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On the topic of import duty: just because you don't get slapped with an immediate bill from the delivery man, don't automatically think you've avoided it. UPS likes to deliver now and send a bill for duty in the mail roughly a week later. It's happened to me lots of times. Typically when bringing in stuff from Canada or Germany.   I don't want to be all doom and gloom, and I truly hope this doesn't happen to anyone else... just fair warning. I've not (yet) seen Fedex or...
  Well said! That pretty much sums up my thoughts on the K553 perfectly. I've probably got more hours on my pair than anyone else here (maybe), and this is the conclusion I've formed.     Agreed completely. L1 is great for certain things, and really not competing at all with the K553. Different categories altogether.
Hmmmm.... I want to say I think that would work. I'm sure I've tried it at some point.   The only thing to watch out for would be volume control. You spend a lot of time matching each channel just right in monoblock mode, and then for SE mode you'll probably end up adjusting one of them. So you'd have to match again with each switch. Unless you max them out for monoblock mode and control volume with your DAC - in which case you'll still have to mess with volume for SE...
  Yes, I believe you can charge and listen at the same time. 
No, I don't have an external USB drive, so I never tried that. I might need a drive soon though, if I get one I'll try it with my Aurender. Many people swear by Exact Audio Copy, but I reckon you'll be fine with whatever software allows for the options you want and has a good workflow. Stuff like automatic tagging and ease of editing in the rare case the database makes a mistake. That's what I'd look for if I had a massive job to do.
Nice! I agree, a stack of two CMA800R is mighty impressive indeed.
Wow! Physical media - we tend to forget how bulky it really is. And to think, you could fit all that (lossless rips of course) on a small portable USB drive.   Getting it there is the problem. I'll let you know about the SOtM sMS-1000SQ once I have it, but honestly you might do well separating your ripping from your listening. You could use a computer and get started now. Or perhaps get a NAS setup which supports ripping from external USB disc drive. I know my Asustor...
Yeah something's weird there. I have that exact setup (Invicta Mirus plus Taurus) driving LCD-3F and other headphones (no Abyss or Ether at the moment though). It definitely has heft to it, or tonal richness, or whatever we want to call it. Even with less authoritative headphones like HD800 I still hear it. Maybe not quite as thick as my Violectric V281, but definitely not thin.    Not sure what could be going on to cause this. 
  Thanks! I don't have an XC here any longer but I could see how that would be a complimentary pairing. If you mainly use the M around the house or office, then battery isn't a big issue.    They could always add something - I'm sure it's possible. The question is, will they? 
What was the source?
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