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He used to be VP of Halcro, so he definitely knows the high end scene. I believe he's been around for a long time, not sure what he's been doing lately though. I'll try to find out more and post here if I do.
I don't see why not - go for it if you've got the info.
I believe that is something that is being worked on right now - the new distributor for North America was at T.H.E. Show but should now be home trying get things set up. 
Tolstoy? Now we're talking!
How about D200 plus A28 as a balanced rig? Cost is similar to the DA8, but unless you add an external amp to the DA8, I think the combo wins for most things (transparency, drive, etc). I have a Fazor LCD-3 coming so I will see how it does on the A28.
Three legs is or was somewhat common as an alternative to the usual four corners. Something about a triangle being more solid and rigid than a square.... I've seen it on some pretty esoteric gear in the past, though I'm not sure which companies still favor it.
Mine were falling apart (cable issues) so I had them remolded with The Wizard from Noble Audio (back when he was starting out, he did remolds - not any longer). I still enjoy them, even more so now that they don't have that goofy cable.     
 Agreed. D200 seems a better choice for something like HE-400 or LCD-2. It's not bad with the Fostex, but DA8 is better.   Still trying to figure that one out. Seems like the DA8 still pulls ahead but depending on the system, D200 may actually be a better fit. It's a little more flat/neutral sounding compared to the DA8 which is warmer, smoother, more "analog" sounding (I hate that description but there it is). 
  Ha! Even now it's pretty ridiculous.... I've got a Salamander 6 shelf rack completely full (double stacked), have taken over a nearby bookshelf, have several desktop and bedside rigs going..... and I still need more space. It's to the point where I evaluate new review suggestions by thinking "Do I even have room for that anywhere?" I need to get better at chasing down call tags for return shipping, so stuff doesn't linger so long. 
They should be coming really soon. I'll ask Fried about it though. 
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