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Mine are pretty closely matched but I bet if I was able to somehow label them precisely, I'd find a slight difference as well. Same thing with the NuForce HA-200 in monoblock mode. It's basically the nature of a potentiometer to have slight variation from one to the next - even for really nice ones.    This is why I prefer to use DAC volume control (or a preamp, if that better fits your system). 
Those bevels were used on the original CMA800 model but all the CMA800R examples I've seen have the smoother design. I wonder if they repurposed one of the older chassis they had laying around?    How are the sides of that front panel? Do they have a sort of angle to them?
  I'd be interested in that comparison. The NAD is a very nice DAC as well.  Hugo review is lagging due to various deadlines for other stuff. Having a somewhat open ended timeline makes it easier to get bumped when I only have limited time. I need to stay off the forum too! Probably get a lot more writing done. 
It's probably not quite as bad with a T1 as with most others, due to the T1 being higher impedance. That output impedance of 100 ohms really kills it with low impedance dynamic design headphones though..... terrible with Grados and Audio Technicas. 
 In a nutshell, yes.... I'm sure there are some very specific, minute things which add up to some real complexity. So it's probably more difficult than just throwing two units together and calling it a day. But yeah, not really a value product at all. Never meant to be. 
I don't experience hiss with HD800, at least not at any sane listening level. If I crank it to max volume there can sometimes be a faint noise, but that's potentially a ground loop or other system noise anyway. Questyle is not alone in this - most amps act that way under extreme conditions. V200 may be the exception due to the (optionally) lower gain. Same deal with V281 - if I drop pre-gain to -6 it is pure black, but if I run +12 I imagine there would be some slight...
  One person around here has it that I'm aware of. The D8 (and A8) are limited edition releases, initially not planned for public release but Yulong eventually decided to sell a handful. It's not a "regular" product though. 
Sorry, never heard the HA-1 yet. You can see my thoughts on the PureDAC in the link in my signature. I love it. 
Thanks for the update. That's actually a very good approach - often times we don't know what we have until it goes away.... not trying to be too deep or philosophical but it applies to a broad range of things in life. 
I was going back and forth between Taurus mkII and V281 yesterday. Very similar in general capabilities and overall quality. I'm just now starting to get a handle on the unique flavors they have in comparison to one another. But I'm not confident enough yet to discuss it publicly.    Same deal with balanced versus single ended output on V281. Which I suppose we could call V281 versus V220, if you want to think of it that way. They are different, but describing it...
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