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The Matrix Pro is actually out already. I've been discussing it as part of another thread - see HERE for a bit more. You'll have to wade through some discussion of their X-Server though.   I had an X-Sabre Pro in for a bit, just to test it out. Very, very impressive. I think you'll be hearing a lot more from happy users as they continue shipping from the pre-orders. This is a significant leap forward over the first (already very nice) X-Sabre.  
 As of now the plan involves a regular version of the X-Server with ES9028 Pro, and then a higher end model with ES9038 Pro and Femto clocks. Don't know if that will end up being true upon final release but it seems like a good idea to me. Then again, I'd still very much like a stand-alone version regardless. As good as their DAC solution is, I still prefer my Resonessence Labs Invicta Mirus Pro.
 MQA is a quagmire right now. See THIS post where even the pro journalists and DAC designers seem confused about it. My quick summary - Tidal can decode MQA for every DAC to reap at least some theoretical benefit. I'm seeing 96kHz from a Windows PC running Tidal paired with various non-MQA DACs. There's also another "layer" of optimization with the time-domain performance and that aspect requires an MQA-capable DAC in order to access.  It's important to note the possible...
  It's not terrible, but not amazing either. I'd say it's actually pretty good if judged by the price alone - not many sub-$300 DACs sounds halfway decent like the add-on card does. However, for the capabilities of this amp, it's not up to the level you need to take full advantage.
  It's good on SE and even better on balanced. Not as large of a difference as with some other headphones though. 
 I have been meaning to shoot an email to the Resonessence team asking about this very thing. I will do so and post here when I learn more. From what I understand there is a licensing fee involved and it isn't tiny, so we'll see how many companies are willing to jump on board. DSD capability became a huge marketing draw but that was free from licensing, while MQA is not. Will be interesting to see where it goes. There's also the software decoding option, which should...
  This is definitely something Arthur discussed with Matrix - separates make total sense when you already have an established DAC lineup. Remember Matrix has their Quattro DAC, and the Mini models too. And there are quite a few X-Sabre users out there who will either keep their DAC (it's still great) or maybe move up to the Pro. All of these are in the target market for the X-Server, but it's a bit of a waste if that device has a nice DAC on board as well. In my mind (and...
  Speakers versus headphones - not really a fair comparison. 
I use it with the Massdrop HD6XX and the original HD650 as well (same sound, slightly different appearance). Excellent sound. Very open compared to a lot of other amps which seem to reinforce the old "Sennheiser Veil" concept.
  I got several new DACs in over the past 6 months. The Brooklyn, a Wadia di322, and the Veritas. The little Veritas is my favorite of the bunch, followed by the Wadia and finally the Mytek in a distant third place. The Vega is roughly the same as the Wadia - very enjoyable, and I'd happily use them in my reference system, but I'd prefer the Veritas if possible.  Will have more specifics as my full review comes out. 
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