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 I haven't tried yet - intended to do that this morning but ran out of time. The prior models were pretty good but not quite absolutely silent. 
WASAPI for the win!
  I have yet to crack open the D200 case and check out the amp section. From pics it look somewhat different. Plus there are power supply differences which could be significant - more so for the amp portion than the DAC section.
 Thanks!    Now that I'm done with my write up, I can actually go search for reviews. It's always tough to avoid them but I try my best until after I'm done with mine. 
If LCD-X i too neutral, have you tried the LCD-3? I actually like the new Fazor version better than the LCD-X and definitely better than the original LCD-3. It's worth a shot if you've never tried it, or if you've only tried the pre-Fazor version. 
Those remind me of Iron Man for some reason. Must be the color scheme. Very nice!
For those interested, my review of the Herus is finally posted at InnerFidelity. I was considering putting it on the Wall of Fame but decided to hold off until I get more experience with a few of the other key models in the segment. I'm sending the Herus over to Tyll now and we'll see what he thinks. We may have more discussion of these devices coming soon. 
Yes, very nice indeed. 
  Depends on your ears, and the music, and your mood at the moment. I've gone back and forth between each of those perspectives.... I thought the original D100 was pretty damn neutral. Then D100 mkII went and made the original seem kinda bright. Then along comes the D200 and makes the D100 mkII seem a little emphasized up top. Other times I think it's the D200 being a little smooth and "analog" sounding.  This is an argument that's gone on for years - Krell versus Naim...
 I haven't heard a GS-X in a while, and it was the original rather than the MkII. So I can't help there. I will say the main benefit of adding another CMA800R to the mix is with other headphones, more so than with HD800. My full review is coming in the next week or so but to summarize - dual CMA800R really brings the LCD-3 to another level, and also sounds exceptional with HE-6 and HE-500. It makes a difference with HD800 but the improvement is nowhere near as drastic. I...
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