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It was nice to have another meet and try out more great gears, thanks a lot to ASR for arranging the meet!   two major surprises for me: * I failed my own "sound of resistors" challenge. Somehow I couldn't differentiate the resistors during A/B/C/D'ing. Gotta try again tonight when all is quiet and see what is going on. Maybe meet environment is not too suitable to detect such subtle differences ( I knew exactly what to look for in the sound but they simply all sounded...
I will probably get there around 12:30, hopefully there will still be some table space left.
Steve, since it will be a smaller room....how many tables will be available?
 the HE1000 will be there....If you do attend, can you bring your bottlehead crack amp?
 I think the SRM-Xs mod was about installing bias circuit components onto the board so it can drive pro-bias phones (the XS is for electret phones, bias parts were not installed on the board).Basically converting a Xs to a Xh.
For sale is a Stax SRM-1/MK2, in good condition, with one normal jack and one pro jack.  B series, US voltage (switchable).   Circuit bias has been adjusted (it turned out this adjustment wasn't really necessary, offset voltages were still in spec, but I adjusted them to as close to dead-on as possible anyway). Power caps have been replaced/upgraded: * pre-filter cap (the one in the middle) used Panasonic 220uF/400V * +/- rail caps are now JJ 200uf/500V's * low...
I think the "SRM-T1 pp" was a typo, he meant SRM-1/ PP
 please keep us posted. Very interested in this comparision.
supposedly the p/p version has higher output voltage swing, so "more power".....
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