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In my experience - a smallish difference that may indeed be quantified as 5-10% in specific terms, can nonetheless be a real game changer when it comes to the total experience. If I now enjoy solo violin or piano (or whatever music) and it keeps me engaged, or inspires me to listen in ways I otherwise would not/could not, doesn't that sound like the game has been changed?    Imagine going from an old video card with choppy/unpredictable frame rate in games, to a slightly...
  Closest I have come is with several of the T50RP-based mods - Alpha Dogs, old Thunderpants, etc. It does a very good job, better than most tube amps out there likely due to stout current delivery. Tube choice will determine your final results of course.
  Check the original post of this thread - it's the upcoming music server (which will look even nicer in final form).
That doesn't surprise me. I2S signals are traditionally used for very short internal signal transfer, such as digital receiver to DAC chip. Hence the name "Inter-IC Sound".   The general consensus is that jitter and other issues are problematic when I2S is used "outside the box" due to lack of an embedded bit clock. Obviously some designers feel differently, which is why we have the option on a few devices. Whether or not it sounds better than AES or SPDIF is debatable,...
I think Matrix is just changing focus from budget or "great for the price" stuff to true high-end gear. You can see this from their product timeline over the years:   M-Stage (original) and Cube DAC were both low cost, relatively high performing devices for their era. They also had some less well known affordable stuff like the Rip DAC and that tiny USB to SPDIF device that looked like a AA battery.   Then they started moving up, with the first Quattro DAC and matching...
 It's simple, really - just stop sleeping so much. You can get a lot done with ~20 hours per day instead of ~16.  You haven't lived until you've spent weeks rolling Ethernet cables. I like CAT6E for its clarity but CAT6A is usually more musical. CAT5E is like a NOS DAC, dull but sometimes fun in the right system.                  I'm kidding of course.
 I did not try those unfortunately... I suspect it would likely work, as I've never had any problem using the 5963 in place of 12AU7. But that only represents a sample size of maybe 3 or 4, so not particularly definitive. Perhaps Cayin can chime in after they finish with the CanJam event taking place right now.
Wow, great review! Love the tube rolling section. This thing looks like an absolute beast.... very impressive. 
If anyone is interested, HERE is my review of the Cayin HA-1A MKII tube amp. I believe we have discussed it somewhat in this thread already. It's a very nice amp, pair it with the iDAC-6 for some tube-on-tube action! 
My review is finally live - click HERE to check it out and feel free to leave comments! 
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