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For the moment I am just going straight USB, sourced from a Clones Audio Host music server. It's a nice clean signal - dual dedicated linear power supplies, custom USB output card, running Linux with Roon Server. Haven't had a chance to get the Singxer in the mix yet and it may be a bit until I get that going.   Theoretically there's always the chance Matrix handles USB well enough to where the external box isn't beneficial. I don't know what they did to the USB section...
  The original was opamps and I'm not sure if that has changed or not. But this thing sounds seriously good! Got it set up yesterday evening for an hour of listening, and very much enjoyed it. Excellent detail, rich tone, full body.... this thing is very nice indeed.  The touch buttons are very intuitive which is something I was worried about. And I had no trouble playing native DSD via Roon. Will have to spent a bunch more time with it, but thus far I'm impressed.  
Need some time to listen, sorry... December is so busy with other stuff!
Yes, forgot about the good old HD650 - I use the Massdrop HD6XX but still, same result. It's quite good via the 1/4" jack but knocks my socks off with balanced mode. And HE-6 balanced is very very good too. 
Snapped a few crappy pics just to give a quick idea of the finish on the X-Sabre Pro. Sorry for all the clutter, I'm moving a bunch of stuff around so it's in flux right now.     
Hard to say. Probably my favorites are the HD800 (the original, I'm still forming an opinion on the HD800S), as well as the Dharma and LCD-3. All balanced of course.  
  That means on adjustments to the DIP switches on the Singxer, right? I'm interested to see (hear) if it makes a significant difference by having the SU-1 in the mix. Typically it does, but not always. When there's a big difference it makes me always want to have the SU-1 in play, but then a DSD128 album shows up that I want to hear, and that won't work with coaxial or BNC out. So this could be handy.
  That's not easy to answer because the iCan has so many variables. SS mode, Tube mode, and Tube +, all sound different. Then there's the bass enhancer and the crossfeed-like feature they have..... you can really tweak the sound to your liking.  For HE1000 I prefer SS mode, while Tube is better with HD800 and HE-6. See where I'm going with this? It's very possible one of the configurations iFi offers will sound better to your ear than the V281 does. That didn't quite...
I agree, they should be the same and appear that way from everything I can find (pics, specs, etc). One of the reasons Optoma bought them, along with brand awareness, was for their existing models. So I see no reason why they would mess with a well-received design unless it had some issues that needed fixing. 
X-Sabre Pro in the house now. Unfortunately it came during a hectic week and I haven't had time to even connect it. I have it sitting on the rack and it's beautiful though, very similar to the X-Server prototype but with a more polished looking coat on it. I guess that's what the X-Server will end up looking like as well. when it really launches.    I just realized there is an LVDS I2S input, didn't notice that before for whatever reason. That means it should work with...
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