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All will be answered in due time. I'm just now loading it up with 50+GB worth of music to take on a trip, won't be back or posting until next week. I'm loving the fact that Sony saw fit to include a micro-SD slot. It would be just like them to omit that option and saw 64GB is good enough. Which it is, for some purposes. Eventually I'll slap a card in there and store a good amount of music on this thing. 
NWZ-A17 in the house now (64GB, obviously). Build is an interesting mix of "really nice" and "adequate in the interest of weight and price". UI is a step down from what I used to with the AK240, but that's pretty much universally true with other DAPs anyway.   Sony PR seems to have preloaded a bunch of songs in clip form, maybe 30 seconds each..... the exception being a Lady Gaga and Tony Bennet album, which is actually nowhere near as terrible as I assumed it would be....
That sounds right to me. I prefer -6dB or 0dB most of the time.
Interesting, I'm sorry to hear that. I've been putting some serious hours on my Questyle gear and it's all held up rather well. The worst I can say is I put a few scuffs on the top of my CAS192D from stacking a CMA800R on top. Maybe scuff is not the proper word because it isn't an actual scratch in the cover, but more like a slight pressure discoloration or blemish. It may rub out if I try hard enough. Silver always seems to show these things more than black.    This is...
I think he meant problem as in, would you like more brightness, or smoothness, or bass, etc.    I use and love Cabledyne Reference Silver throughout my system. Love it. I've also had excellent results from Charleston Cable Company, CablePro, Toxic Cables, and NuForce (who I think no longer does upscale cables, only budget stuff). 
Which is a very good thing IMHO! K10 is spectacular.
Yes, you'll need a pair of XLR interconnects to go from the DA8 to the A28. They can be had for peanuts from Monoprice, or you can spend tons if money on them, or anything in between.
I was going to ask those same questions but I figure you were just messing around with the features and don't normally listen with those settings. It's a nicely done video though, thanks for posting it. Looks like the USA site still doesn't show the level 2 volume option on the menu, but the home site does. I'm sure that will get fixed up soon enough.   I'm listening to the V281 right now and have another observation to make. The balanced output is just a little too...
Nice! Oh, and the silver Xsabre is killer too.
No, the smile is fine.... Don't rush to be too serious.
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