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  Mine isn't. I wonder if it is related to AC noise? 
 I don't believe that is on the list for now. Personally I don't see the need but I know a lot of people love fiddling with that transmission method. I was enthusiastic about it back when Audio Alchemy was doing it with their proprietary DIN cables.... well over 10 years ago by now. After much testing it ended up sounding the same as other digital methods. Oh well. Did I mention the new X-Sabre will have the new ES9028 Pro from ESS? 
  So far the general idea I've seen from them has: -Preamp, including remote-Still no headphone amp on board, they want to keep it separate for their dedicated amps-Yes on a Toslink input-Not sure about what has changed as far as the circuitry (and I don't know what problem you had with the original input anyway)-Display with incoming sample rate/bit depth-Buttons on front, possibly touch enabled This is all completely up in the air though, they could change their minds or...
I've heard the G103P and G109P - not exactly the same as G103S versus G109A, but realistically the differences should be very minimal.    If the price difference isn't massive, and your budget allows, I'd go for the G109 for sure. It's a more refined sound that can scale well even with expensive DACs. G103 is a great little amp with a fun, warm signature, but G109 is clearly a step above.
  I believe there was a "silent revision" at some point. 6.8v is too high for some amps, so it makes sense for them to do so.  Have I mentioned a new X-Sabre coming soon? It's in the works and looks nice for sure - same basic idea as the original but revised in some areas. Might have volume control now as well. 
  Mirus Pro is spectacular. I love it..... definitely worth the upgrade. It's the most excited I've been about a DAC in a long time. I still like the Taurus but if that's the sound you want (super neutral) I'd recommend the Cayin iHA-6 instead. It's smaller, significantly more affordable, has more power,  and sounds pretty much identical in terms of signature. V281 is better than both though, with a more "meaty" signature and presentation overall. Paired with Mirus Pro is...
 Me too, that Singxer is killer.   I agree for the most part... Quality DACs in the $1k (or so) price range can be quite good (Anedio, Matrix, Violectric, Cayin, etc), and even spending double that doesn't necessarily gain a big improvement. Different, yes, and sometimes a bit better overall, but not usually a massive change. 
The base option with no remote is essentially the same as the remote version, except for the motor which gives it remote capability. Then there's the relay-based upgrade which is a very slight audible improvement. Honestly even though I went for it, I wouldn't recommend it for most people. If you've got an uber-expensive DAC, music server, cables, power conditioner.... then yeah, get the relay option. Other than that, and if you don't need remote, the basic volume is fine.
Yeah that's Bob Smith of SP Technology fame. He also did the Aether Audio speakers and many of the better NuForce products over the years. Excellent designer and I'm sure good at upgrades too.The Questyle CAS192D is VERY good with DSD. Better even than the NuPrime, which is really saying something. With PCM material they are neck in neck, very tough competition. Keep in mind the Questyle is a dedicated DAC only, no preamp or headphone function, and I believe the price has...
 The Hugo gets point for being crazy detailed but if you ask which one I'd rather listen to.... the DAC-10H wins every time. It sounds more like real music to me. While the Hugo sound remains controversial for the price, I can't say I've heard of anyone not enjoying the DAC-10. Not that popular opinion matters all that much but I'm just saying the DAC-10 is a crowd-pleasing DAC and a safe bet.    Ha, I read that too quickly and thought you said you've owned the device for...
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