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I'm glad it is sorted, and hope that's the last you'll see of any issues. My V200 has given me years of trouble-free service and I hope the same for you.   And yes, that stack is killer! I love the silver I chose but everytime I see a black version I second guess myself.... I guess there's no bad choice in this case. 
Yes, that seems to be present across the board. Not sure why. It happens on some of my other amps too, so I don't get too worried about it.
I use that combo as well, quite nice.
Wow, I still miss this amp! Temped to buy it back, but I've got too many already here. Someone else snatch it up, please.
 Odd, there must be something going on inside the case. Perhaps a connection worked itself loose while in transit, or something like that. I got an email from Fried very recently so I'm sure you will hear from him soon.
Comparisons are sparse at the moment since only a few of us got demo units to mess with. But soon, once people start getting their shipments, comparisons should come rather quickly.
Contacting Fried was the right choice. The only other thing I would have suggested would have been unplug everything, move the unit to a completely different outlet (preferably on the other side of the house), and try it again - this time with nothing else connected, just the AC cable. See if it powers up normally that way or what. But maybe it will be best to wait for Fried at this point. 
  Holy smokes! That's an unbelievably good buy!!! As competitive as it is at $1500, $890 is a steal.
  Sorry Jeff, I was typing my other reply and didn't see your post until afterwards. The laptop-versus-Aurender comment really comes down to your particular beliefs or experience (or whatever we call it) in transport differences. Some people would describe a huge chasm between them even while using the same DAC. Others would say most transports are pretty much indistinguishable. I fall somewhere in the middle - I think it's pretty trivial to get very acceptable SQ from...
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