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I've been enjoying the Zdac v2 for a while now. Full review to come at InnerFidelity, whenever I have time to give it a thorough writeup.   So far I like it a lot - it's a clear improvement over the original (which I also enjoyed), in both sound and useability. Running the v2 in a Stax rig with far more expensive transport and amp, it doesn't feel like a major bottleneck at all.
I just measured my mkII (earlier version before the copper plate) and it is the same as naimless. So yes, the thing has grown a bit. 
I was thinking "this guy's crazy" but after comparing those two pics...... I think you're on to something. Can anyone measure and post results?
 Agreed, the Offramp 5 is smoother/more rolled off sounding which could be a better match depending on the system. 
  Audiophilleo was one of the first to do an all-out, spare no expense DDC like this. They are the real deal. I compared to some newer competitors like the Off-Ramp and Bel Canto RefLink, and preferred the AP1 with PurePower. 
  It does seem like a relevant question. I know for example that Rob Watts ran out of room when designing Hugo, which resulted in the lack of saved settings (for input and crossfeed) every time you power it off. So increasing taps will certainly help there. Not sure where SQ tops off though.... lots to explore in the coming years, I'm sure. 
This appears to be a mild refresh of the Napa Acoustics headphone amp, which is itself a rebranded Mistral amp that's been around for a few years. Audioadvisor is big on storytelling, but I'm skeptical. Surely the OEM would have already seen the need for a 24/192 USB section to replace their old 16/48 setup. But who knows, maybe they did have 6 (or was it 7?) prototypes.
  This is a good review - although he does seem a little hung up on price, with Mirus not being quite the best he's heard because it's not the most expensive. But generally I agree with most of what he says. He references a (more expensive) tube DAC as being slightly more weighty, and if you read his review of that same DAC he called it warm and "tube-ish", so it makes sense.      A lot of DACs these days use an FPGA. What they use it for can vary though, as can the make...
  I do often hear more glare with coax input, though it can be reduced or even eliminated by using higher end transports. The YBA Design WM202 that I use now is a little better than the Cambridge 740C I was using prior. Good enough to sound enjoyable, generally speaking, where the Cambridge as transport was not something I would want to live with long term.  Not sure what you mean about lack of DIR stage. The ES9018 has it built in, just as it has its own ASRC (of sorts)...
Not sure if it matters or if anyone cares.... but I changed the title of this thread to more accurately reflect what it has become. Someone PM'd me and made the suggestion, because the original title was maybe too long to work with search. So there you have it.
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