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  Thanks, and welcome to the forum! I had been eyeballing these two as well. Neither appears to be released in North America which means I'd have to order from overseas and use a step down transformer to get 120V operation. Not the end of the world but not ideal either. I was close to getting the F109 just due to the low price but I decided against it in the end. The DCD-50 doesn't really cut it for me in the looks department, not exactly sure why. More options for the...
Thanks for reading. I really can't say how much the N10 would improve over the X100 series. The SMPS sounds like a it would in fact be a limiting factor, but then again a really well done SMPS can be quite good (NuForce, Chord, etc) as well. Without hearing both I couldn't say for sure but I do feel satisfied with the results I get on my X100L in a very revealing system.    The SOtM setup does increase SQ by a small amount, however the trade off in interface is more...
This is excellent news for all involved. Massdrop gets an awesome new employee, CEE TEE gets paid to do stuff he would have been doing anyway, and the community gets a knowledgeable intermediary who can help bring us cool gear for great prices. What's not to like?   Congrats CEE TEE!!!
 Nice! V600 doesn't get enough love around here, I guess because HeadFi demographic includes more computer audiophiles than vinyl spinners. Let us know your thoughts when you've spent some time with it.    Not sure your definition of "low cost" but LCD-2 can often be had on the forums here for good prices. Same with HE-500 which is still a really enjoyable headphone.
Thanks for that, good info there. I end up using Slow Roll-Off most of the time with a variety of music and headphones. So that does seem like a good versatile choice.
  That will be tough as I no longer have the PureDAC here. I've got the UltraDAC but that's over twice the cost of the Cayin stack so a tough comparison.  I'm listening to the Dharma in balanced mode right now, going back and forth between the Cayin amp and my Auralic Taurus mkII. So far they are VERY similar, at least with the Dharma. Will keep rotating through headphones to see if I can find a larger difference.
X-Sabre is still a very viable and solid design. No reason to upgrade for many users as it does everything they want it to do, and sounds great in the process.   There's a new version in the works but I don't know how long it will take or if there will be key improvements enough to justify a switch for current owners. We will see.
Digital filters are great to have for subtle tuning of the sound. But as mentioned they make a very small contribution.... some people expect big changes and that's not the case at all. This is the case for any DAC, not just Cayin. 
  As mentioned, using a source with a more standard output level will help. And use lower gain settings on the V281. Aside from that I'm at a loss as to why .75dB steps would be too large for you.
I sold, loaned out, or gave away all my disc spinners over the past few years. Now I find myself needing to use one, every once in a while. What? People still use those? Not often, but the need does arise from time to time.   I'll generally be using an external DAC so dedicated transports work fine. But I know there are far more CD players than transports so I'll take either. SACD or DVD-A or universal spinners are options too, though not really necessary.   I know a...
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