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Wow, you somehow got a dud for sure.... send that thing back and try again. There's no way to get a good impression of the device when you have damage like that. Even if you try to be objective and judge purely on sound, in the back of your mind you are unhappy with it and know it needs to be returned. Personally, I couldn't separate that and judge it on pure SQ alone. 
Yay HeadFi community! 
 Sounds like you have not told the operating system to use the Auralic, so it is still using the internal sound. Are you using a Mac or Windows or ? 
V281 is just a few months away. Fully balanced design based on a tweaked V200 circuit (unbalanced version will be called V220). I'm excited to hear it! Fried Reim is not the type of designer to just make stuff because he needs a new product launch.... So this must be something pretty significant.
Nice color scheme. Simple, but clean and attractive. Hope you enjoy them.
I told everyone the news would be exciting! Yes, seeing the picture of that FR (or maybe it's a PR) is exciting, but let's not overlook the other important part of the announcement - adding the "R" option to a Noble CIEM! For me, the idea is very appealing. I have not heard the 5C but it supposedly sounds warm and full, along the lines of the original 8.A sound. So take that and add a reference, Etymotic type experience at the flip of a switch, and you've got both extremes...
Probably the sooner the better, as far as most here are concerned. 
 M-Stage has some crazy synergy with HD800. I'm not surprised. And T1 tends to sound best with tubes (but not always) so I can see how that works with your WA2. Still, I would suspect the Taurus would do better than either. No guarantees though - I've owned the T1 3 times by now, and each one seemed to have character of its own. They don't seem to have the best QA. I have a 4th pair in right now for review and it seems better than any of the past models.... I quite like...
HD800 probably still has an edge with some classical/jazz but HE-6 (properly driven from Taurus) is not that far behind. And may even surpass it with heavier/more dynamic orchastral works like Stravinski and Holst. 
 You should be able to sell that PWD fairly quickly.... unfortunately you won't make as much as you would have liked considering the MSRP. Demand is high on those, but discounts are universally available, with new units selling for up to 50% off on a regular basis. Good luck with it. You made the right choice with Vega though - it's a better DAC all around than PWD imho.  Very few people seem to have experience with that unit. There's a review on 6moons, seems generally...
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