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I haven't heard the V90 but the G103 should be somewhat similar (vaguely), and I agree with the post above. It's fine by itself but in comparison to the G109 the lesser unit does come off as a bit dark. 
I have a review of the B.M.C. PureMedia set to publish soon over at Part Time Audiophile. Keep an eye out for that if you might be interested. Also working on the write-up (at that same site) for the SOtM sMS-1000SQ with the linear PSU add-on.    After using those two plus my own Aurender X100L, I can't quite choose which one I like best. Tough comparison. Pure SQ goes to the SOtM by a small margin. Ease of use probably goes to the X100L. Features is hands down...
  Yep, this is true. So I can't really say how well the other models compare to these two. BUT I will say I remain impressed.  On the complaint side, I get hiss more frequently with the Spartan than most other CIEMs. Same thing happened with the EarWerkz models too. Will rotate through a bunch of DAPs and see what combo makes a silent background. 
I know there's been a lot of Zeus discussion and I'll eventually get to those, but so far most of my listening has been with the Spartan. Not a lot of comments around here on this model.... it's damn impressive. Mids are absolutely beautiful, bass hits hard but not overly so, and treble is really delicate/well balanced.   It's still  got what I consider the EarWerkz/EE house sound which is more on the musical side compared to pure neutral or bright. But the Spartan has a...
Any time you have a replacement version come to market, there will be remaining stock of the original which must sell for a discount. People know the replacement is out there so of course they won't pay full price for the first version. That's normal.    It's also normal for a MKII version to cost a bit more, due to various improvements. But in this case, at least in my region, Yulong has not increased the price. MKII sells for what the original always sold for. Which...
I actually use the Invicta Mirus which is pure DAC only, no headphone output. Prior to the Mirus I had the original Invicta but at that time Questyle was not around yet. So I've never compared them directly. Sorry!
From what I hear it makes a small but worthwhile difference. And, at least in my area, the price is the same as the original model.  
I agree - the M51 is quite a nice DAC, and maybe just a little neutral or clinical at times. I would expect the differences with V850 to be small. 
 Hi Tiago, Tough competition there. All three devices are really nice but I personally like CMA800i the most. If pure detail retrieval is your thing and you want absolute maximum inner detail, the Hugo might be the best choice. CMA800i is only behind by a hair though and has a more organic, well balanced sound overall. DA8 II trails them both in detail and is generally a different sound - thicker, warmer, though not overly so, it isn't as lit up in the treble region....
 Yes, the CAS192D is an excellent DAC. I recently compared it to an Ayre QB-9 (older model, no DSD capabilities) and thought the Questyle clearly outperformed it. No contest t all. Maybe not a fair fight since the new DSD model probably brings improvements of its own. But still.
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