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 Indeed, the original X-Sabre was a solid (no pun intended) DAC that was very competitive at its price. This thing is a whole other animal, lots of theoretical improvement that hopefully translates to better sound. The tough part is that it's not so easy to improve once you are already at pretty high level (which the original X-Sabre is). So we'll see.    Older systems can still sound great but I find it's the capabilities that are really expanding, at least as much as the...
Good deals to be had with the 25% off - RS 08 is $635, V280 is $1237, and V281 is $1725.
  I really am impressed with what they have done so far. I also hear the Euphony developers may be able to enable Roon Core functionality which would be even better than the current Endpoint option. You could run Roon directly from the X-Server and stream to other rooms or even to your phone while you work in the yard, or whatever. Very versatile, I hope they pull it off. As for a review..... I'd love to if I had the time. I'm so backed up as it is though, no way I can...
UPDATED INFO!   Just got word about the X-Server being delayed a bit. Apparently Matrix wants to focus on production of the new X-Sabre Pro, so the X-Server will not be available until probably March of 2017. Who knows what sort of changes may or may not happen during that time frame.... I keep telling them to work on keeping the price low so we'll see if they take my word for it.    The X-Sabre Pro seems to be the main topic of discussion at this point. Which is...
 In theory, it should work. Listening to the coaxial input always requires power to be fed over USB. So that's not unexpected for the Concero. The problem might be the other two devices, and whether or not they confuse things in any way. Seems like it should be fine but I really don't know for sure.
  As far as I know they will be using their advanced switch-mode power supply for both versions of the X-Server, paired with the new ESS ES9311Q ultra low noise linear regulators. There may be a "trend" towards external linear power supplies but that doesn't mean there can't be other worthwhile solutions. Ask John Franks of Chord why they use switching power supplies in their $35,000+ SPM6000+ monoblock amplifiers. 
  Nice! Congrats.
I must have missed your initial post about hiss - you definitely should not have any using the 600 ohm T1. Glad to hear the dealer is taking care of you, as they should. 
Wow, that's a very good deal on what I'm sure is a killer headphone amp! The original Lake People G109 was my top choice in the ~$600-700 range, so this deal on the balanced RS 08 is very nice.
  I see your point, but I think it helps to look at this as sort of like a Black Friday in-store only deal..... you might camp out all night and still not get your $200 50" 4k LED. They only have so many of them, and so much room, and demand is through the roof. I don't recall people vowing never to return to Best Buy after striking out on BF. Yes, this is internet and they should have been prepared etc, but in reality it's pretty hard to know how these things go down...
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