). * E3 has better clarity and better details, by quite a bit. * Voice: E3 has more intimate and more realistic voice, more engaging and demands attention. E3 also displays less glare/ sibilence. * The A50's presentation is very layback. It might be voiced toward...
Might as well add some info about the Audio Technica AT-PHA50BT here, since they are similar type of devices.   Size comparison: overall, the A50 is about half the size of E3:            
Got the AT-phA50bt, and did a little comparison with the Hesh's internal electronics ( using a L-3-770): * A50 has a smoother and fuller sound, * A50 has more power; the bass is stronger but can be boomy at times (not very clean bass). The Hesh's bass is drier but cleaner. * A50 sound is very layback, almost as if it is intended to be used as background-music-player. * Detail retrieval level is similar between A50 and the SkullCandy.   More phA50bt info is in the...
SMD soldering is not a problem for me, but I can see some people might hesitate because of it (especially if they don't already have a fine tip soldering iron).   I guess what I was trying to say was that an oversized thru-hole version, being super easy to build, might gain more popularity.  ( "starving student's desktop class-A headphone amp" ?)
Is there a DT 1770 vs T70 comparison review somewhere in this thread? Can someone please point me to it?   Is the 1770 more detailed (higher resolution) than the T70?
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