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  If you're anything like me, you'll enjoy the Cayin stack significantly more than the HDVD800.  Enjoy!
  True. The quote Mist3rLao posted earlier was from my review of the HEK. So the context was not about using V281 with affordable cans, but rather - some people will be perfectly happy with excellent gear that isn't top of the line gear. V200 is a great amp, V220 and V181... all great options for less than top dollar. Heck, I love the Lake People G109 paired with an HE500, which is pretty damn affordable in the grand scheme of things. For a lot of people who aren't totally...
Yes, HEK is certainly a lot better than HD650, HE-500, LCD-2, etc. My point in that paragraph was that people shouldn't flock to the most expensive, latest and greatest releases merely because they exist.    This is not all that different from recommending a speaker. We could start off with Magico, Wilson, Raidho, Avantgarde, Marten Design, YG Acoustics, etc, spending the big bucks and (hopefully) getting amazing sound. BUT it's not absurd to consider less obscene...
Hey, this looks nice! Surprised there doesn't seem to be much interest.
For quality XLRs that don't break the bank, I can recommend these from Surfcables as well as the Signal Cable Analog Two. You'd have to email Signal and see if they can do a shorter version, I'm sure it would not be a problem.
  Well, compare them to the Chord Hugo or even the Hugo TT and see for yourself. Google translate will help. Exceptional measurements overall, though I don't think measurements alone capture the whole story. But yes, these are quite good indeed. 
  I personally don't care for the Senn devices. They are ok, nothing special, and not worth the money imho. I'll take the Cayin any day, especially when the iHA/iDAC stack is very similarly priced to the HDVD800.
  I'm not Andy (obviously) but I can speak to stacking - I keep the (warm running) iDAC-6 on top of the iHA-6 all the time. It's fine, the amp gets warm but not hot. And this is with the very hot iDAC-6 on top, so I imagine most any other device stacked on there also would be fine.   By the way, the signup for US Review Tour is almost closing. Get your "application" in if you haven't already done so. I warn you though, be ready to buy it once you experience it for yourself!
I like the Zdac a lot but I don't think it would be suitable for the neutral sound you would want in a studio setting. Perhaps try to find an Emotiva Stealth DC1, should work well for that application.
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