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  Holy smokes! That's an unbelievably good buy!!! As competitive as it is at $1500, $890 is a steal.
  Sorry Jeff, I was typing my other reply and didn't see your post until afterwards. The laptop-versus-Aurender comment really comes down to your particular beliefs or experience (or whatever we call it) in transport differences. Some people would describe a huge chasm between them even while using the same DAC. Others would say most transports are pretty much indistinguishable. I fall somewhere in the middle - I think it's pretty trivial to get very acceptable SQ from...
Yeah OraStream is definitely not good for searching your favorite artist/band/composer. I think of it more like Pandora where I can't always get specifically what I want, but usually I find stuff I like that maybe I haven't heard in a while or perhaps ever. I typically just browse by the album covers or else pick a genre (orchestral, vocal ensemble, chamber, etc) and let it go from there. 
  I'd say the K7XX leaks as much as any Sennheiser (598, 650, 800, they are all pretty similar in that area). It's a lot of leakage imho even if it isn't quite as much as HiFiMAN or Audeze which are almost like little desktop speakers when you listen loudly. I personally wouldn't want to work in the same office as someone using a K7XX. But if I'm in the other room, it's not so bad that my wife or kids will complain, so it may be usable for your purposes. 
  Sorry, I haven't heard it so I don't know.    On a basic level, pretty much any laptop will do. You want something reasonably current as far as CPU, RAM, and storage (although you can always add external hard drives if needed). I figure any well reviewed laptop that isn't a cut-rate, doorbuster type offering should be pretty good. The reason I recommend a laptop in the first place (rather than a desktop or something like a Mac Mini) is the convenience of having a...
Yes! See my profile for a link, I reviewed it at Part Time Audiophile. I covered the X100L but it should be the same idea. I bought the review unit and love it.
  It's a 1/8 inch jack with a screw on 1/4" adapter. The same cable, I believe, used by all the K series except for the original hardwired K701. When you buy an aftermarket cable, you should be able to choose the headphone it is for - just choose AKG.  Sorry, no experience with the X2. 
  A quick search yields little tech info about the headphone implementation on your Pioneer. However, I did find THIS which seems promising. A low output impedance is highly desirable in this case and if that poster is correct, your K7XX should perform well out of this receiver. 
  Your receiver has a built-in headphone amp of some sort. Depending on the model, it can range from pretty nice to pretty terrible. It will definitely make sound though, so that's a start. 
  I'll second the recommendation for a Squeezebox Touch. It's not a lot of money for a nice little streamer. Add an external DAC and you can have very high quality sound. Olive stuff has always struck me as nice but overpriced for what you get. Seems more like their gear is intended for people who don't know how to rip their own CDs, and just want something to handle it for them. Build is fine, SQ is fine but not amazing for the price, and their UI is just not all that...
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