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  I'm not sure how you arrive at that conclusion - if the UltraDAC is a completely different, step up product from the PureDAC, and will coexist in their lineup..... why on earth would someone expect an upgrade path? As an owner of Stax SR-007, should I have been angry when they released the SR-009? After all, there was no upgrade path. If you owned a Sennheiser HD650, did you find a different company to deal with when you realized your headphone would not convert into the...
 It doesn't reconfigure itself or shut down portions - it's just a matter of how each output performs, where it has peak voltage swing versus output current. BAL out seems to deliver most current into 120 ohm loads. Which is interesting because the new(ish) LCD-3 Fazor is rated at 110 ohms. Back when Taurus first came out, all the planar models were low impedance, so this is a happy coincidence. How it works - there are basically four amp sections if you will. STD mode has...
  Indeed I will. So far both amps are extremely enjoyable, handling everything I throw at them with ease. Still need to figure out the exact character of V281 and how it differs from the Taurus. So far I'm convinced there's no wrong choice between the two.
  It is!
That's a good deal for the LPS! Even if you never end up using the 2nd ouput or the USB part of it. 
It also has to do with the BAL output having higher voltage swing, which comes at the expense of some current delivery. BAL mode is always my favorite for higher impedance headphones which makes sense, since those are the type that need more voltage. 
  The PK90 does have a cable going to the Molex on the SOtM card. It's my understanding that the SOtM takes power directly from whatever power supply is being used. So that's either the stock power brick or else the LPS-1 or Auraliti version.    NuForce is weird about the LPS series. They told me it was discontinued but they seem to sometimes have stock. Not sure you could use separate outputs though, and even if you could I'm not sure there would be any benefit from doing...
Nope, that's correct. It's due to their implementation. They have four "amps" if you will, using a bridge-tied load configuration for the XLR out and just driving parallel with the 1/4" jack. The result is somewhat different than the typical balanced amp that just doubles up on everything in balanced mode. 
Excellent! You will not be disappointed. Also, black with gold feet is a handsome choice. I can't decide which one I like more. And yes, these are slow in coming out of the factory. Violectric does not outsource construction in the way some others do to save time/money. So each one is lovingly hand assembled by workers who earn a good wage, which is always something worth supporting when it comes to a "luxury" product like this.
Check the pre gain setting on the V200. Sounds like yours is set to -12, the lowest setting. Raise that up and you'll be in business.
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