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Digital filters are great to have for subtle tuning of the sound. But as mentioned they make a very small contribution.... some people expect big changes and that's not the case at all. This is the case for any DAC, not just Cayin. 
  As mentioned, using a source with a more standard output level will help. And use lower gain settings on the V281. Aside from that I'm at a loss as to why .75dB steps would be too large for you.
I sold, loaned out, or gave away all my disc spinners over the past few years. Now I find myself needing to use one, every once in a while. What? People still use those? Not often, but the need does arise from time to time.   I'll generally be using an external DAC so dedicated transports work fine. But I know there are far more CD players than transports so I'll take either. SACD or DVD-A or universal spinners are options too, though not really necessary.   I know a...
 That is very odd. Each step on the volume control is .75dB so there should be plenty of room to dial it in just right. 
  I've tried my HD650 but haven't spent a lot of time on the combo. I think I went with the RCA outs from DAC to amp, and used "transistor" as the output option, to get a little more transient attack (the sleepy HD650 sure needs it). Then I used balanced out from the amp, gain set to low, current set to high? Not quite sure on that last part. Sounded great though.
Wow, some excitement while I was away!   I will say, there's nothing wrong with someone expressing their opinions either for or against a component, whether it is in a thread dedicated to that component or not. You have experience? I don't mind hearing it. It's then up to me to determine how much weight I place on that experience, based at least in part from your other posts around here.   I also don't see anything wrong with pointing out someone's history. Maybe it...
  Because it can be useful, and if you don't need it just set to max volume. That's the same as not having it in the first place (or at least it should be on a well designed component).
 Definitely, I am upgrading as well once it becomes available.   More pics of the Veritas:      
Agreed on balanced, though I do use SE with IEMs and it works well (obviously the extra power from balanced mode is not needed).    I've been meaning try try some Hegel gear. I like their philosophy. 
Update - for those who always wanted to experience the Resonessence Invicta but found the price too steep.... Resonessence Labs is launching the new Veritas DAC. Here's their page for it.   Pre-orders available now, ships in 4-5 weeks. Cost is $2850 and it comes in gold, silver, or black. Appears smaller than Invicta but larger than the Concero line. Has all the usual suspects in terms of inputs and capabilities (balanced out, DSD, etc).   The major news is that...
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