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  Exactly! Even in SE mode I sense a little improvement there, but balanced really shines. 
  It's funny how initially your brain doesn't like having to crank the knob higher than 12 o'clock. Like you somehow think there's a shortage of power involved (which in this case is most certainly NOT the case). Once you get over that hurdle, it's actually kinda nice to have a really broad range to adjust volume.     Nice! Yeah, the single ended outputs are a clear evolution from the V200 sound, with subtle but noticeable improvements. The balanced mode takes it that much...
Yep, that sounds about right. Depending on the output voltage of the DAC I'm using at the time, I figure anywhere from -6dB, 0dB, or +6dB could work with Audeze and others like that. It also depends on how comfortable you are with cranking the knob way up close to the max. Some people just feel weird doing that for whatever reason, while others fancy that as ideal (essentially taking the potentiometer out if the equation, not that Violectric uses a bad pot or anything). I...
Spent the evening alternating between my electrostatic rig (KGSShv driving Stax SR-4070) and the V281 driving Noble K10 (single ended mode, so kind of like a V220 I guess), all driven from a Resonessence Labs Invicta Mirus. Holy cow, not sure which one I actually liked more. Let's just say V281 is.... special.... with CIEMs. I also got in some JH13 and Lear BD 4.2, and even my UM Merlins just for fun. No hiss at all on -6dB pregain setting, and a good amount of usable...
Another vote for Apex Glacier, as well as the Leckerton UHA-6S mkII. I haven't messed with their new UHA-760 but some folks think it is a slight step down... so I'd stick with the 6S mkII and save some money in the process. 
Hugo plus K10 (or 8C or 5C or 4C) is quite good indeed.    And no, K10 doesn't have any issue with bass at all. In fact that's a strong point. 
I find that variable output on a DAC (of sufficiently high quality) comes in handy rather often. Trimming a few dB here and there can sometimes make the difference between overly touchy and just right, depending on the amp and headphones in use. 
Yeah I currently have an LCD-2 and an LCD-3 Fazor here, and just sent an LCD-XC loaner back.... but no LCD-X. Can't have everything at once I suppose (and my wife would kill me if I did). I'm fairly certain the X would work well based on the performance I get with the other 3 models.    I'll dig out my spec sheet and grab a pic. Might take me a day or two though. I have the one for the CMA800i on hand but the others might be in storage. 
  I like the combo a lot. LCD-3F plus Taurus equals excellent sound. The dual mono Questyle setup is really the only thing that clearly beats it - and even then, the margin is not huge. The monoblocks win partially because they have a slightly more lit up top end, which tends to match the Audeze house sound a bit better. Jury still out on the Violectric V281 though.  And yes, DA8 pairs well. 
To clarify, is this a version that will also run on 802, or are you just saying this same thing will soon make its way to the 802?
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