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Which is a very good thing IMHO! K10 is spectacular.
Yes, you'll need a pair of XLR interconnects to go from the DA8 to the A28. They can be had for peanuts from Monoprice, or you can spend tons if money on them, or anything in between.
I was going to ask those same questions but I figure you were just messing around with the features and don't normally listen with those settings. It's a nicely done video though, thanks for posting it. Looks like the USA site still doesn't show the level 2 volume option on the menu, but the home site does. I'm sure that will get fixed up soon enough.   I'm listening to the V281 right now and have another observation to make. The balanced output is just a little too...
Nice! Oh, and the silver Xsabre is killer too.
No, the smile is fine.... Don't rush to be too serious.
  Good question. It's tricky because from what I've seen (and what Fried has told me) the V181 has not been very popular. V200 did quite well and I think most people went that direction rather than V181, for whatever reason. I enjoyed the V181 but when it came right down to it the V200 was a better sonic fit.  Unfortunately it's been several years since I heard V181 and thus difficult to compare. 
  Exactly. And to be honest, it doesn't make all that much sense for Stereophile to give coverage to companies like Yulong, Audio GD, Eddie Current, Questyle, etc. These companies all have merit but lack the sort of mainstream buzz that helps sell magazines.  This is something we struggle with at InnerFidelity from time to time. Although we have a different model than Stereophile and can more easily review items from smaller or lesser known brands, we have to balance that...
  Their V200 is still an excellent amp for a lower price ($999). There's also the V100 at $759 and the G109 (using the Lake People brand name, still the same company) starting at $615 for the single ended version. These will all have a portion of the Violectric house sound, and all should be very enjoyable. Even the basic Lake People G103 at $339 is still a great sounding little amp.  
 It's not that simple. Think about how many review sites/magazines actually do competent measurements these days. The list is rather small. Getting a review in Stereophile isn't just a matter of sending over a unit..... they only have so much space for reviews, and can pretty much choose any product on the market to cover. Do you think a small company like Yulong, more popular in China than here, is really on their radar? Or makes good sense for them to cover, from a...
  The DacMagic + is a more complex DAC implementation, with the dedicated upsampling chip on board. Then again it's a tough comparison - the Violectric USB board can rely on the existing power supply already in the enclosure, which typically consumes a large portion of the real estate in a DAC. 
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