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Good impressions everyone, keep 'em coming. For my part I'll say this: I've got the SimAudio 430HAD here, as well as the dual mono Questyle CMA800R setup, and of course the Taurus mkII. Guess which one I still use most? V281.
 It's a linear power supply with substantial filtering capacitance and dual shielded toroidal transformers. 
Yes! The designer is quite passionate about that aspect. Based on the technical info I have, I think UltraDAC may actually be "less" of an amp than the Chord gear... more of a pure representation of the output stage with less stuff in the way. 
At long last, my review of the B.M.C. PureMedia is up: http://parttimeaudiophile.com/2016/01/16/review-b-m-c-audio-puremedia-pureusb1-ultradac/   Also contains thoughts on their UltraDAC and PureUSB1 active cable. Worth noting is the fact that B.M.C. just released a system update which improves the PureMedia in significant ways. Of course they had to go and do that after my review was submitted a month ago..... so some of my criticism (fan noise for example) may no...
 I'll agree with this - I don't love the sound, but man do the Woo amps look amazing. 
 Shure makes some killer stuff and should be properly respected as one of the OG's of the IEM game. Shure E500, a triple driver model, 10 years ago? Thanks for that! However, as interesting as the KSE1500 seems, I'm absolutely NOT sold on the little black box it comes with. Specifically the DAC portion. If I'm running an expensive IEM I want to use a top caliber DAC to feed it. Not some outsourced little mystery box. That, along with price, seem like issues for me.
   I'm not a huge fan of the WA22 but if you like the sound of it with other DACs then I'm not sure what's going on with the DA8 II. I have yet to hear it sound offensive as you describe. I'd make sure it is burned in, and see if you can set up a back to back or A/B comparison with another DAC that you know to be halfway decent at least. If the Yulong still sounds this way you may have a faulty unit. 
  Review of B.M.C. PureMedia has been submitted to my editor at Part Time Audiophile for several weeks by now. It's up to him when to publish but I imagine sooner than later. I'm working on SOtM sMS-1000SQ, should have that done this month, though again I don't choose when it goes live.   Depends on the DAC. Expensive does not necessarily equal better. And some are more sensitive to transport quality than others. All things being equal I find ease of use very high on my...
Wow, that's good news Fried! So, we can expect balanced and single ended output, and possibly XLR and RCA inputs right? But maybe get rid of the preamp outputs, and the balance (left/right) knob, and the remote control.   Seems like a fair trade for those features that not every user will care about. 
Yep that's a winning combo, V200 plus HD650 and call it a day. 
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