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  Nice! I use mine to this day despite owning many other. V3 is (or was) a solid performer and a great value. Hopefully the newer A3 is at least as good.
  Agreed, I'm not a fan at all. Maybe their new models with names of US cities will fare better?
  Hugo seems to have more perceived detail and overall higher resolution. It's also more forward as a result. Concero HD is somewhat more subdued and "musical", which works better with a wider variety of speakers... but when Hugo works - it works REALLY well. 
Yes, I did not take that as a negative review either, just a specific sound which may or may not be a good match based on a number of factors. 
  Good point! Not really enough room on the 103 to fit both. 
Anyone get a chance to hit the Cayin booth? I'm absolutely loving their new iHA-6 balanced amp and matching iDAC-6 tube DAC. I know meet conditions are tough but I'd love to hear more impressions. 
P is for Pro and S is for... Simplified? I'm not actually 100% but that's how I remember it. It's like having a truck available in 2 wheel drive as well as 4WD options. Mostly the same vehicle but minor differences on those certain aspects only. This applied to G103 as well as G109.     See the only difference there?     The A has been discussed by Fried a few pages ago. He spells out the differences making that model unique. 
The only differences between S and P models is the P has balanced inputs while S is RCA. The A is special edition with some minor tweaks to capacitors and such, along with the gold lettering. 
Just realized we are talking about the amp, but this is the DAC thread - so here are a few more thoughts.   The DAC is super versatile. I pair it with the Auralic Taurus and activate the tube output when using HD800 (a somewhat bright combo). Or use SS out when pairing with V281 and Audeze headphones (a darker pairing). I trim volume a bit when using the Cayin in my speaker rig - switching from the NuPrime ST-10 amp (28dB gain) to a pair of the STA-9 monoblocks (22dB...
I don't have a T1 here at the moment. I'll have to track down one of the new 2nd gen models and give it a shot. Closest I have right now is the AKT5p which sounds overly warm from the single-ended output. I need to get an adapter to run it in balanced mode and then I'm sure it would improve - even the "low" impedance 1/4" jack is still a bad match for 32 ohm dynamic headphones. Audeze and HiFiMAN do great though, as do higher impedance Sennheisers. 
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