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I wasn't blown away by the Gugnir/Mjolnir combo when I spent a little time with it. I felt it was fine but nothing amazing. But that was when they first came out and I know there have been updates and new options etc, so perhaps not a relevant data point at this time.   I did just recently compare the Cayin stack to a friend's PS Audio NuWave DSD paired with a Quad PA-One amp via balanced, and a Burson Conductor V2 via RCA. It was clear to both of us that the Cayin...
  Very nice setup! What is that Accuphase driving?
No, did not even see that had launched until I read your post. Quick search shows it is an upgrade with better USB and bluetooth capability?
I don't know what DAC they use, and I agree the front is bordering on "too busy". I hated their old Stereo192 model but hear good things about their new Manhattan DAC, so perhaps Brooklyn will be good too. It seems like they and Resonessence are matching each other (roughly) in price on their new models, probably on purpose. 
Yes Veritas does look promising though I was hoping to see a lower price.... although technically I suppose Verita is pretty close to middle ground between the Concero HD and Invicta pricing.    Would be interesting to have a shootout between the Veritas and the new Mytek Brooklyn. 
 That's tough to say as your anatomy is unique to you and you alone. If you stick your pinky in your ears and open your jaw, does the area inside the ear expand? Mine does, but some people get the opposite result.  I've done both types and get better results with an open jaw (bite block is helpful). But that's just me. I will say if you've done one type for prior CIEMs and didn't love the result, it might be worth switching to the other style just to see how that goes. But...
Not a former Vega owner but I've spent considerable time with it in my system over the past few years. I think if you desire "that" type of sound, Vega is among the best out there at any price. My Calyx Femto is similar and at times I think slightly better in a few areas but overall I'd give the nod to the Vega, despite costing less than half the price and weighing quite a bit less too. My Esoteric D-07x is in the same boat.... more expensive, bigger/heavier, more flashy...
As far as I can tell from initial pics, Veritas should be similar in height to the Concero family. It does seem a bit wider but that should not be an issue for you.
 This. Here's a link to my article from InnerFidelity a few years back, covering the basics. Personally, I use a Radio Shack SPL meter to get a decent idea of what my levels are.
Potentially but I'm still on my initial listening, so I want to be sure before I make any declarations. 
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