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I do see a slight issue for AURALiC - people who can afford a $3500 DAC (Vega) can also possibly afford a $5k or $7k DAC as well. So which one do they go for? Some make the wise choice and actually buy the one that serves their needs, sounds best in their system, has the right features, etc. Others just go for the name brand prestige or bragging rights based on price.    I've spoken to designers in the past who essentially told me they had raise prices on their speakers...
Frank, that's great to hear! Not sure how I missed it. I guess we haven't spoken in a while. UM may have somewhat abandoned their idea of selling the passive cable so the PP6 IEM can be used with a regular amp, but at least there is now SOME kind of aftermarket cable to be had. I'm sure it is up to your usual high standards!
Moving the port is a great idea - it seems so obvious now that you mention it, though I had not considered it prior to this. Now artwork and textured faceplates will have no limitations. 
 I was just using this combo last night with my (balanced) Alpha Dogs. I concluded the D200 is refined enough to pair with the highly revealing Taurus mkII. A lot of similarly priced DACs I've tried could not make that claim. Would it still work as well with a more resolving headphone like HD800? Maybe, maybe not. I'll try it later. But with Alpha Dogs it was very enjoyable. 
I personally like the top CIEMs (such as Noble K10, 8C, etc) just as much as my top full sized headphones (such as HD800, HE-6, SR-007, etc). They are different in some ways, not necessarily better or worse. They also have very different requirements... amps that do great with HE-6 likely won't be so good for sensitive CIEMs, and vice versa. 
 I think so. Preliminary impressions point to YES. 
Honestly I haven't had a ton of time with mine yet. What little time I've had was spent using my YBA Design WM202 CD player - I listen to the system with the YBA as transport feeding the D200, then take the DAC out of the equation and listen to the YBA analog outs. Amp used is the AURALiC Taurus mkII. I figure a nice $1100 CD player should be a good test for a $699 DAC. So far the D200 is slightly better, which is really impressive considering the YBA is a very good...
Nice - love me some Sungha. His version of JBJ's Living on a Prayer" gets stuck in my head for weeks at a time. 
Customs is often random in my experience. Sometimes I get a bill, many times I don't. The one sure thing seems to be stuff from Canada - pretty consistent there, but even they have exceptions for some unknown reason. I'd expect to pay it and then be happy if you end up without a bill.
   That's a great idea! Given the apparent popularity of the Hugo, I imagine some other companies would eventually pop up making accessories anyway. Might as well have them come straight from the horses mouth. 
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