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 Sorry, it's been so long that I don't remember any specifics on it. 
  Yes, but it's been many years. I remember enjoying it, very "tubey" with all the ups and downs that entails. The new version seems like a significant improvement though I'm sure the original can be fun with the right tubes.
 It can. Only 2 inputs, 1 output, and no remote.... so it may be better suited for a desktop system than a full size rig. 
You mean the HA-1A mkII? I've actually got a demo unit here and it is indeed a stunning piece of gear. I just spend a small fortune on tubes to really let it stretch its legs.... more on that soon enough.
  Wow, good question.... I haven't actually compared them head to head yet. The NuPrime is currently living in my speaker rig, while the Cayin stack is in the bedroom - about as geographically far apart as they can get in my house. I think from memory the NuPrime might be the slightly better DAC (assuming you don't want some fun flavoring which the Cayin does offer), while the Cayin amp has the edge overall. I think it will be a close battle though, and I'll make sure to...
Based on my somewhat limited experience with the (base model) WA7 I'd say the amp section is theoretically "better" if someone liked a warmer, more euphonic sound. The NuPrime amp section is certainly not far behind though, and will actually be superior for those who like a more linear, flat response, or those who desire more power (NuPrime delivers 4 times as much into a 32 ohm load). Personally I'd take the DAC-10H with all but a few of my headphones.   As a DAC...
Very nice!
Me too!
I think Shanling stopped making that model, somewhat "replacing" it with another called the Tempo EC1. I think Tempo is meant to be their spin-off for more affordable models. I'm not sure if the EC1 uses the same guts as the PCD300 or not. 
Must there be just one star? Maybe they are an inseparable duo....   Seriously though, I think both are excellent. The DAC gives many flavors and the amp is a straight shooter that amplifies whatever it receives from the source with very little editorialization. 
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