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 Just so everyone recalls:  Many other CIEMs later, this one is still among my absolute favorites. Just stunning!
Don't forget, it's all about the fit..... and those big pads (in diameter) make for a lot of placement options. If I let mine ride a bit further back on my head I get significantly worse sound. So I push them all the way forward so the pads practically slide behind my ears. It's not the most natural placement so it would be easy to miss and thus not be all that impressed with the K553.    That's just me, others may just not like the sound for whatever reason. I won't...
It's fine, the Taurus will covert as needed.
Don't get me wrong, I've had nothing but good experiences with Audio Advisor. But their propensity for story telling has always bugged me. See this little gem, for example, and then the same story retold again here with different details. It's like reading the ads in a golden age comic book.... 
  Can't say that I've ever experienced anything like what he's describing. Question for darknation - what are you playing when you hear this? Is it Tidal or some other streaming service? Or just FLAC files?
Fried, can you clarity the total number of PCM1795 chips on board? I'm thinking two of them total, which is how the "dual mono" term is usually applied. But it gets confusing to think of "two converters per channel". Because that could mean two separate PCM1795's per channel (for a total of four DAC chips on board) or it could mean one PCM1795 chip per channel, each being a stereo chip. It's confusing even to phrase the question!   I find this often when using the...
  Bingo! Not sure how far along they are with it, but this thing has tons of potential. Feeding USB out to a DAC is often the best possible way (as opposed to SPDIF which plenty of streamers do). SOtM had a similar product called SMS-100 but it was just discontinued because they could no longer source the motherboards for it. I imagine Resonessence Labs is probably building everything in-house so it may be a higher end device than the SMS-100 was. We'll see. 
Yes, I think Baetis looks more promising of the two, just based on their design philosophy (and honestly the Sound Science devices are somewhat ugly considering the price). Beyond that I have no personal experience or even direct second hand knowledge from a friend.... so I can't comment further. There seems to be some reviews available if that helps.
That thing looks nice! A bit pricey compared to Aurender/Lumin but not by such a massive amount considering the build quality and features involved.    There's also the Music Vault and Baetis stuff - I don't have any personal experience with those, and some of the design philosophy is questionable, but it's worth looking since they both run Windows.
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