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I replied to yellowblue via PM but I'll summarize it for others who might interested.   I do enjoy Norne but am very limited in what I've used from them. Indeed, the last one I tried as a "Norse" Audio product, so it's been some time since they changed names.   I like the Thor Copper 16W for HD800 as it has just enough warmth and smoothness without losing any resolution/detail. Not sure how they pull it off but they do. Highs seem ever so slightly smoother but at the...
Just picked up some cables from Effect, making them my second most common brand in the system (behind Cabledyne who makes interconnects and AC stuff but doesn't make headphone cables). Got a Thor Copper 16W for my HD800 which helps warm them up a bit and takes an edge off that sometimes aggressive peak area. Also got an Eros Reference for my HE1000 - wow, what a beast! I'll have more to say about it soon enough.
 No I don't believe I've ever done a formal write up on that comparison. Directstream is a nice DAC for sure, maybe a bit overpriced but I like it better than some of their prior "Perfect" series DACs. To my ears it still sounds a bit artificial or digital in some ways, mostly in the upper mids. Kinda like the Chord Hugo - it's brilliant most of the time but annoying once in a while. Mirus seems more balanced to me: not missing any info, but not forcing detail into your...
 Mirus is a step above anything from Yulong or Anedio.... as much as I love those devices, the Mirus is my complete end-game solution. I like it better than heavy-hitters I've tried like the PS Audio Directstream, Acoustic Arts Tube DAC II, Calyx Femto, and stuff from Esoteric and EMM Labs and Meitner and.... you get the idea. It just ticks all the boxes for me. I can't even describe it as "warm" or "neutral" or whatever.... it's just organic and "real" sounding. 
No, they have been discontinued for some years now, and not that many were made in the first place. I love my set and will never let it go!
  Yes, last we spoke (quite some time ago) James from Anedio was heavily involved in designing what sounded like a very nice amplifier (for speakers). It's been a while and I don't know what sort of progress has been made. But I wouldn't be surprised if it was ready sooner than later, and from what I heard it should be exceptional.  
Thanks! I just noticed it went up this morning. HERE is a link for anyone interested.    It's funny, I was just speaking to someone in the industry about this thing. They mentioned not being a fan of LMS, and wishing SOtM had not added that extra "layer" in between user and OS. I totally see the point of that complaint. Then shortly after, I had a chat with someone else in the biz, and he was very thankful for LMS... as he isn't all that computer savvy but is accustomed...
I actually think it's quite nice looking. Not quite as much as the D1 was, but D2 is probably more "universal" in appeal versus the love-or-hate aesthetic of the original.    I also hear from quite a few people who have the D2 and aren't really looking for anything new. Thus not really as active on the forums. They settled in for the long haul and won't revisit until they have a compelling reason to do so.    Lastly, Anedio has just about zero marketing. No new...
 Bad for some preferences I suppose but generally still great headphones... everyone should try a pair at some point in their audio travels. 
I think perhaps what was implied is that the "purity" of the Hugo system is lost when using an external amp. Which I don't find to be the case at all. I like the Hugo in the right context but for me the biggest weak spot is the headphone out.... I just can't handle it with HD800 or similar analytical headphones. V281 sounds better and works with everything so it's worth it for me. If all I ever listened to was something like a TH900 I might stick with Hugo alone. 
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