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  The cable is detachable so you can swap it out whenever you want, including using a balanced cable. 
The info that it's an HD650 rather than HD600 comes from Massdrop who set the whole project up with Sennheiser. Now, if Senn is making modern HD650 examples that sound more like what some people associate with HD600, I suppose there's no accounting for that.    For my part, the HD6XX is very obviously an HD650. I've owed quite a few of each model over the years and I don't think there's much question about it. YMMV.
  Made in Ireland just like the "regular" HD600 and HD650. 
 That is true. Not Massdrop's fault of course, and not that I think they should stop doing this sort of amazing deal, but that is an unfortunate side effect.  EDIT then again, nobody should think of their headphone purchases as any sort of wise investment, with a few rare exceptions (R10, L3000, and other rarities). Buy it, try it, if you don't like it then sell it quickly and move on. Headphones, like all audio gear really, will continue to drop in price as time goes by....
 DOOOOO EEEET!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      There's really not much to say this time around. It's just so obvious. But I'll throw in a few words anyway just so my post isn't purely pictures.    Massdrop has carved out a niche in releasing their own versions of iconic headphones, with some unique properties and spectacular prices. First came the AKG K7XX - a ninja-black take on the K702 65th Anniversary Edition which had an MSRP of $499 just a few years back. Then came the Fostex TH-X00, a customized...
I've discovered the joys of variable sound based on different tips being used..... this makes it that much more complicated to nail down the character of the Capricorn. Triple flange tips give me a more light weight, vocal oriented presentation, with excellent resolution and fast, tight bass. I really like the sound but not so much the comfort. Need to find some foam tips as that should be a good indicator of how the custom version sounds (give or take). 
Don't you already have one, or maybe two?
  Great question, unfortunately I haven't heard the M-Stage stuff in some time, and it wasn't the latest version either. From memory the older M-Stages could be a tad darker and less refined overall, but obviously it depends on opamp configuration for that amp.  Sorry not very helpful.
  Yep, see their download page for all the possibilities. Linux systems should be able to run Roon Server as well as the Roon Bridge software - Bridge being great for a lightweight system streaming to a second zone (or 3rd, or 4th....) I never thought I cared about "multi room audio" until Roon. They make it so seamless to store everything on my main computer but stream it to different rooms or even my phone (as long as I'm on home WiFi). 
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