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  Neither are mine, unless the angle is extremely subtle. 
  I recently shot an email to Anedio about future plans, so I'll post here if I get any info. I do recall they were planning for an eventual D3 version, which they realized would have to support DSD. But I don't know where it stands. They were really focusing most on their speaker amp, to replace the somewhat short lived A1. If it comes to fruition it will be a beast, fully discrete with some unique design aspects. 
  You're welcome in advance. Trust me 
  The way I see it, there's no need for Noble or anyone else to do the same thing. People can use the existing sites as a basic tool for estimating their look, obviously accounting for slight differences in colors and options. Why duplicate effort? I also think Noble's massive collection of pictures is a different but equally useful tool.
It varies wildly from one brand/model to the next. I had a Marantz SR7007 for a bit, it sounded pretty decent if not spectacular. Probably on par with the average $300-400 stand alone DAC if not the better examples in that bracket.   I tried an Onkyo NR929 briefly and it was not as good as the Marantz. Kind of soft and indistinct, like I'd expect from some $150 budget DAC.    I've heard some Denon models sound decent and some sound very mediocre. It seems to change...
  I don't want to be rude and link to another brand of CIEM in this Noble thread.... but a few other brands have a sort of interactive designer on their page. Choose your colors and accents and they will let you see an approximated version on screen. Should get you close to seeing what your design will be like. 
Everybody keep in mind that all the shipping companies (USPS, FedEx, UPS, DHL, etc) have a major increase in volume right about now. That means there's often an extra day or two involved, despite any ETA they might initially provide. I deal with shipping rather often and almost every one in the past week or two has had some type of minor delay.   I'd add a day or two to the estimate. Better to be surprised if it arrives on time than disappointed if it doesn't. 
You can try it. Shouldn't sound very different though. 
  Nice -- excellent combo there. 
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