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  If you are in the USA, go HERE and choose your options. Then wait for Arthur to contact you - it's that simple!
Sorry everyone, I'm just way backed up on reviews. Still very much impressed by the V281 though! I'll get around to the full review once I'm caught up. I happen to have here the review loaner with the motorized Alps volume, sitting along side my own unit (that I ordered after falling in love with the loaner) with the maxxed out volume upgrade. I'm trying to nail down the differences and see how much improvement is achieved by the upgrade. 
I feel like Concero HP does a very respectable job across the board, but Mad Dogs/Alpha Dogs tend to scale well with more juice. More so than most of my other planars (HE-6 notwithstanding). 
  Wow, that's bad news. I would think they could still throw in some foam or packing peanuts or some such material to act as a buffer. The Concero is built like a tank but that doesn't mean you want it to look like a battle-damaged tank by the time it arrives...  Yeah, it's shockingly good in my opinion.... not just "good for the size" either, but just good period. I think the biggest challenge is just to get people to take it seriously. 
  I don't know that a perfect solution really exists. I was thinking maybe the best you could do is look for a right-angle plug that allows the cable to stick close to the body of the DAC, and maybe route around the side to the back. That might look cleaner than going over the top. But you'd have to find just the right cable - usually only 1/8" plugs come in right angles.   Yeah I don't even know what all this update encompasses, so it's hard to say what the delay might be...
Yeah I'd wait for the prices to come down. The best buy is typically several steps down from the max capacity available. Price out 64GB and 128GB cards and compare (multiply) with the 512, and you''ll see what I mean. 
Oh yeah, the Glacier is also very very good! And the HeadAmp Pico as well.
It has been discussed earlier in the thread. Yes, it works, sounds a bit less pure than Concero HD but definitely still great. Worst part is that it looks a bit odd.
  Sometimes I feel like a broken record, but I have to once again recommend the Leckerton UHA-6S mkII. It sounds brilliant with the K10 and doesn't cost an arm and a leg. If the budget is bigger the iQube V5 is exceptional. 
  When powered on, turn the volume knob. You will hear a moderately loud, fast clicking noise as the knob rotates. That's relays in action. The noise will physically come from the amp itself, not through your headphones. Hard to explain but you'll know it when you hear it.  The regular volume option is silent as it turns. 
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