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Weird. Mine are not like that, and I can see how it would be a problem for fit. As I browse online, most pics are like my set, but I do see a few like yours. I wonder if it was the first batch or something. Not sure I see a way around that short of modifying the cups (which you obviously don't want to do on a rare item like this).
Ah - beat me to it!
  I've had great experience with The Cable Company, and they do carry the Taurus mk2. Looks like Auralic enforces their pricing thus no discounts available (or at least not advertised.... doesn't hurt to ask). They have a 30-day return policy, minus shipping (both ways). Or you can use their Lending Library program and "rent" the Taurus to try it out, with the cost being applied to your purchase if you decide to buy. 
The last FW update made X-Sabre capable of accepting USB from iPad (and other iOS devices, but all I have is an iPad). Just need the Lightning or 30-pin to USB adapter (often called CCK for Camera Connection Kit) and then an app such as Onkyo HF Player. I haven't tried DSD yet but have had success with hi-res PCM up to 24/192. 
  Not necessarily. The amp will accept balanced or unbalanced signals and can output balanced or unbalanced signal either way - that is, it will generate balanced from unbalanced and vice versa if need be.  It really comes down to your DAC and which output sounds better (assuming it has both). Some single-ended DACs are excellent.     I'd email Fried Reim and see what he recommends. He's usually prompt with his replies.     Good question. Svetlana 2 has more of a delicate...
  I haven't heard the Liquid Gold yet but the V281 easily outperforms the older Liquid Fire, as well as the Liquid Glass (though I realize the Glass is not necessarily a direct competitor).  Glad you enjoy the V281 as much as I do.     Thanks! I talked about the USB DAC a few pages ago in this thread, but to summarize - quite good for the price, certainly better than any dedicated $240 USB DAC I've ever heard. It's not the last word in resolution or extension when compared...
  Sorry I have not heard the Ragnarok yet, but I intend to when my schedule frees up (which may not happen for a while). 
Sorry everyone - I've been trying to wrap up some other reviews which have taken far too much of my time.   Now, about that V281..... It's breathtaking. Extremely smooth but still has great extension and clarity on the top end. Very organic, or what some might call "analog", without being obviously colored. Soundstage, especially with the balanced out, is impressively wide. But more importantly it has the corresponding image accuracy to make that wide/deep soundstage...
  This. V200 is oh-so-good with IEMs, and quite nice with everything else too. V281 is end-game for any headphone out there. Take your pick. 
Looking good in black - the V281 as well as the Alpha Dogs. 
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