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^^^  ad8692 is on the other side of the board, (below the press-switches).         Thanks to this thread, I now own a X3 and of course, the stock chip has now been replaced (never was very impressed with the 8397 anyway.....). It now sports an AD8599 for headphone-out, the sound is a bit darker and more "emotionally involving", with about enough power for driving my EarSonic SM3's.   But neither the 8397 nor the 8599 has enough juice to run my Fostex T50rp.  I think...
 very interesting, so the different adapter/converter can color the sound. Has anybody compare the mSata with a zif SSD (which doesn't require an adaptor)? any audible differences? And is there any suitable zif SSD available? ( I know they are expensive, almost 4x the price of mSata).
Adorama and BHPHotovideo have pretty good prices on the X3 right now.... can't resist....
what is the X1's battery life if used as "line-out only" ?
 Thanks! I will search C5 see what has been said and done.
SR-002 is now $450, at StaxUSA.   Maybe it will eventually get into the $350~$400 range.
 Thanks ClieOS. what kind of special screw driver? torx type? I think it is necessary to figure out the battery replacement/upgrade stuff at some point. 10~12hr battery life is not much, if used daily that is maybe one recharge every 2 days, maybe 150 recharges per year, within a couple of years the original battery might start to wear out. Hopefully there will be replacement/upgrade cells available within a year. By the way, I read someone mentioned that you liked the...
is the x1's battery user upgradable?
Has anybody done an A/B comparison between these two ?  Does the X3 line-out sound better?
(I know it is probably somewhere in this giant thread, but somehow I can not find it.......)   which  electrolytic caps are good for using as output caps? Is there a particular brand/model that is noticeably better than the others?
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