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Anyone go to CanJam and get a chance to check out the K553 Pro? I assume they brought it for the show, and I'd be curious to hear impressions.
Questyle seems to be on a marketing push right now, so perhaps interest will pick up. They already may have lost the window for initial buzz but it could still become somewhat popular over time. I've heard the PWD mkII plenty of times, and the CAS192D is easily on par, possibly better. I'd have to have them both here at the same time to be sure.
  I browse the for sale forums here every few days (bad habit, I know).... and I've seen multiple K7XX posted there recently. Typically for around the same price as buying new, give or take a few dollars. 
  Sorry, haven't heard those either. 
Compared to the M50x, the K553 sounds more open and expansive. It also has more engaging mids, where I find the M50x to be a little withdrawn. M50x is still an enjoyable headphone, but I prefer the K553 by no small margin.   I haven't heard MSR7, sorry.   It's been so long since I've heard HD598, I can't comment on that either.   HD600 is a better headphone - it's in a higher class. It sounds a little smoother/darker so if sibilance or bright recordings bother you,...
Power isn't really an issue - these are sensitive enough, and efficient enough, to be happily driven by an iDevice. I've been using the HM802 a lot, with the IEM amp card installed, and it's got plenty of juice.    They show improvements with quality amping, but don't need a lot of power at all. 
  I think it has more to do with the shape, not just the depth. The Sony has a smallish cup which really crowds my ears. So even though it may be deep it still causes trouble for me. The angle doesn't help either. Oddly, my M100 with XL pads has less touching of the ears. Maybe I'm an anomaly in this respect. 
  Nope, it's not so low where it causes problems. Don't be afraid to turn your volume knob higher if needed. Technically speaking a volume potentiometer opened wide is more transparent than at low volumes. 
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