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  To be honest, I would wait until you are extremely familiar with your wonderful new amp before you attempt any sort of cable shenanigans. I personally use reasonably priced (by my standards) quality cables mainly from Cabledyne but also Charleston Cable Co, Toxic Cables, and some other smallish cable houses. But I don't consider them absolutely necessary by any means. If you don't hear a difference or have some philosophic issue with cables then by all means, do not...
  Who knows.... must be just some tiny bad connection somewhere in the chain. As long as it works then you don't have to investigate further, just leave it be.
If anyone is interested, I just reviewed the Yulong D200 over at - the D200 is essentially the little brother of the DA8, and gives up very little in overall performance considering the price difference. It does sacrifice some things like build quality, features, and that cool OLED display. But it's not cheap looking by any means and the neutral sound might actually be a better fit than DA8 for certain systems.    If you were considering the DA8 but having...
I try.....    But seriously, the D200 is a killer device! I'm using it now to feed the NuForce HA-200 monoblocks, driving an HE-6 with Toxic Cables balanced cable. Killer sound from this setup and it clocks in at well under $2k for the DAC and amps. 
I will certainly let you guys know whenever I know.... Don't want to bug the Resonessence guys just yet as I assume they are settling from RMAF travels (or maybe aren't even back yet). I just got back from a camping trip myself - no wifi or cell signal for 6 days really clears the mind, though it also makes for a large backlog of stuff to handle.
  Interesting... not sure what that could be. Have you tried a different USB cable all together, just to eliminate that as a potential issue? Also try a different USB connection to your computer, just to see if that might be the issue.
  Wow, nice review  Couldn't have said it better myself!
Yeah, you never know what the crew at Resonessence Labs might have up their sleeves. They are just full of surprises. 
All will be answered in due time. I'm just now loading it up with 50+GB worth of music to take on a trip, won't be back or posting until next week. I'm loving the fact that Sony saw fit to include a micro-SD slot. It would be just like them to omit that option and saw 64GB is good enough. Which it is, for some purposes. Eventually I'll slap a card in there and store a good amount of music on this thing. 
NWZ-A17 in the house now (64GB, obviously). Build is an interesting mix of "really nice" and "adequate in the interest of weight and price". UI is a step down from what I used to with the AK240, but that's pretty much universally true with other DAPs anyway.   Sony PR seems to have preloaded a bunch of songs in clip form, maybe 30 seconds each..... the exception being a Lady Gaga and Tony Bennet album, which is actually nowhere near as terrible as I assumed it would be....
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