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I use it with the Massdrop HD6XX and the original HD650 as well (same sound, slightly different appearance). Excellent sound. Very open compared to a lot of other amps which seem to reinforce the old "Sennheiser Veil" concept.
  I got several new DACs in over the past 6 months. The Brooklyn, a Wadia di322, and the Veritas. The little Veritas is my favorite of the bunch, followed by the Wadia and finally the Mytek in a distant third place. The Vega is roughly the same as the Wadia - very enjoyable, and I'd happily use them in my reference system, but I'd prefer the Veritas if possible.  Will have more specifics as my full review comes out. 
  That sounds like a power transformer issue to me, perhaps something was damaged in shipping. Either that, or an output transformer. Either way not good. 
Nice! Can't wait to see how others feel about this little wonder. I'm seriously impressed and I imagine others will be too.
For those who were interested in my thoughts on the Simaudio 430HA (I think there were a few of you), and why I prefer the V281 -
Definitely check on it, something is amiss. Mine has no hum whatsoever and only the expected amount of hiss when I use something ridiculous like a sensitive CIEM. 
Still haven't spent as much time with it as I would like.... just lots of family stuff this week. And moving the system hasn't helped. That said, I was able to sneak almost an hour of listening last night. Using the X-Server, X-Sabre Pro, and Pass Labs HPA-1 driving Dharma, HD800, or HE1000.   Great results all around. I particularly enjoyed the Dharma with its unique treble presentation. I wouldn't call it overall "better" than the HD800, but in some ways I do like it...
I just realized what the X-Sabre Pro reminds me of, at least in terms of looks - the newer Ayre Twenty series of components. The prior Ayre stuff was more like Questyle gear but the new Twenty is very similar in build to the Matrix. Not bad company to be in.   I'm finally getting my system reassembled and should have more impressions soon. 
  No problem, I didn't take it as negative per se. And I realize this drop is not for everyone. This would make a great gift, or a very nice "general use on the go" type of headphone. Also very useful for anyone on a budget looking for a "mostly" all purpose headphone. For those who already own a bunch of cans, this maybe isn't directed at you, though it still might find a place. 
I see it from both perspectives. On the one hand, yes, the Purpleheart actually does sound appreciably different from the CAL. Different enough to where I generally enjoy it more than the CAL for most music. On the other hand, it's not a completely different sound - nobody will confuse this thing for a K712, M50x, or HD598.    Make of that what you will. 
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